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Este mundo es el cielo.

Porque este mundo tiene todo lo que sueñas, todo lo que deseas.

Este mundo es el infierno.

Porque todos en este mundo son parte de una masacre interminable.

¿Estás luchando para sobrevivir o luchando para volver a casa?

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Título corto:
Titulo original:无尽武装
Autor(a):Zero Destiny
Weekly Rank:#6068
Monthly Rank:#4874
All Time Rank:#4150
Tags:Alternate World, Beautiful Female Lead, Bloodlines, Charismatic Protagonist, Confident Protagonist, Cunning Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Firearms, Game Elements, Handsome Male Lead, Male Protagonist, Movies, Romantic Subplot, Ruthless Protagonist, Strategic Battles, Survival Game, Transported to Another World, Weak to Strong,
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8 Comments on “Infinity Armament
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  1. The story was good until the moment the chapter started to get heavy, from the middle of that chapter on it started to talk in a terribly racist way. "But these regions The population is small, and most of the eastern adventurers are Chinese. The national centripetal force is easier to concentrate and unity is easier. Other districts... may not be so united. The southern region has the most Indians but does not occupy the dominant position. Moreover, this group of A3 also lacks leadership ability. Their sloppy and lazy national characteristics make it difficult to create a person with leadership power."

  2. I wonder if it's because the author made the MC a Chinese criminal and had to turn him into an extreme Chinese nationalist criminal so they wouldn't cut his story, if that's so then I forgive him for my headache.

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