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Pasando por el pueblo de Konoha Ninja, el huérfano de una familia ninja común, este es el octavo año de Konoha, Uchiha Madara se irá y Hashirama Senju morirá en unos pocos años. Se acerca la primera batalla en el mundo Ninja ...

Como miembro de Konoha Ninja Village, después de conocer los problemas que Konoha Ninja Village encontrará en el futuro, Feng Mori siente que debería hacer algo.

Lo primero que debes hacer es convertirte en discípulo del Segundo Hokage y luego convertirte en el heredero del Segundo Hokage.

¡De ahora en adelante, la dirección en la que debe ir Konoha Ninja Village depende de él!

[Nota: La dirección principal del drama, Naruto realista, la visión del mundo de Naruto basada en cómics]

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Título corto:KNTH
Titulo original:木葉的新三代火影
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  1. It would be cool if there was a fan fiction of Itachi, and him getting married with his girl. (He kills her in original series) Itachi deserves a happy ending... Sigh.

  2. Itachi is lunatic? Are you seriously think he is lunatic? Itachi is not lunatic he just love his brother that why he chose to kill uchiha clan except sasuke because danzo give him to path One is let the all uchiha clan people killed because them plan to rebel Second one is itachi kill his uchiha clan except sasuke to let konoha think that itachi is a traitor So you try to imagine Your boss ask you to kill you own brother the one that you love the most or to kill all your family except your brother Which one will you choose? I hope you dont call itachi a lunatic Maybe you dont fully watch all naruto episode that why you think itachi is lunatic so i suggest you to watch naruto from the start till the last episode Hope you dont mad at me

  3. wtf, passing cloth to a person who exterminated the entire clan ... you can say whatever you want but good person he is not, like he got Shisui's eye he could have tried to use that Sharigan to fight Danzo or use it on other leaders of Clan to support the Uchihas, I don’t know but it doesn’t take away the fact that the guy committed a genocide

  4. This is why i dont want to talk with someone that dont even watch all naruto episode , no matter what i say you will not take it...

  5. You all should realize that neither Hiruzen (3rd), Danzo, the 2 Advisors nor Uchiha clan are good people, atleast from the point of view of Konoha, all of them failed as leader and subordinate. While Hiruzen (3rd) keep his dominance off Danzo, and Uchiha being unreasonably arrogant and somewhat naive, they all pursue something because of fear. All of Konoha advisors blindly follow Tobirama (2nd) hatred of uchiha, while Hiruzen (3rd) is an old and confused Hokage at that time, none of the solution can reasonably prevent konoha infighting. So Itachi being a 'weird' uchiha become the key. Atleast from all other fanfic I've read, very little can be done to uchiha massacre. Tobirama hatred for Madara made him hate Uchiha as if all Uchiha have Madara's ambition, while his love of Hashirama made him love most of Senju clan and their Allies (Nara, Yamanaka, Akimichi, Sarutobi, Shimura). Tobirama's ambition for a 'real' democratic Konoha was too early, just 10-20 years and want all Konoha clan to forget their ancestry and do like what the Senju did? If you dont know, AFAIK the Senju clan wasnt extinct but did just disappear because they remove their Senju surname and become most of the civilian and married to other clans, even the male. Perhaps sakura is a half/quarter senju herself? As we all know, all of this is Black Zetsu's fault lol.

  6. While this discussion is very off the topic regarding the current novel. But Itachi is a very deep character, which has a very deep meaning behind his every action. While i wish he has a happy ending, it doesn’t change the fact that he killed his clan, forced or not. He was given a choice and he took the path to exterminate his entire clan the very clan that created the village he was following the command of.

  7. Actually no, this option was of no use coz the third, danzo, and other advicors already know of shizu power so they will definitely guard against itachi and no matter how great itachis power he would not be able to defeat 3rd. The key was that shizu wanted to take uchiha leader by suprise. He should not have told his power to danzo

  8. If Itachi decided to use Shisui's eye, then first it's probably weaker than Shisui who has both eyes, and so probably not strong enough to affect the whole clan, then if he use it on Danzo, it would of course get a huge load off the clan. However the 3rd Kage and the rest of the council would likely seek revenge for eleminating Danzo, Itachi would have been expeled or executed, the clan members in the Uchiha are more than ready to start a revolution, after a fight the Uchiha clan would loose and might get anihilated Konoha wouldn't be left witheout scars and the other countries would have take of profit to attack while Konoha is weaker, creating a 4th world war.

  9. He can't use properly i mean its so weak to effect people mind so he didn't use it and im very gratefull for itachi first he saved the village then he become spy in akatsuki then when he beat kabuto so he saved a lot of shinobi he even gave his eyes to sasuke to get EMS see..he very good character of all time And dont mind my english😅

  10. actually shisui used kotoamatsukami for itachi and he gave orders for itachi to be more concerned with the village than uciha before losing his eyes. as you know kotoamatsukami is a perfect illusion that other people can't detect even the victim and what's amazing in here is even masashi kishimoto doesn't know. that's why when uchiha decided to rebel itachi did not hesitate to slaughter his family itachi is just someone else's puppet. damn shisui~

  11. All in all, it's all Danzo's fault, like many other bad shit happened in Naruto is his fault. All Itachi was a confused kid who was taken advantage of. But then again it's a screwed up world where they have an extreme mentality.

  12. Actually there's some fanfiction that gives a solution to this Uchiha genocide , that's kill all radical members of Uchiha clan ,and transfer the rest of the clan outside the village ,as for the place to hide u can use the place of later Otogakure ( Village made by Orochimaru later ). How to transfer ? Actually i think can u just use Kotoamatsukami use it to make people in the village think differently about the rest of Uchiha clan that's after u kill all the radical Uchiha clan that's want to rebel. The Last is just My assumption.

  13. Senju Rimi the one who's arranged marriage and also soul mate/Main Waifu(no harem sir). The mc have 2 daughters Akemi and Asuna/Akina(just confused the naming here and also the name of the mc (fengsan/feng mori) just wtf.).

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