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My Weibo Page is Able to Tell Fortunes

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Después del renacimiento, Shen Yuanye descubrió que su página de Weibo podía prever el futuro.

Tan pronto como seguía la página de Weibo de la otra parte, se actualizaba inmediatamente para mostrar el [Retrato del difunto], la [Fecha de muerte] y la [Imagen de la escena de la muerte] de la otra parte.

…… Con el tiempo, se actualizó la función de previsión de su página de Weibo.

"El emperador de la película Zhang y la emperatriz de Pop Li, que pelean todos los días ... ¿están en realidad en el mismo retrato del difunto?"

"Singer fue asesinado ... ¿el zapato del asesino fue fotografiado en la escena de la muerte?"

"¿La nueva joven actriz y la emperatriz del cine ...... murieron al mismo tiempo?"

Jiang Pan: ¿Por qué no me sigues en Weibo?

Shen Yuanye: ……

Eso se debió a que no quería verlos a ambos juntos en su Retrato del difunto después de seguirlo en Weibo. ¡Dejaré de seguirte, dejar de seguir!

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Título corto:MWPATF
Titulo original:我的微博能算命
Autor(a):Jiang Zhi Yu
Weekly Rank:#3239
Monthly Rank:#3116
All Time Rank:#3299
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Celebrities, Death, Female Protagonist, Feng Shui, Models, Modern Day, Mystery Solving, Near-Death Experience, Precognition, Romantic Subplot, Showbiz, Slow Romance,
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9 Comments on “My Weibo Page is Able to Tell Fortunes
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  1. ??!???? What it just finish like that?! I think it would be great if there are some extra chapters. I mean her family not yet solved or fix and where's the wedding T..T

  2. This story was alright. the focus on the romance is minimal. Most of this story is the FL using her new power to find murderers for the police, a smaller part of the story is about the FL going about her daily life as a model, an even smaller part is about the conspiracy on her life, and finally there is a teensy part about romance. The FL is cold and initially she doesn't want to help catch criminals cause she fears for her own safety but eventually she realizes that she can't watch people she knows get hurt so she gets more involved. Later on, she softens up a bit and starts to help with cases with people of people she doesn't know personally. The ML is a cop and because they're both people who show their affection so understatedly, it's not even clear that he's into her lol. They don't get together until the last chapter. They have one almost date before then where they only ate dinner lol. The murder cases are pretty simple and the story progresses like a cop show with a case of the week that needs to be solved. In many ways this reminds me of a J-drama based on crime where the romance takes a back seat to the police work

  3. only that!!!????.....i really want to know what happen next and ended like that... i love its story but i belive if there have a extra it will become more fantastic...

  4. One of the best web novels I have read in awhile. I love the suspense, the mystery and the light romance too but why did it have to end so abruptly?

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