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Capitán América: "¡Comandante! ¡El comando rugiente está en su lugar! ”
Iron Man: "¡¿Eres mi padrino ?!"
Lobezno: ......
Dark Night Legend, Avatar, Bliss Space, Trascendental Hacker ...

Viajando por el mundo de las películas de ciencia ficción y cambiando silenciosamente el mundo real
Un mech oscuro aterrizó lentamente en la plataforma

"Jefe, la conferencia de prensa está por comenzar".

- Descripción de Uukanshu translation


Título corto:MIS
Titulo original:我的钢铁战衣
Autor(a):Steel Battle Suit
Tipo:Web Novel
Género:Adventure, Mecha, Sci-fi
Weekly Rank:#67
Monthly Rank:#70
All Time Rank:#28
Tags:Fanfiction, Racism,

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19 thoughts on “My Iron Suit
  1. One of the best movies fanfics.Mainly marvel universe but there is also movies such as pacific rim.Alao there is real world interaction unlike other fanfics. Mc can travel back to real world.

  2. This is not a gay novel, in the contrary, the novel are very matured and less nonsical protagonist that do dumb thing. The novel fliw of story us logical without overpowered and the variation of the stories plot is very interesting, i recommended this novel to be read, worth the time

  3. Gente alguém me ajuda Marvel super extraction melhor novel de todas, pq está parada???? Guys help me Marvel super extraction is a great novel, but whi is It stoped?

  4. Estou agora no capítulo 385 e ate agora a história esta muito boa, e sim ate agora não tem romance, mas quem ta falando mal porque a história não tem romance se souber ler talvez poderá ver que o gênero da história não tem romance Isso indica que a história não vai concentrar em romance ou não tem romance.

  5. I don’t really recommend this shitty novel.
    Mc is just a bystander and sometimes he just want to be a hero and help everyone lol. Fvking idiot. Author keeps mentioning he is smart but no!!
    he’s just a stupid asshole that want to be a hypocrite hero .
    And 300 chapters mc doesn’t even have a girl yet. He is freaking gay lol fvking waste of time. Drop this trasg

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