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The world is abnormal as a demon The spirit of the thing is the essence Lingering soul is tricky Strange things Sili Xiaoli, formerly known as Crouching Tiger, was set up by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty to treat witchcraft and catch traitors. Resurrection of spiritual energy and.... Lee mas

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Chapter 441 Clash Chapter 440 The reason of the year Chapter 439 See Gonggong

Chapter 438 Kunlun Assessment Chapter 437 Life does not meet, moving like participating in business Chapter 436 Don't seek an afterlife Chapter 435 Cause and effect Chapter 434 Snakes in the Zen forest, monks sweeping Chapter 433 ?Return to Jinshan Chapter 432 Waves rise Chapter 431 Wei Yuan's Forgotten Things Chapter 430 A big dream suddenly woke up (thanks to innocent Hao Xiao...

Chapter 429 All beings are suffering Chapter 428 Gangnam of the thief (no sword) Chapter 427 Galaxy

Chapter 426 Lin'an old story Chapter 425 Reincarnation? Chapter 424 The test left by Queen Mother West Chapter 423 Qualification Chapter 422 Kunlun Gods Chapter 421 Intrigue. JPG (Thanks for the reward of 0 star eyes) Chapter 420 Your Death Star is shining, Yuan (Thank me for being 3 brothers oh Wan... Chapter 419 Who are you? (Thanks for the reward for not being full of the first month) Chapter 418 I can see my real name, it turned out to be you (thanks to the bear child’s mask 20,000...

Chapter 417 诛 god Chapter 416 fighting Chapter 415 Your opponent is... Chapter 414 Crisis ahead Chapter 413 The contact is completed-(Thanks to the chaos of the world, LIU Wan reward) Chapter 412 For peace (book friends 2 trillion and one hundred and eighty six thousand two hundred and three... Chapter 411 Longhushan Express, the mission must be reached! (Thank you for not saving the book... Chapter 410 I will protect you Chapter 409 30 hours Chapter 408 Do not move the world team, set up! (Thanks to the dumplings under the instant noodles Wan... Chapter 407 Alliance (thanks Kirito_Asuna for 20,000... Chapter 406 Unknown reunion

Chapter 405 Meet or not Chapter 404 "See you in the poor" Chapter 403 The hidden reason, the countdown to Yuan's death? Chapter 402 Parallel road Chapter 401 Wei Yuan, danger! Chapter 400 The third way of solving the story and the way of fate (thanks 丨 Mahjong 丨 Wan... Chapter 399 destiny Chapter 398 The undercurrent is surging, and the water waves gradually rise Chapter 397 Later talks (thanks to the 1st student Xiwen leader) Chapter 396 It's a gift! Chapter 395 2 flowers blooming, 1 stem on each table Chapter 394 Nvjiao's big battle (thanks to her for saying that she is very cold)

~ Special circumstances, take 1 day off (?ω?`) Chapter 393 The worst mission of God in history.JPG (6002 in 1) Chapter 392 Dragon Tiger Mountain Decree Chapter 391 I come too Chapter 390 Sakurajima gods, you are done, what I said... (Thanks for the first life... Chapter 389 Dao Yan’s distress, a gift from Wei Yuan to Jue Chapter 388 The historical turning point of the extraordinary world Chapter 387 reason Chapter 386 The poor monk is here for revenge, please respect my professionalism Chapter 385 The kidnapped god, the flowing history Chapter 384 Welcome back Chapter 383 Before Sakurajima, Xingtian's special training

Chapter 382 China's traditional small peasant thought Chapter 381 Shanhai Headquarters Team was established Chapter 380 The world, mountains and seas, general situation, chaos Chapter 379 2 battles Chapter 378 Temporarily return to the world Chapter 377 The fate of the past, the law of the time Chapter 376 Zhu Rong, wake up to the Lord! Chapter 375 Crouching tiger in action Chapter 374 Long adventure Chapter 373 The tacit understanding between civil servants and civil servants (thanks for grabbing your lollipop) Chapter 372 I am asleep! I installed it! (Thanks to Wanshou from Xiaoshuai to Lao) Chapter 371 Xing Tian, ​​God of War, fell asleep? (Thanks for the reward of the eclipse sun)

Chapter 370 Stowaways, Crouching Tiger! (Thanks for the rewards of 0 Star Eyes) Chapter 369 Shanhaiyushu, Candle Dragon Contract (Thanks to Xiaoshuai to Lao Wan reward) Chapter 368 Jeopardy Chapter 367 The emperor looks at the chestnuts, swinging his sword to fight the clouds Chapter 1 It’s too hard to write. It’s very likely that I won’t be able to come out tonight, vomiting blood... Chapter 366 Gale (thanks to the leader? Kang) Chapter 365 The last battle of the emperor Chapter 364 Chuan Guoyu Seal (Thanks to the lord of Xiaohe of Time) Chapter 363 Whereabouts of the seal Chapter 362 Wei Yuan is a good person Chapter 361 Aftermath Chapter 360 Fu Zhu

Chapter 359 Ordered to kill Chapter 358 See you over 2000 years Chapter 357 Imperial character Chapter 356 What a coincidence, are you here too? (Thanks for the rewards of 0 Star Eyes) Chapter 355 Xu?? Full of self-confidence (Thank you for how love can be the starting point of 85,000... Chapter 354 Visit the east, your majesty the emperor! Chapter 353 The fatal question of Emperor Shi (Thanks to Xiaohe Wanshang of Time) Chapter 352 The only thing that the first emperor did not anticipate Chapter 351 Fear, fright (thanks to the smelly rewards of being smoked to death) Chapter 350 It’s ‘heartbeat’ (thanks to T 2.49 million reward) Chapter 349 Xu's perfect plan, the plan will always come out of the basket Chapter 348 Qin Shi Huang

Chapter 347 Xianyang Palace (Thanks for Wuyin Wanshang) Chapter 346 Break the past Chapter 345 Go with the son! Chapter 344 Qi Yue Wuyi Chapter 343 Fangs are now, the situation unfolds Chapter 342 Mohist Organization Chapter 341 The bait ~ Sorry, please take a half day off, tomorrow 3 updates or big chapter compensation (?Д?)?, need... Chapter 340 Opportunity Chapter 339 Gathering (thanks to the leader of Mo Wei Nai Qian) Chapter 338 Turbulence (Thanks for the reward for being free from the world) Chapter 337 Qin Lv (Thanks to the Chinese People's Republic of China for a reward)

Chapter 336 The change of the imperial mausoleum Chapter 335 A subordinate of the Communist Party of China, asked by Qingqiu (thanks to Mingyue Dao for the fleeting rewards) Chapter 334 Enemy (thanks Yang Feng?. Wan reward) Chapter 333 Translation translation, what is a surprise (big Chapter 332 Coincidence? Chapter 331 Jianqi Qingshan thin Chapter 330 Conspiracy Chapter 329 Suggestion (Thanks to book friends 2 trillion two hundred and one hundred and five thousand and forty... Chapter 328 Gonggong? (Thanks to Mingyue Dao for the fleeting rewards) Chapter 327 Come here (thanks to the net name is such a long Wanshou) Chapter 326 Jinghongqi (Thanks to Li Bai for his great cool cakes) Chapter 325 I break the Mahayana with Mahayana

Chapter 324 Monk, monk, master, Buddha (thanks to the leader of Y Zero Book) Chapter 323 I come too Chapter 322 gift Chapter 321 Long-lost news Chapter 320 Sassy debut Chapter 319 On the death of society Chapter 318 The worldly master (Thanks丨Sparrow丨Won rewards) Chapter 317 Questioning (2 in 1) Chapter 316 On the division of law Chapter 315 Do you remember an old friend? Chapter 314 Don't you smell Kunlun? Chapter 313 The deceased 600 years ago got the first

Chapter 312 The scourge of death, the solution Chapter 311 Prediction before the Taoist and Buddhism Controversy Chapter 310 The theory of Taoism and Buddhism has attracted worldwide attention Chapter 309 Butterfly effect Chapter 308 Monk (Thanks to Dongfeng for the reward for entering the law) Chapter 307 Emperor Chi Hutian, Peerless Supernatural Power Chapter 306 On Tao (4,700 words Chapter 305 I touched a big one (Thank you for only being yourself in this life) Chapter 304 End (Thank you for being a lazy reader) Chapter 303 Legend and history will always intersect in unexpected ways (sense... Chapter 302 Another harvest of Changsheng (thanks to Captain Blue Bear for the reward... Chapter 301 Candle Dragon Qi Machine (thanks to kookelectron million...

Chapter 300 You must first attack the ridiculous enemy (thanks to being killed by Kaoru... Chapter 299 Drumming Chapter 298 Prepare for the battle Chapter 297 Xingying (thanks to Xiaohui Liyi who likes reading for 90,000 starting coins) Chapter 296 The "Shadow of Terror" in ancient times Chapter 295 Fraudulent corpse after 5000 years. JPG (Thanks 丨 Sparrow丨... Chapter 294 I dig my own tomb. This is not a pirate (thanks to Y Zero Book 25,000... Chapter 293 Gambling (Thanks丨Sparrow丨Won rewards) Chapter 292 Old things (thanks for the supper and crazy rewards) Chapter 291 Contract (Thanks to the pig's reward for the tea) Chapter 290 I have a special god-calling ceremony. JPG (Thanks for enjoying reading... Chapter 289 Opening of the Great World

Chapter 288 Degree (thanks to the leader of Zhedirberger) Chapter 287 There is a covenant of Buddhism and Tao, there is a vajra to block the way Chapter 286 Who makes wedding gowns for whom, who steps on who is in the top position (5000 words big... ~ Don't worry, don't worry, today's 3rd update, there should be some, the code word is being updated... Chapter 285 Stupid enemies don’t care, hidden poisonous snakes are enough to harm people Chapter 284 The world is the public, it is only a private plan! (Thanks to Zhuwan who tastes Ming... Chapter 283 Undercurrent (Thanks丨Sparrow丨Won rewards) Chapter 282 Before the beginning of the era Chapter 281 When keeping secrets, be sure to look for your mouth firmly and wisely... Chapter 280 Agreement Chapter 279 Meet Chapter 278 Surprised or not surprised (thanks to Zhu Wanshang for tasting tea)

Chapter 277 Tenjin Japanese Kitchen Chapter 276 Candle Dragon Candle 9 Yin Chapter 275 3 invite Chapter 274 People visiting Chaoge City Chapter 273 Survey Chapter 272 Yu Minguo, Feng Shi Chapter 271 Settle grievances Chapter 270 Co-working ministers (thanks to kookelectron million... Chapter 269 The blood of the willow, the ancient emperor pool Chapter 268 The combat method of Shenzhou true cultivation and the Kunlun Hill Chapter 267 Taoist goes down the mountain Chapter 266 People who left China

Chapter 265 Flower (thanks to the leader of Shen Zhou) Chapter 264 Ying Long goes down the mountain Chapter 263 Past illusions (thanks to the lollipop lord who grabbed you) Chapter 262 Very regretful (thanks, floating???? Canc?n?? Suh's great reward) Chapter 261 It’s not easy to be new since ancient times (thanks to Qingshan for the reward for his late return) Chapter 260 Cut off (Thank me for always loving Ximo sauce Wanshou) Chapter 259 Borrow Chapter 258 Meet the deceased Chapter 257 Rules (thanks to the East He Wanshang) Chapter 256 Crouching Tiger (thanks to Qianlong for not using eight million rewards) Chapter 155 Bronze lamp (thanks to Chang Le for contentment, the most important reward) Chapter 254 Go to Kunlun (Thanks to Y Zero Book Wan Reward)

Chapter 253 Kunlun is in trouble (thanks to Qingshan Ocean Wanshou) Chapter 252 Like yesterday (thanks to Zhang Weiyu's most handsome leader) Chapter 251 The end of the past, the present of the story (thanks to the water king and his leader... Chapter 250 Hope (thanks to the water king for the reward) Chapter 249 Manpower to counter the destiny (thanks to Yang Fan for the reward) Chapter 248 What is a hero (thanks to hundreds of millions of Hengsha million rewards) Chapter 247 Out of the mountain (thanks to Alcand 50,000 starting currency) (please half-day leave... Chapter 246 The ending of the story may have been doomed Chapter 245 Ask (Thanks for the flow? Any reward?) Chapter 244 In the past (thanks to Xiliufeng 40,000 starting coins Chapter 243 I am waiting for you to give me this answer (thanks to the ds for the end of the leader) Chapter 242 I’m on the Dragon Tiger

Chapter 241 Clean up the portal (thanks to the lonely moon and the fox for the reward) Chapter 240 Chi and anchor Chapter 239 Visit and discover (thanks to Shen Zhou Wan reward) Chapter 238 The last stubbornness (thanks 丨 Mahjong 丨 Wanshang) Chapter 237 Past and present (Thanks to Shun Kyu’s Meow Meow 20,000 reward) Chapter 236 Guests come (thanks to Xiao X and Xiao O Wan reward) Chapter 235 Leaving (Thanks for the rewards wandering on the bridge) Chapter 234 Nian'er is the first offender, as a small punishment Chapter 233 Fight against each other (thanks to the leader of Yang Fan’s love) ~ Kawen asks for leave, sorts out ideas and adjusts work and rest, today I will have 1 4000 words,... Chapter 232 Dragon Tiger (Thanks to Y Zero Book 20,000 reward) Chapter 231 Gifts (thanks to Wangzai Wanshang of love)

Chapter 230 Cooperation (Thanks for free and easy fish million reward) Chapter 229 Meet the old friend (Thanks for grabbing your lollipop 20,000 starting coins) Chapter 228 Follow-up (thanks to Zhang 2he for 20,000 rewards) Chapter 227 Sacrifice at the end of the song (2 in 1 Chapter 226 Karma is settled (thanks to Mengmeng for shooting 80 million rewards) Chapter 225 The Way of Heaven ~ In the card text, the third is more likely to be made up, lying dead...... (x_x;) Chapter 224 Shanglonghu Chapter 223 Shan Hai Jing (thanks to Xia Liu Pei Wan reward) Chapter 222 Ancient things (thanks to Shennong for 20,000 rewards for this poison) Chapter 221 Mountain of the Western Classic Chapter 220 Big wish (2 in 1

Chapter 219 Sacrifice will open (thanks? Loong2 million rewards) Chapter 218 Poor Dao has always been careful (thanks to the reward of the water wolf) Chapter 217 What you are obsessed with (thanks to Shen Zhou Wan reward) Chapter 216 The correct way to brush favorability.JPG (Thanks for being Kaoru... Chapter 215 Secrets of the Mountains and Seas (Thanks for the fake National Zhong Wan reward) Chapter 214 Gifts (Thanks, floating???? Can c?n?? Perch? 20,000 rewards) Chapter 213 The treasure of Xiangjiang (Thanks to innocent Hao Xiao Wan reward) Chapter 212 Invitation (thanks to the silver alliance of Ma Xiaotiao H who did not jump) Chapter 211 Parting words Chapter 210 Master, Master, big things are not good! ! ! Chapter 209 Next is the water monkey time (thanks to Wu Bufeng Wanshang) Chapter 208 In Xiaweiyuan, physically immune to calculations (thanks to Yakoshi...

Chapter 207 Big Thunder! (Thanks to a small person who passed by for a great reward) Chapter 206 Practice Chapter 205 Monks Chapter 204 Try and method Chapter 203 Promise (thanks to the lord of God) Chapter 202 Invincible city (thanks to Qing isnot Qing Wan reward) Chapter 201 meet Chapter 200 Are you looking for me? (Thanks Tang Ying for the 28,000 starting point... Chapter 199 And it’s up to me to stretch my waist (thanks to the ink dyed and white... Chapter 198 Demon Slayer ~ Kavin asked for leave, I changed it before 1 today, sorry <(_ _)&… Chapter 197 Gifts (Thanks for the rewards of the years and the passing of time)

Chapter 196 The modern use of flying sword technique (thanks to ds for the end of the reward) Chapter 195 It's a mistake, the wrong type is correct (thanks to Mr. Ho's leader) Chapter 194 Dang Zhu (thanks to Water Wang for his 20,000 starting currency) Chapter 193 Visitors (Thank you for the reward of the little leeks under Longhu Mountain) Chapter 192 Name (Thanks for the reward of Guichen 3000) Chapter 191 Call my name (Thanks for the funny reward) Chapter 190 Chaoge Ancient Chapter 189 Bronze plate (thanks to the leader of Yanzuzu) Chapter 188 General public health hall master (thanks? Yuan Wan reward) Chapter 187 Hook up like a net Chapter 186 Primordial myth Chapter 185 Shui Jun, the spectacle has missed the country!

Chapter 184 On the mountain **** (thanks to the book friends 1,111,301... Chapter 183 The unsupported Qi who has never dreamed (thanks to the 30,000 reward for using the world as a bed) Chapter 182 Antiquities Chapter 181 Come home (thanks to Shen Zhou for the reward) Chapter 180 Ancient paintings (thanks to the great reward of the spirit of the lunar yin) Chapter 179 Regarding the cognitive deviation (thanks to thevil’s 10,000... Chapter 178 A peaceful life (pseudo) (Thanks to Lazy for being the leader of the reader... Chapter 177 The rebellious journey of all things, the passing of generation 0 (thanks to the self-disturbing people who worry about the sky... Chapter 176 Keep promises and breach of contract (thanks to Dashengzhai for the reward) Chapter 175 Da Qin (Thanks to w Wen Yu Wan reward) Chapter 174 The sword of Zhu Chen-the genus (Thanks to Peng Kacha Peng for the reward) Chapter 173 Gap in history

Chapter 172 Immortality (thanks to the leader of the Taoist priest) Chapter 171 Qin Jian (thanks to the cat and the lord who woke up in the deep sea) Chapter 170 Immortal! Chapter 169 Why fight? (Thanks for the great reward of Dashengzhai) Chapter 168 Cut off the shackles (thanks to Wanshou from young handsome to old) Chapter 167 Double tigers rushing Chapter 166 Strange, dangerous (Thanks for the rewards for holding the earthly ink stains and floating white) Chapter 165 Loyalty (thanks to the killer monk for the reward) Chapter 164 The guests? Chapter 163 The inherent romance of China Chapter 162 The ancient way to deliver messages Chapter 161 Push to occupy (thanks to Nangong Cangshu Wan reward)

Chapter 160 Crouching Tiger-the historical cheat device failed! Chapter 159 Leave, follow-up (Thanks for the reward of the waste young man) Chapter 158 Communication (Thank you for 1 avatar, a reward) Chapter 157 Ashamed, expelled (thanks to Lanyin for 30,000 starting coins) Chapter 156 dream Chapter 155 Opening of the museum (Book Friends 2.01,804,05... Chapter 154 The years are old, and the hero does not return (thanks for returning to the leader) Chapter 153 The Dream of One Country under the Heaven (Thanks for the reward of the moon coffin) Chapter 152 Jade Dragon Wearing (Thanks 丨 Mahjong丨 for the reward) Chapter 151 Response (Thanks to the smelly Wanshou who was Kaoru died) Chapter 150 Receive the decree (thanks to Shengruofanxing for 20,000 starting coins) Chapter 149 Fo Guang (thanks to the leader of the water and water)

Chapter 148 The monk, the enemy of the Buddha (thanks to the leader of the water and water) Chapter 147 Immortal Medicine·2 (Thanks for the rewards of the drunken world love saint) Chapter 146 Medicine of Wuxian (Thanks Bai_Mo for the reward) Chapter 145 Medical·Wish (Thanks to Asakusa for the rewards) Chapter 144 Legend of the Immortal Medicine ~ So what, today is 1 more than 4000 words, ask for a leave, and then write down to feel today... Chapter 143 The years have always seen the old people (Thank you for the free reward for the photo??) Chapter 142 trace Chapter 141 Dispute Chapter 140 Rotation (thanks to the leader of KEVINtu) Chapter 139 The hatred of the Overlord Spear (thanks to DylanWu for the reward) Chapter 138 See you (Thanks for the drunken reward)

~ Peace Road 137: I am stupid (thanks to Su Bingye’s leader) Chapter 136 Yellow Turban rallying battle (thanks to the 20,000 starting coin of the material sky)... Chapter 135 False and real (thanks to the swordsmith Beitang for the reward) Chapter 134 I don’t know what it means to grow and wander, but I wake up and become a guest (... Chapter 133 The cruelest curse in the world (thanks to Asakusa's leader) Chapter 132 Great wise teacher Chapter 131 Heal the sick and save the people Chapter 130 The past is like a dream (thanks to the leader of Xiaoe Liyi who likes to read) Chapter 129 9 scepters (Thanks for the rewards of Mahjong, thank you) Chapter 128 Taiping Road: I report, there are 25 people in the Yellow Turban Lux! ! ! … Chapter 127 Temptation (thanks to Mu Ha for the recollection of the wind) Chapter 126 True Spirit (thanks to the killer holy monk leader)

Chapter 125 The tacit understanding of men (thanks to the killer holy monk Wanshou) Chapter 124 Exorcise evil with righteousness, and unify 10,000 (thanks to ?c?w3 million starting currency) Chapter 123 Taoist Chapter 122 Snake Chapter 121 Tao Men Altar Chapter 120 Shangshanmen (Thanks for the reward of tomato and lemon) Chapter 119 Shenzhou Pension Check-in Group One. Zero Chapter 118 The old man in the dream (Thank you?? Isn’t that stupid ii leader) Chapter 117 Shuanghu (thanks to the leader of tomato and lemon) Chapter 116 Luoyang has a long youth Chapter 115 Shindai (thanks to the leader of Moemeng Shooting 8 Wilderness) Chapter 114 not my business

Chapter 113 When the myth shines into reality Chapter 112 In between, there is a vast cloud and water (7000 words big Chapter 111 you sure? (Thank the Africans who stowaway for the great reward) Chapter 110 The black pot (thanks to the reward of Lu Bu in vain) Chapter 109 Kunlun is in trouble, the emperor is as old as ever Chapter 108 1 interest time Chapter 107 Sacrifice Chapter 106 Acting for the Divine Power of Huai Shui Chapter 105 What to do with me? (Thanks for the reward of the fighting specialist) Chapter 104 Sacrifice (thanks to the reward of cool Hao) Chapter 103 Unfathomable (thanks to the old-looking leader of S) Chapter 102 Shang Wang Bronze Jue (Thanks to Jiangnan Yanyu け Broken Bridge for the reward)

Chapter 101 Fate (thanks to the 20,000 starting currency at the end of ds) Chapter 100 Chang Qing is always quiet, should always be quiet (Thank you for the rewards of treating all kinds of bars... Chapter 99 Fair (thanks to Xiaohui Liyi who likes to read 30,000 starting coins) Chapter 98 Birch Eat Dream Chapter 97 Birch enters a dream (thanks to Yahuojie for the 20,000 starting coin) Chapter 96 Return to normal life (Thanks for the rewards of I) Chapter 95 The magnificent times, the life of ordinary people Chapter 94 This is your story (thanks to the warrior Xingtian for the reward) Chapter 93 discuss Chapter 92 ask Chapter 91 gun Chapter 90 Do you see me like a human? (Thanks Diekreuzung...

Chapter 89 The wild fox is confusing, and one life is like a dream (thanks for the reward of tomato and lemon) Chapter 88 Human affection Chapter 87 Ousheng Baozhu, Zijin Chapter Chapter 86 Keep the promise Chapter 85 There is a bird, its shape is like a dove, and its sound is like (thanks to the lonely boy... Chapter 84 There are foxes in Qingqiu (Thanks to the 20,000 starting currency of llls four) Chapter 83 Go to Qingqiu (Thank you for the reward of being born as a star) Chapter 82 Yuan Zhi is brave and beaten by Xiang Yu Chapter 81 The heroic and brave of feathers, 0 and no 2 Chapter 80 The only way to be taken by the school lieutenant of Si Li Chapter 79 Green Hill Covenant Chapter 78 position

Chapter 77 revenge Chapter 76 Green Hill Fox Chapter 75 The worm in the book Chapter 74 Good talking (thanks to the 20,000 reward of tomato and lemon) Chapter 73 Reliable ancient people Chapter 72 dream Chapter 71 Discrimination Chapter 70 gap Chapter 69 End of love Chapter 68 Fu Zhu! Chapter 67 Wild horses, dust, creatures blow with breath Chapter 66 Surprised, surprised, unhappy? (Thanks to lll...

Chapter 65 And give him a sword! Chapter 64 Get it right (thanks to the tomato and lemon for the reward) Chapter 63 Weiyuan Pirate Treasure (thanks to the leader of Yakiki) Chapter 62 Ghost domain (thanks to ?long for the 20,000 reward) Chapter 61 People’s desires are not dead for attachment, but skills are born from this Chapter 60 Search for God (4/4) Chapter 59 It’s all here (thanks to Yue, Tianzun Yindi for the reward) Chapter 58 Finally see Chapter 57 Repay ~ Shelf testimonials Chapter 56 Invite guest Chapter 55 "One night without incident.

Chapter 54 Wait for the door Chapter 53 Resort (Thank you for the reward of Divine Elegy) Chapter 52 Contract (Thanks for the reward for not raining in the west) Chapter 51 Secrets, choices (thanks to not only bookworms who eat books) Chapter 50 2 stories, Li Gui Li Kui Chapter 49 2 memories Chapter 48 knocking Chapter 47 Nurturing Soul Wood (Thanks for the reward of the land of the ruins) Chapter 46 On the 3-foot sword, the world is clear and bright! (Thanks to the 10,000 cat Xiu Xianren... Chapter 45 Murderous Chapter 44 Supernatural powers are not as fateful (thanks to ?c?w's 30,000) Chapter 43 Life is short and hard (thanks to Hui Zhuning for the reward)

Chapter 42 5 roads are rampant, the ghosts are soldiers and horses Chapter 41 Live viewers (Thanks for the rewards for specializing in all kinds of levers) Chapter 40 Bring a sheep to eat meat Chapter 39 Q&A Chapter 38 Type 2 solution of the story Chapter 37 Slash the tiger Chapter 36 Cut the mountain and ruin the temple Chapter 35 Beginning of cutting the mountain Chapter 34 Rare guests, the museum closed early Chapter 33 Purdue Chapter 32 desire Chapter 31 Slay monsters, slay demons

Chapter 30 injustice Chapter 29 Evil spirit Chapter 28 The ghost is lost, and the hearts of the people have not changed Chapter 27 Village on the mountain Chapter 26 Break the evil spirits (Thank you Feng Yujiang who never worked hard for the great reward... Chapter 25 Night road (thanks to a little person who passed by, only a great reward) Chapter 24 Hungry ghost Chapter 23 Lessons from the past Chapter 22 Paint the old things Chapter 21 Dahan Arsenal Chapter 20 "Weird Power, God of God 5" Chapter 19 Painted skin

Chapter 18 Involuntarily Chapter 17 Recruitment (Thank you for your rewards) Chapter 16 calm life Chapter 15 Red embroidered shoes Chapter 14 Intent Chapter 13 It is the cause, the effect, and the fate Chapter 12 See the real body Chapter 11 How many things have been said and heard with ghosts (thanks? Long’s Wan... Chapter 10 People don’t kill ghosts, ghosts are harmful (thanks to ds for the rewards... Chapter 9 Report Chapter 8 Supernatural power Chapter 7 Dogged

Chapter 6 Door-to-door Chapter 5 Eye open Chapter 4 try Chapter 3 jobs Chapter 2 dream Chapter 1 Crouching Tiger ~ Introduction

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