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It All Starts with the Wizard

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Roman cruzó accidentalmente, pero descubrió que el bloqueo se retrasó…

¿Es autosuficiente? ¿O quieres tomarlo por la fuerza?

Roman se situó en la encrucijada de la moralidad y eligió esta última sin dudarlo.

¿El recorrido sin colgar todavía se llama recorrido?

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Título corto:IASW
Titulo original:一切从巫师开始
Autor(a):Drizzle empty line
Weekly Rank:#8408
Monthly Rank:#6657
All Time Rank:#8186
Tags:Another World, Cunning Protagonist, Demons, Determined Protagonist, Evil Protagonist, Knight, Magic, Monsters, Ruthless Protagonist, Traverse, Wizard,
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13 Comments on “It All Starts with the Wizard
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  1. Excuse me, is there a talk of this novel? Please reply to my comment to the writer, how can I continue reading this novel?

  2. one of the few dope wizard novel whic don't go by the norm..even tho plot armour plays a mjor part in his success buh which mc doesn't have one? im disappointed its dropped buuh imma continue reading it, also curse the author n his 10th generation for dropping this masterpiece anyone kno wher they copied this n made something outta it?

  3. There should be a tag called "unnecessarily evil" for all those chinese mc who are being "ruthless" as in kill for no reason at all or for very petty reasons.

  4. Necessary evil would be imprisoning children infected with a zombie virus, or killing an innocent bystander who heard a terrifying secret that when spread could cause WW3 or literally billions of other examples.

  5. Lol, that's not evil, that's rational thinking, and common sense. The concept of evil and good is really ridiculous in itself, there's no such concept in grand scheme of things. That concept is, if people is doing harm to you or people then tbey are evil, if they do good to you and people then they are good, such a ridiculous concept lol, isn't just labeling people to inflict guilt. It makes us different from animal, but it makes this notion that we are superior being in the universe lol. No fam, not yet. It is either our civilization perish half way to greatness, or succeed.

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