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Un director de publicidad renace en 1988 en Hollywood como un occidental de pelo rubio de dieciocho años llamado Eric Williams.

A partir de entonces, comienza a escribir guiones de películas y canciones de televisión, se vuelve experto en la dirección de todo tipo de películas, conquista a todo tipo de celebridades femeninas y toma el camino para convertirse en una leyenda de Hollywood.

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Titulo original:我就是好莱坞
Autor(a):Just Do
Weekly Rank:#289
Monthly Rank:#472
All Time Rank:#312
Tags:Age Regression, Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Calm Protagonist, Celebrities, Confident Protagonist, Early Romance, Genius Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Harem, Lolicon, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Past Plays a Big Role, Playboys, Polygamy, Poor to Rich, Pregnancy, Previous Life Talent, Ruthless Protagonist, Showbiz, Transmigration,
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12 Comments on “I’m in Hollywood
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  1. I really love this novel. The most things that i love about this novel is no fxxx things like 'China is great' or 'All Hail China' or 'China is good country and other country hostile or hate China' or 'China No. 1'. This novel is awesome because it not having those lines. That the most incredible thing i have ever seen since reading Chinese novels.

  2. MC is arrogant and overbearing....he is a qualified rapist who forces women in his bed.....he is stupid emotionally and does not cherish love......when his girlfriend decides to breakup with him he asks for her forgiveness but later again forces a new girl....all in all while the plot and storyline of this novel is quite good but the MC is a hateful character.

  3. Umm, u sure we reading the same novel? Firstly, MC isn't arrogant, he is a successful top-dog, he doesn't exhibit any arrogance. All these women are smart and independent enough to make their own life decisions, they voluntarily go to bed with mc, the mc will always tell them what they will get in advance, and the girls like it because they're gold diggers, they're all ambitious. Quit being some snowflake white-knight, the fact that you think the girls can't think and make decisions for themselves and need protection is an insult on its own. He only ever has 1 real love interest, and that's the first girl Jennifer, the other good candidate is Drew, but mc only treats her as a sister, never crosses the line with her, no matter how many times she throws herself at him. As for other girls, they're just flings, in it for the money and influence.

  4. E leído muchas novelas, esta me empezo a gustar al principio, pero luego cada vez menos.... Hasta el final que es el peor final que e leído.... Entre algunos negocios sin sentido y mujeres no lo entiendo... Nota 6/10

  5. No joke but, are you completly stupid ? This Novel is trash . The Mc is a pedophile, has Harem etc etc . The Novel is absolutly awful and everybody who loves this Novel has to be brain dead.The Idea is good but everything else is bad and every author who has a bit knowledge would agree with me .

  6. Sure, unfortunately no many author reads here. And for us readers who have to put up with a lot of horrible WN, this is an enjoyable read. the mc have brains, he plans ahead, is ruthless when he needs to be, and more importantly, i dont have to be braindead to read this. im sure many readers just like me would agree.

  7. Burned!!!! And yeah this is a totally realistic novel like what circumstances will happen when you are in harem. And every man loves more whether it is money, power or woman. So its highly hypothetical to force your preferences on others and if they like other things you dont like calling them brain dead.

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