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La vida en el tiempo y el espacio paralelos es tan ignorante, ansiosa por adquirir un sinfín de conocimientos y energía. Sin embargo, el conocimiento está lleno de mentiras. La energía es la raíz de la destrucción del tiempo y el espacio. Los magos han dominado el misterio de viajar a través del tiempo y el espacio. Somos invencibles, convirtiendo miles de millones de mundos en polvo. Con el tiempo, acabarán con las hormigas.

—— Mago Adam.

- Descripción de MTL


Título corto:MA
Titulo original:法师亚当
Autor(a):Weeping beer
Weekly Rank:#692
Monthly Rank:#763
All Time Rank:#1883
Tags:Apathetic Protagonist, Artificial Intelligence, Cold Protagonist, Magic, Modern Knowledge, Special Abilitie, Wizards, World Hopping, World Travel,
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9 Comments on “Mage Adam
  1. The development reminds Leylin of Warlock of magus World, with the difference that he tries to better explain some other schools like elemental (six), poison and mechanic. If you don't care about the MC who ignores the world but who is approved only by the monstrous talent, this work is worth it.

  2. Such good novel, MC is a IA that survive after human destroy earth by nuking themself no harem he is not evil but more Absolute Neutral that mean he do anything for wisdom he don't have realtions link so he can kill allies and friends if needed no romance or harem he have one slave (Devil pretty funny but he is stil ruthless whit him to) In the sorcer plane, he created electromagnetic magic so plasma and canon that can destroy everythings he created magic skill that requiers photon and quantum the dude created the most badass magic. (Spoil he even created IA chip to sell to the mage) He travel to world and conquers them because (spoilers is job its Mage war *exploration* so he go in other plane and try to destory or gather informations for lvl 5-6-7-8-9 to come destroy plane) System power pretty easy to understand - LVL 1 to 9 - Archimage True spirit equal levl 10 Plane have their own personnality they give reward to mage that discover new thing or theory like Adam that created way to much things to list...

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