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Un cultivador de secta ordinario, con la ayuda de la mansión inmortal, creció gradualmente en el cruel mundo de la inmortalidad, y su mente y cuerpo se transformaron juntos.

Flujo mortal, viento oscuro parcial.

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Título corto:IML
Titulo original:仙府长生
Autor(a):Chaitin Khan Province
Weekly Rank:#572
Monthly Rank:#748
All Time Rank:#4308
Tags:Alchemy, Antihero Protagonist, Body Tempering, Calm Protagonist, Cold Protagonist, Cultivation, Demonic Cultivation Technique, Determined Protagonist, Evil Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Magical Space, Male Protagonist, Pragmatic Protagonist, Reincarnated in Another World, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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20 Comments on “Immortal Mansion Longevity
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  1. So is this novel good? the answer is yes and no. It is good in the sense that you will not get one of those rinse, repeat, and stories that have been told a million times there is a bit of newness to it, so it will be kind of interesting. The thing that makes it bad is that not a lot happens, the story isn't all that interesting it is a bit flat, and the MC's character. He is too cowardly. What I mean by that is that MC wouldn't become friends or close with one character because she is too smart, what if she finds out something about him, another character is from a big family so he cant get close to her, his girlfriend is not allowed to sleep with him because he is too vulnerable at sleep... His character also makes him too high and mighty for all his little accomplishments in cultivation. Apart from the disregard for an ordinary mortal, he discards two people he sleeps with for over 5 years because they aged and he did not, when he got stronger, ordinary cultivators were beneath him to like, but those powerful would not be under his control so he cants like them either. He is suited to be a causal mortal or a dead grandpa who lives a lonely life and only leaves his inheritance to someone who will do something interesting with their life, or potentially a dead grandpa who wants to take over someone's life so he can actually restart a live a better life. Also, the whole point of the sect had a purpose in the first 50ish chapter after that it is more like a prison for MC with little to no use, but a massive downside of forcing him to do things. I have read roughly 150 chapters and found the MC's character more and more boring, smart and calculative but boring to the point where I don't care if he succeeds, because it will be just a boring long life anyway.

  2. ch 120 currently. so far i'm liking the novel, some have mentioned the slow pacing of the novel but i think its perfect because if it was any faster you don't even have time to develop the story properly. the mc is a very resourceful, smart, and ultimately i would say is a realist. character development is also nice the mc is smart but isn't all knowing so he does make mistakes every now and then but he learns from them ex the perfume on clothes thing early on. also even the minor ch have some development such as wu chang and su jin from his team. there currently isn't much to the plot aside from what is going on in the background but i'd prefer this to the shit you see where random shit constantly happens for stupid reasons. overall i'm enjoying this but there are some aspects that could be improved upon. the cultivation for some reason maybe its just the system the author came up with but he/she is very overly fixated on artifacts in my opinion theres barely any mention of cultivation techniques i think in the past 120 ch there's only been skills being mentioned. also some other minor things that trigger me are the talent thing in this novel, so for some info you can only cultivate if you got a spirit root and this spirit root can have 5 elements the less elements it has the more pure it is the faster you can cultivate its also specifically mentioned that people with 1 element roots can cultivate without bottleneck till nascent soul. now here's where it bothers me its mentioned that theres 20k qi cultivators in the sect and 1k inner sect disciples also any 1 element roots can be inner sect immediately while the rest gotta cultivate to 7th qi layer to promote to inner sect so if we just assume that 90% of the people in the inner sect are people who got promoted then that would still leave 100 actual 1 element people so its actually bizarre that the sect only has 1 nascent soul cultivator in the sect even assuming lets say like 90% of those then fail to take the final step there's still 10 left. this is also minor but just bothers, him not upgrading his alchemy furnace considering the amount of times he has failed and wasted materials. keep in mind the upgraded furnace gives more % chance of success so over time its a good investment also i understand why he got the cheap furnace at the start when he was poor but later on it definitely would have been a cost effective purchase.

  3. at 200 now, update. now that i'm more deeper in i have the say problems are becoming more apparent. so far from what i can see there are three problems combat system, world building, plot armor, and this one isn't really an issue yet but might be the plot. the combat system is hugely flawed in that the deciding factor is primarily based on whos got the biggest wallet as you just keep spamming artifacts and you can see this later on as people have like dozens of artifacts mc as well. the cultivation technique doesn't really play much a role most of the time your cultivation level that you spent years refining is at most a stamina buff as long as the gap isn't omega big. this wasn't really noticeable at the start due to limited battles and his limited cultivation realm at the time. world building this one is probably the biggest problem of the three. so to give some background info the world is currently a unknown continent and the region which mc resides is the southern region known as the chu state which is then ruled by 5 sects of which led by nascent soul cultivators. so its mentioned and showed in the novel multiple instances that cultivation techniques and alchemy recipes are very rare and valuable often not traded this makes no sense because lets say you have a technique and you spread it to 10 other people the thing is the original copy doesn't diminish in its effectiveness so it makes no difference to the first PR actioner whether the other 10 people know the technique or not assuming there isn't weird shit conditions like you got to kill other people who cultivate this to improve or some crap. also the sects themselves withheld the best techniques which i will mention later why this also makes no sense but lets say they did this because they don't want to spread it or potentially for it to leak the mc did a ghost oath so why can't they just force them to do a ghost oath for not leaking it? that's just plain double standards. okay back to why the sect withholding it is in itself stupid so if you break down the world which the author build the cultivation sect is nothing more than a collective interest of several powerful families. its mentioned that the sects are competing against each other for resources so based on this we can assume the reason why these families would pool their strength together is to give them a better advantage in this competition for resources kind of like how shareholders pool their money together to form a big company thus to give it better market advantages. so based on this principle its literally in their interest to develop the strongest cultivators to then fight for these resources but the sects literally withheld the best techniques and such which is contradictory as to what they want to achieve. the only reason that i can kind of come up with for this behavior is that they want to intentionally suppress the amount of cultivators there are in the world but even this can't fully justify it as if this is the case why not just use the clan system and then just have a alliance and essentially a quasi monopoly on cultivation techniques that would essentially make it pointless to form a sect. all in all the logic in the world building isn't there. its like a house of cards. lastly the plot armor at first i let it slide but it just gets more ridiculous so when the mc was at the qi realm he got a herb for foundation establishment at the time i just chalked it up to luck as its logical every now and then you would get lucky but as you go more in it makes no sense he gets lucky every time that he needs to. later on he needs a top cultivation technique and it just so happens he buys a crap artifact from a stall and combines it with a lamp he got and whalla top technique, next he is missing some herbs just so happens hes guarding a herb field just so happens the enemy decides you know what lets fk over their herb field thus giving a opening for mc to openly steal a bunch of herbs that he needed. if its once of twice that's fine if its every time that's not luck that's plot armor.

  4. i'm at ch 400 probably going to put this one on hold the further i go the more problems i see with this novel. i pretty much summed up the critical issues in the last post but I'll touch up on some of the new things that are related. so far the plot honestly there really isn't a major plot or storyline going on its just the mc going through the motions personally i'm not for or against this approach at least its still better than the shit plots i see 24/7. now the world building like i mentioned previous this is still the cornerstone problem in this whole novel the world building literally collapses on itself because there's no logic to it. some other minor things that I've noticed that make no sense are the authors fixation on the sect, for whatever reason considering all the atrocities that the mc and his fellow colleagues are doing but when it comes to betraying the sect that's a big no no? like how does this make sense. also the reasoning the author comes up with to try to justify this is essentially that they all grew up in the sect so there by they are loyal this might make some sense if they grew up in the sect got brainwashed and never went outside. issue is pretty much all the cultivators got to go outside to buy shit or just do missions they are forced to face the reality of the real world so its kind of hard to brainwash them. also the author keeps hinting at how mc betraying the sect is bad because he would lose his advantage on resources. first this is simply untrue, most of the mc's resources and when i say most i mean like 99% don't even come from the sect. they are either from plundering people he kill or selling pills. none of which requires him being from the sect, and yes i'm well aware that the author also mentions how if he leaves he would lose his contacts from selling pills. this is just nonsense keep in mind the amount of pills he sells under his name is the vast minority, the majority of it is sold through disguise which he is already doing, assuming he left they sect he would just do the same thing roaming from city to city. in fact it would probably benefit the mc this way because he would be able to sell more pills due to the fact that hes constantly on the move thus avoiding the problem of over saturating a single place. of course i'm not saying he should leave i just want to point out the authors clear bias towards a situation but the plot and logic clearly don't support this development. next this part literally triggered me so much, the mc broke through to peak mid grade foundation and pretty much can immediately break through to late foundation but this is stopped because he needs to further stabilize and consolidate, honestly this isn't just this novel but like 95% of cultivation novels they just say this but they never break down why this is even remotely a plausible explanation to it aside from it just being a convenient way for the author to suppress the mc even though it makes no sense. anyways this is probably my last post for this i'm probably going to keep this in my library and read this when i feel like it i guess. at the start it was good but keep in mind nothing really major was going on at the start so many of the problems simply can't be seen its only when you go more deeper that they issues start to pop out. overall i'd say this is better than most novels considering that the mc actually has a brain but where this novel seriously fails is the world building, and cultivation. i would say those 2 are the biggest problems the other issues are generally minor.

  5. I've been reading it on another site for 300+ chapters. novel is slow with tons of repeated sentences as buffering. The MC is natural evil he enslave people and kill to steal items if he wouldn't be caught. His cheat is not over the top but it's very high level and it's upgrade as he get higher realms.

  6. why not give a proper review? other than knowing MC is evil, which can be seen from tags, there is not any extra information. you didn't even mention what the cheat is. Next time, try to give helpful information if you want to give a review.

  7. Agreed only useful info from him is this has ton of buffering which is not really much of deciding factor for people wether to read or not

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