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Su Chen, de catorce años, solo quería ser un mortal ordinario y vivir bien.

¡Es una pena que haya nacido extraordinario!

Su cuerpo es inmortal y su actividad celular está horrorizada al extremo. Incluso si su cuerpo está tan mutilado que solo queda una célula, puede multiplicarse y regenerarse rápidamente.

Sus genes mutan y evolucionan todo el tiempo, y todos los estímulos del mundo exterior y todas las características de los ataques del enemigo lo llevarán a desarrollar los métodos de contención correspondientes.

En una palabra, fue imposible dañar a Su Chen la segunda vez de la misma manera.

Para resumir bien las miles de habilidades que nacen constantemente en el cuerpo, incluso creó el concepto de un sistema para resumir y resumir cuántas habilidades tiene.

Incluso el propio Su Chen sabía que con el tiempo, se volvería omnisciente, omnipotente, omnisciente, omnipotente y omnipresente.

Por cierto, este tipo de existencia parece llamarse "OAA" en este mundo.

solo ...

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Título corto:MSI
Titulo original:漫威:开局就是不死不灭
Autor(a):Mr. Weird
Weekly Rank:#817
Monthly Rank:#861
All Time Rank:#1326
Tags:Abandoned Children, Ability Steal, Absent Parents, Arrogant Characters, Child Abuse, Child Protagonist, Cute Protagonist, Fan-fiction, God Protagonist, Godly Powers, Immortals, Marvel, Mind Control, Multiple Timelines, Mutations, Naive Protagonist, OP MC, Overpowered Protagonist, Ruthless Protagonist, Strong from the Start, Strong to Stronger, System,
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88 Comments on “Marvel: the Start is Immortal
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  1. Dude, I don't know why so many people dislike this, but after reading it till chapter 289. And its really a piece of gem in the trash can. Although our MC destroys all marvel characters on his home planet. Marvel story does not limit itself with just one planet our one universe. So basically his conquest for multiverse and infinite universe conquering is really a big plot and interesting one at that. Couples with his indestructible and infinitely evolving physique, the story progresses really fast but with steady improvement. And also I'm really satisfied by how he ignores trash harems and physical pleasure and become a fanatics of self improvement. And also the final assimilation with darkness might be a bit lacking in explanation and effects but it still within the range of satisfaction,,, But i really recommend reading this one for all those people who love infinite as prefix coz he and his physique is the absolute definition of infinite evolution..!!

  2. maybe author want to use the avenger ,fantastic 4,etc all of them greedy and want to kill mc but as fanfiction cant you use them as final boss or right hand boss, like hell marvel fanfiction without them is not marvel fanfiction. So i can assume that author want to stand alone using popularity of marvel to attracts audience and then kill the original hero so bassically it will become a complete original novel.

  3. Okay if you’re a MCU fan don’t read this unless you hate everyone and want everyone to be massacred because that’s what happens also everyone is turned dark like even the avengers and other people that you would think would help ya no they just try to kill the mc and they die also the mc is too powerful like literally in the description he’s an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscience so ya just kinda KINDA overpowered ALSO IF YOU READ THE DESCRIPTION AND DONT KNOW OAA LOOK HIM UP HES THE GOD OF GOOD YA >>>GOOD<<< THE AUTHOR MESSED UP THE NOVEL LITERALLY AT THE START BY TURNING THE MC BAD IF YOU SAID OBA THATS THE PERSONIFICATION OF ALL EVIL YA SURE MAYBE BUT I PERSONALLY HATE THIS NOVEL ITS NOT REALLY A NOVEL JUST A THIRD PERSON DESCRIPTION OF A KID THAT GETS HURT AND MASSACRES THE MULTIVERSE

  4. First of all what's wrong with overpowered MC? Second, so what if he massacares the multi-verse. They probably deserved it.

  5. First of all it’s a big problem to have any character too op in the beginning because then there’s no opponents and no story it’s just bleh unless you’re the writer of one punch man that completely did it right it’s not going to turn out well 2nd I agree if any mc massacres the multiverse I do like a ruthless mc but that’s the problem the mc isn’t he’s just like a sad shriveled up emo kid that got power he’s just like I do this for no reason than I’m edgy and kills everything and everyone not for a reason or anything meaningful just cause he’s edgy

  6. My guy, in mcu comics there are times when basically any character you love would die, hell even a villain might kill everyone, I get you like the mcu comics but if you have ACTUALLY read them then you know that basically multiverses being destroyed is kind of normal

  7. O ya I know it’s really normal especially in comics of any genre there’s bound to be a forth wall break or a multiverse death snap but all of anyone doing them had some purpose like thanos for example he’s killed have of all living things in one shape but it was for overpopulation that destroyed his planet this mc is just like some shriveled up emo kid that got power and he’s just like I’m edgy and I’m going to do this because I’m edgy and yaaaa kills everyone even innocents like it’s just dumb

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