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Esta es la misma novela que: I Just Want to Play the Game Quietly



1 gota de sangre = 1-Up

Juego de otras personas durante la noche, juego durante la noche y sangro.

Desde que las tormentas dimensionales descendieron sobre la Tierra, han aparecido numerosas zonas dimensionales, trayendo consigo todo tipo de criaturas dimensionales: inmortales, budas, demonios, ángeles, elfos, etc.

Sin embargo, todas estas extrañas zonas dimensionales pueden convertirse en mazmorras en mi teléfono. Otras personas arriesgan sus vidas de aventuras, yo paso todo el tiempo jugando.

Los monstruos arrojan cristales dimensionales que aumentan las estadísticas, imbuyen nuevas habilidades y se unen a mí como Bestias Acompañantes. Estas Bestias Acompañantes luchan junto a mí o solas, aumentando su capacidad y fuerza. Monstruos raros en la vida real? Simplemente reiniciaré el juego con una gota de sangre para molerlo.

Realmente necesito una transfusión de sangre.

- Descripción de uukanshu


Título corto:LMGIP
Titulo original:我只想安静地打游戏
Autor(a):Twelve-Winged Dark Seraphim
Weekly Rank:#941
Monthly Rank:#608
All Time Rank:#97
Tags:Absent Parents, Calm Protagonist, Cautious Protagonist, Cheats, Cultivation, Fantasy Creatures, Game Elements, Genius Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Mutated Creatures, Post-apocalyptic, System Administrator, Weak to Strong, Wealthy Characters,
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4 Comments on “Let Me Game in Peace
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  1. i dont understand why he still cares about his shity family i cant read anymore my only pupose of reading this is to watch his family die .see this what happen when ou make ur mc retarded so u can write easily .retarded mc +op systeme equal trach

  2. this novel mc are too ignorant. he knows that he dont know a lot of things, but he never explore them at all. and he dont even know how to ask people, only try to understand himself. mc want to understand the world, but he dont even know science. and mc are too easy to judge people. his step-sister only go to his school once to beat him, even when mc already know the reason why she always at odd with him, mc still dont like to get along with her. and mc IQ are a bit too stupid. he can analyzed a lot of thing, but when it comes to people, mc IQ-999999. from the start to the end, it clearly show that mc dont have enough knowledges. even if he do some research, he wouldnt bother to read it, if it not at the time when mc really need it.

  3. and mc always too anxious, cant he even think clearly? mc knows that doer dungeon are too dangerous for even epic people, then if the old principal can go there, do mc think that old man are weak? and on both sides have 2 mythical beast, even when he has a mythical beast, he still cant fight it, dont he even wonder how the old man can still survived? what the heck? he goes all around, cant mc even think how strong the old principal is? and he already knows that the old principal got humanoid mythical companion when even dimensional dungeon doesnt exist yet, then why mc dont think about how strong the old principal is to prison that humanoid myth? you know, thats when there are not even a single dimensional dungeon. and Alai, mc found at those 6 temple, mc always got confused when he encounter something(thats why I said mc has too low knowledge), when Alai told mc he doesnt know anything about what on the present, that clearly show that he was a past lived to present. but the first thing mc got confused was, did he got mad? not how strong Alai is even when the world dont have dimensional dungeon(you know Alai broke off from li xuan epic rope, even when li xuan tell mc about that, mc dont even care only (awesome) fuck stupid mc)

  4. ...... Read the full story would u? How would u feel if ur family member got stuck in a deep hole underground? I mean there is enough oxygen so why do people start to panic? Nd mc knos that someone is after the prof. Thats why hes in such a hurry Nd did u even read the story right? He doesn't just foolishly goes to these rooms but 1st trys them in his phone nd wen he's sure he can do it then only he goes in It's not that he doesn't want to get along with his step sis but that he doesn't care, wen he got that phone he stopped carin bout her cause he knos its easy to surpass her, nd wat would u do wen someone beats u nd then it's found out that he's ur step relative? U will hug him/her try to make friends?

  5. MC have low EQ not IQ because his father only give him foods not emotional care his step sister beat him without proper reason ( in reality its bullying just because he praise by her grandpa )

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