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I’m Chasing Rough Guys at 80s

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[Heroína tierna y tierna frente a chico gentil y rudo]

El padre no ama a la madre, la familia pobre es gorda, casarse con un esposo no es algo bueno, Chen Hansui pensó que tenía una mala mano. Solo después de su muerte descubrió que su madre era una gran jefa y que su esposo nació vivo del amor de un magnate local en el futuro. Mirando el mundo desde otra perspectiva, todo es diferente…

Cuando renació y volvió al año en que tenía 20 años, Hansui decidió tirar sus malas cartas. Juega Wang Zha Lai.

Sin embargo, enfrentarse a la suegra más rebelde del pueblo, la cuñada excéntrica y el marido no tan bueno...

La suave y linda Han Sui abrazó su cabeza: no creo que pueda hacerlo.

Protagonista masculino: Creo que aún puedes guardarlo. Vamos, mi esposo te dará respiración artificial.

Desminado: El protagonista masculino en este artículo no es un buen pastel, y no tiene más ventajas que ser bueno con la protagonista femenina. La heroína es linda y linda. Tanto la soberbia suegra como la venenosa cuñada la quieren. No hay nada que luchar. Cuando el villano conoce a una heroína tan linda, su coeficiente intelectual se bloquea automáticamente en un 99%. El favorito del grupo es dulce.

Zha Lang: Niuniumi que escribe dulces ensayos

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Título corto:ICRG
Titulo original:我在八零追糙汉
Autor(a):Niuniu Honey
Weekly Rank:#620
Monthly Rank:#576
All Time Rank:#3022
Tags:Childcare, Cute Protagonist, Early Romance, Female Protagonist, Forced Marriage, Male Protagonist, Obsessive Love, Pregnancy, Second Chance, Twins,
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15 Comments on “I’m Chasing Rough Guys at 80s
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  1. PLEASE SOMEBODY IF YOU WOULD HELP ME I have been looking for a novel for years. In the novel. The Fl is a famous cook in the realm of cultivation but she transmigrated in the mordern world as the wife of fake ml's uncle. The real ML(i remember the title being Shen) is disabled and blind so the FL takes care of the Ml and Cooks delicious food which have little magical powers by which Ml's help improve, at first the eyes and then the legs. The Fl was a actress but she hidingly started a live cooking stream without revealing her identity and becomes famous.The FL is the most beautiful.(the name of the live stream was something cat (referring to ml). The Ml then slowly falls in love with the Fl and punishes the fake ml and flof the book. At last the ML becomes a CEO.These novels summery is somewhat similar to (Real missy relies on food to counterattack) but when I read the story it was not. I also remember in the novels summery it was the ML who suddenly show his hand while the Fl is cooking in live stream and as the viewers where screaming at his beautiful hands and thinking who was it the Ml'meowed' as the Name of FL in the live stream is something about a cat(referring to Ml)

  2. That is so familiar. I felt like I've read something similar but I don't mostly remember the titles of those I've read in the past

  3. Actually the story is good. It's a bit confusing with mtl but it's readable. But it's disturbing me when they kill the principal. I know that he's nothing but should just they kill him?

  4. Does anyone know the novel , where female lead was a cheif , ml was a business man , fl was cheated by ex boyfriend then met me and married him , ml and do parents were friends but they made a tact to get the, married when they were small but they died in accident so ml married fl ( fl didn’t knew him when she married him).. and later she raised ml nephew and niece …

  5. Hi can anyone help me find what this novel is? The mc that is a genius doctor transmigrates into a cannon fodder (as far as i remember) her brother has a close friendship with the ogfl and that he believed ogfl more than his own younger sister... So basically, the ogfl's mother is a maid in mc's family.... The brother that is close with the ogfl has always been musically talented but because of an accident (which he blames mc for) he can no longer play the piano, but the ogfl was actually at fault and the og fl as a genius doctor cured him but the family doesn't know.... That's all i know but i dont remember the name please be a lamb to whomever knows it hehe thankyou

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