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My Attributes Cultivation Life

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Esta es la historia de un hombre moderno que regresa a la antigüedad, regresa a un mundo real sin nada extraordinario y asciende lentamente confiando en la capacidad de atribuir todos los datos.

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Título corto:MACL
Titulo original:我的属性修行人生
Autor(a):get away
Weekly Rank:#3030
Monthly Rank:#4485
All Time Rank:#6521
Tags:Ancient Times, Character Growth, Corruption, Low-key Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Slow Growth at Start, System,
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20 Comments on “My Attributes Cultivation Life
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  1. MC personality took a big change after that rude awakening when he start killing people, safe to say now at 90 chapters, this is becoming one of my favorite novels

  2. Jesus seems unless everything goes the mcs way and nothing bad ever happens to the mc or those related it is classified as nonsensical, poor writing and dumb lol... it is based in ancient china literally one of the worst if not the worst place the be a women in, you say something slightly offensive to a man you get put in a cage, beat to death, drown or just beaten of course ot is relative but that is what it was like for 99 percent if you were a newborn girl and they were expecting a boy bam drowned let alone using your looks to sell yourself off. Infact it is still quite that way in china why do you think there are like 40 million more men then women in china( if i remember correctly ) i can tell you it aint genetic there is quite literally not enough woman to go around in china, that is the status they held and still quite hold. So dont go acting like the mcs sister selling herself is so dumb.

  3. At chapter 38 it seemed pretty interesting at the beginning because of the difficulty of getting points but now they just appear out of thin, even when he started taking medicine it was stated at least 10 days before one appeared but now? They are just there and it dosnt seem to be getting harder to get them not like that mattered in the forst place since the author doesnt even expla8n where they come from anymore

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