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Viajando a un mundo paralelo, Gu Miao se convirtió en un director de animación trabajador.

Cuando salió de "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" y produjo sucesivamente muchas animaciones fenomenales y explosivas como "Bear Infested", "Happy Baby", "Super Beast Armed", "Guobao Special Attack", la industria de repente desencadenar una sensación. Hay un auge de los “temas transversales”.

Frente a la entrevista del reportero, Gu Miao agitó las manos y dijo con confianza: "¡Nadie sabe viajar en el tiempo mejor que yo!"

Así nació “Digimon”…

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8 Comments on “My Animation Era
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  1. I don’t care if it’s plagiarism since you’re still sharing entertainment to a parallel world that wouldn’t have had them otherwise but you added a “hard-working animation director”? Unless you count the impeccable memory these plagiarist protagonists have then the only other thing they’ll have to worry about is the marketing and that’s it. Somehow everybody looks into these works and give it A+++ so marketing doesn’t matter anyways, then you just have to remember the works and that’s all.

  2. If the system only provide MC with memory of course it's "hardwork". It is animation after all, MC need to draw frame by frame and not to mention choose and hire voice actor/actress. But if the system gives the ready to view product, just copy paste from our world to MC world, yeah i'm agree with you.

  3. I’d say yea but the protagonist avoids the main issue of entertainment, public perception. He should know what parts to avoid or delete, and what areas to keep in. This gives him a relatively clean road without any issues(unless a larger company suppresses him) aside from monetary ones. I’d hope it actually develops rather than the protagonist creates a story, smash hit, brings revenue, makes larger more expansive series, and etc.

  4. but that's not how "hard-working" works___ doing the required or bare minimum effort/work isn't hard-working. it has to be more than the standard.

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