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I, The Giant of the Imperial Palace, Travel Through the Heavens!

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Despierta y conviértete en un gigante del palacio.

¿Quién es el Gigante Esmeralda? Fue el hombre que rompió la Guerra del Santo Grial de la noche a la mañana con una ristra de sietes.

Pero ahora el punto de tiempo es después de la derrota en manos del Rey de los Héroes.

Mirando su cuerpo lleno de cicatrices y enfrentando el peligro de ser encarcelado, Emiya Shirou solo podía mirar impotentemente hacia el cielo.

Está bien, no digas nada, espera a que yo cruce primero.

He escrito este odio y hablaré de todo cuando regrese.


Emiya Shirou: "¡Para proteger la felicidad de mi hermana, no dudaré en romper mi cuerpo en pedazos!"

Transeúnte: "¿A qué hermana quieres proteger, después de todo, tienes tantas hermanas?"

Emiya Shirou: "Por supuesto que es todo, después de todo, son mi familia".

“Entonces, ¿te gustaría ser mi hermana?”


ps. Primer mundo: ¿Está mal buscar encuentros en mazmorras?

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Título corto:IGIPTTH
Titulo original:我,卫宫巨侠,畅游诸天!
Autor(a):Fire of the Four Seasons
Weekly Rank:#6216
Monthly Rank:#5680
All Time Rank:#5003
Tags:Ability Steal, Blacksmith, Fan-fiction, Harem, Interdimensional Travel, Male Protagonist, Sister Complex, Strong to Stronger, Sword Wielder,
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  1. As of Chapter 59: It's not horrible, but the author has no idea how magecraft or the Unlimited Blade Works itself actually works. There are parts where he's explaining why something is the way it is, and it's frustrating because he's blatantly wrong. The most annoying part is that he doesn't understand Noble Phantasms work and is randomly deciding how strong each one is. Aside from that, he also has Shirou maxing out his stats at SSS-Rank every level. By the time he was peak level 3 he should have the stats of an average level 5 or 6. When he ends up going against a level 6 in that state he just gets wrecked, there's no mention of reinforcement, or the fact that his fighting style was specifically created for fighting vastly more powerful foes. He should have easily been able to handle that fight in close combat, given how much stronger he is now than he would have been when he was fighting people like Archer without any falna enhancement at all. Basically, power levels all depend on the author's own mood and head canon. This is a fanfiction that needs an AU tag on it, don't frustrate yourself trying to logic out power levels. You can probably tell how annoyed I was by the fact that, out of everything I've read on this site, this is the one that finally made me sign in to comment. Complaints about all of that aside, it's a decent story with enjoyable character interaction that's more worth the read than most of the fanfic I see around here. At the very least, I can say the MC isn't an edgy teenager with a murder-boner so far.

  2. I only interested reading danmachi and rakudai arc, before dropping. Even though MC transmigrate as Emiya Shirou he has too much obsession with 'imouto' its creepy

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