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Myriad Realms Grand Manager with a God Class System

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Hay chicles que se pueden masticar en la boca y proporcionan energía continuamente; hay refrescos que pueden estar vivos y coleando incluso si solo respira una vez.

Hay almacenes llenos de animales sagrados y casas llenas de artefactos. Solo hay productos básicos que no puede imaginar y no hay productos que no aparezcan.

Innumerables personas poderosas se reunieron para ir, y los ministros del poder y los emperadores llegaron en masa, pero solo podían esperar afuera. Porque el gerente de la tienda, Qi Le, definitivamente abrirá la puerta a tiempo.

“¿Qué? Para estos chicos, ¿me dejas perder un minuto de sueño? ¡Imposible!" Qi Le dijo…

- Descripción de MTL


Título corto:MRGMGCS
Titulo original:神级系统万界大店长
Autor(a):Ninth Reading of Book of Songs
Tipo:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#15
Monthly Rank:#3
All Time Rank:#24
Tags:Businessmen, Game Elements, Money Grubber, Monsters, Pets, Store Owner, System Administrator, Weak Protagonist, World Travel,

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25 thoughts on “Myriad Realms Grand Manager with a God Class System
  1. Its not worth reading, too boring and the only that makes u exciting is the new product in the shop and the mc is too weak and dull, sometimes u might even think who is the mc because those people who buy the inheretance became cool and powerful while the mc is just a normal men, no improvement, too weak and there is no exciting about him, i recommend fantasy god level instead of this, i dont even understand why the author make this novel, actually this story is good its just that the mc is too dull while the other became cool, he is like a support character, and also the title of this novel has GOD in it yet the novel are not even worth the word GOD and also a lot of people rate this 5 star or 4 star but in my own even 3 or 2 are not worth, why?? Just like i said he is like a supporting character, the only that makes u continue is that there a lot of interesting product, if u dont mind the mc or just think there is no mc, the story became interesting (just forgot him,his too weak and not interesting) and some are boring or its only the beginning that makes u enjoy reading after that it became boring that makes u stop reading because the mc too wrak and there is mo improvement and powerful technique just like the novel black intenet cafe system..

    1. And also he is only relying in the system that makes the story more boring unlike the blacktech internet cafe system that he work hard playing to master some technique and became powerful thats why uts worth reading while the mc on this novel PHEW too idiot and let the author think he is smart and tge worst he didnt even cultivate to improve but instead just sit there and watch, its really too boring no exciting about him..

      1. Although the blachtech internet cafe system and this novel is different because the other is an internet system while this lets say a mall system but even so havi g a strenght is a must and the mc has a responsibility as a manager to protect the customer so gaining more power is a must and thats not only it but it also help the mc to protect himself..

        1. uh although i like this(cause laying around, yeah almost all fighting scene i skip them) but till 1568, in 1568( or 3rd World)i decide to drop it,cause its was as if the Author change. in 3rd World its became boring its took change from laying around to Overused Face-Slapping plot(yeah, im dissapointed). uh, the more hope u put the more hopeless it is.

  2. Sigh, why not make the mc eat that frozen fruit first to gain another power to make sure to avoid necessary trouble, gaining more power have a great impact and gain respect so that no idiot are going to cause trouble…i hate this kind of mc that author create, its lack of ambition to be strong because he only depend on the system…having another power is a must to have another card to protect the shop and the mc himself but he didnt…i think its much better to make him more powerful after all he is a shopkeeper and he has the responsibility to protect the safety of the customer too when they are in the shop..

      1. Will u can try reading, because there is exciting event and new products and those cool inheretance that makes u think that they might be the true mc in this novel and also those new pet is also interesting and the product it might vame from anime like the frozen fruit and this is also the reason that makes me more dssatisfied because he sell it instead eating it by himself to gain his own power and he is nothing to do just sit and watch thise people, uts really boring because there is no exciting about him unlike the mc in blacktech internet cafe system he work hard and gain more power that makes u exciting about him and also u feel satisfy when he slap those people unlike this novel that he only relying in the power of the system that makes u embarass continue reading and he feel proud jn it, in my own i might even want to die because thats not my own strenght..its okay if he sell those skill or pet or inheretance or ability as long as omce those people but it, he also gain those power or even has a powerful inheretance or pet or even ability but its not thats.why he is more like a support charavter..its really hateful (sorry im not good in english ☺️☺️☺️)

    1. i agree w/u why he didnt just eat that frozen fruit or that transform pill i dnt rely care if he just borow system power but atleast he should use his product not just give it or sell it
      and i hate that loli shit

    1. I also want to know that if this is harem or one sided or eunuch. Also will he bang his them or treat them as flower base

      Become most powerful virgin in the world lol

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