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Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

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Chu Nan originalmente era solo un estudiante ordinario, pero debido a un accidente, adquirió las capacidades de recopilación, análisis y procesamiento de datos equivalentes al cerebro óptico más avanzado.

A sus ojos, todo en el mundo se puede juzgar con los datos más precisos, y cualquier ataque del enemigo es solo una combinación de innumerables datos.

Incluso... incluso el flujo de la respiración interna en los meridianos puede usar datos

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Título corto:LBW
Titulo original:光脑武尊
Autor(a):Eight o'clock in the evening
Weekly Rank:#109
Monthly Rank:#148
All Time Rank:#776
Tags:Artificial Intelligence, Battle Academy, Beasts, Cosmic Wars, Cultivation, Hard-Working Protagonist, Harem, Male Protagonist, Outer Space, Skill Creation, Slow Growth at Start, Spaceship, Special Abilitie, Weak to Strong,
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28 Comments on “Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain
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  1. El argumento de está novela me estaba convenciendo pero cuando leí las críticas que el prota era un virgen después de más de mil capitulos me Heche para atrás no soporto a esos tipos

  2. The only thing I can't believe is for 7 years he did not even know the basic of the overlord realm? What the freaking F. He stayed too long at that realm and he has no idea? Yes he has incapable teachers but the teachers themselves are still above his realms. He should have at least sufficient idea what to temper rather focus on his technique that he can't breakthrough.

  3. Look. This MC is a virgin because the story doesn't span decades of time. Its at most 5 years or so from 17 to about 22 or so. so yeah. I can reasonably see him staying 'clean' until he's ready. And even if he wanted to be a 40 yr old virgin, i'd still respect, cuz you know, it does happen. I"M not a 40 yr old virgin, but I knew a few back in the day. It happens. There's never the right person or the right time. As for the nakedness gag, well it does make sense. It's not like the future has indestructible clothing nor does he have the DC and Marvel plot armor that will shield his dangly bits from us. BTW, it's a novel, NOT that we'd get to see his bits nor the bits of the hot gals in the story. So I find that a 'meh' kind of gag. Though realistic when you realize that the punches and throws will generate alot of forces that will shred clothing. OVERALL, i liked the story. I finished it and I found the ending ok. Better than most endings I've read.

  4. Ugh. This novel is pretty good overall except for 2 points: 1. This guy is still a virgin after 1700 chapters and the author talks about it all the time. It wasn't funny after chapter 500 and it's only super pathetic now. 2. He's such a sissy bitch he won't kill enemies until he beats them over and over again and they turn around and kidnap is family or his little princesses. He pretty much lets a psycho who wants to torture and kill him and his family leave every 100 chapters. Wtf man.

  5. The story and plot is TRASH, too many nonsense and plot hole that you need to turn off your brain otherwise you might get dizzy and irritated. But you can eat this rotten piece of sh1t cause there is good side like unique cultivation+futuristic theme. I don't want to spoiler too many but i will just say the most hated scene on this novel. 1. Author make MC cloth is destroyed after every fight but other cultivator did not, this shit always repeat till chap 900++ cause i just read 900+ chap. 2. He has the biggest brain on the universe but he have a deb 7 billion federal dollar. Actually there is a way to get easily that money, like create martial art cause at his level he can create martial art that priced 1.000-150.000 and sell it to the whole universe population 3. MC always say he will take his own path, but actually no, he just copy other exercise and mod it slightly, its like you try to create a game like minecraft but just create a mod and have a gal to say i create that game

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