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Manga: The King’s Seat

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¡Conviértete en un esclavo tan pronto como despierte! ? ¡Había una linda chica llamada Hancock a su lado! ?

¿Cómo suena todo como One Piece? ? ¡Pero qué diablos es este tipo que dice ser capaz de intercambiar varias habilidades frutales con el "Sistema Dios"! ?

¡En este punto, un rey llamado Li Yi, solo vino de la oscuridad, hacia la inmortalidad eterna!

¡Pirata! ¡parca! ¡Naruto! ¡Cuento de hadas! ¡Maravilla!

¡Domina innumerables planos, soy Li Yi!

- Descripción de MTL


Título corto:TKS
Titulo original:综漫:王之神座
Autor(a):Signature Crazy
Tipo:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#209
Monthly Rank:#179
All Time Rank:#114
Tags:Fanfiction, Marvel Universe, Naruto, Nationalism, Pirates, Racism, Slave Protagonist, Weak to Strong, World Travel,
44 vote(s)

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20 thoughts on “Manga: The King’s Seat
  1. This is damn stupid, his ability all get taken away when he traverses world’s and the worse fact is , he can not take any of his woman away with him even though he got power to shuttle through space without system’s help. The piece of shit is obsessed with growing stronger and is willing to abandon everything to persue higher grounds even the people he loves can be discarded even if he’s relucant to part with them , he straight up suppressed his urge and leaves them had a good concept and starting point but was straight up ruined by the dumb mc who is practically slave to system. -_-

  2. The writer is stupid, all the power of the main character is full of the flow of the sword … What about the other powers, huh, when combined with other powers, Mc should be op, but because the stupid writer is stubborn with the flow of the sword .. MC become weak. The author is stupid

    1. Huh, stupid writers write all the MC’s power comes from Chinese legends .. Huh clearly writing 2-dimensional anime novels … not writing immortal novels …. Obviously stupid writers take sides, …. Disgusted to see it ..

      1. Well okay, even so, actually this novel is pretty good, interesting, but very regrettable every time you enter a new world, .. The power in the previous world is taken back by the system.

        1. Ahhhhhh i feel regrettable for read this novel now, ahhhhhh, why must you Fucking author formatted all the main character power with the reason is system being formatted because the fatal injury by time and space

  3. Empezando la novela siendo un esclavo de los dragones “One Piece” termina siendo un esclavo del sistema ahí es un resumen de toda la novela aburrido. prueba varios capitulos si es de tus gustos

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