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I Really Didn’t Want to Become a Scumbag

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"Está bien enamorarse; sin embargo, al crecer en una familia monoparental, no tengo ningún interés en el matrimonio ".

“¡Maldita sea! Ya dije que no me voy a casar, ¿por qué sigues tomándote esto tan en serio? "

"Lo siento, anoche estaba borracho".

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Título corto:IRDWBS
Titulo original:重生之我真没想当渣男
Weekly Rank:#2556
Monthly Rank:#3026
All Time Rank:#4474
Tags:Business Management, Calm Protagonist, Character Growth, Childhood Friends, Childhood Love, Clingy Lover, First Love, Friendship, Love Triangles, Male Protagonist, Management, Modern Day, Multiple POV, Obsessive Love, Office Romance, Parent Complex, Reincarnation, Romantic Subplot, Sentimental Protagonist, Single Parent, Slow Growth at Start, Urban,
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38 Comments on “I Really Didn’t Want to Become a Scumbag
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  1. So I like the plot more than sx with the woman or romance with woman i dont care if mc is eunuch or cant have sex i just want plot more and i dont care about mc be a virgin till he death i want plot more, and because in real im just pathetic virgin who afraid of woman, in the street asweel even though it's easy to just give money and do one night stand, but my confidence is like a coward 😰😰

  2. Le di una oportunidad hasta el capítulo 420, esto no es para mí me molestó que besará a su qianqian personaje más molesto solo sabe llorar

  3. After this garbage in the form of the main cocksucker of this garbage said that he had melted with his girlfriend in order to get a new one, I realized that this is not a harem novel, but just a Chinese fucking hero who just needs to be castrated so that it does not multiply. Everything would be nothing if he was like that from the very beginning, or he was just very influential or stood above all of humanity, then it doesn't matter what he says at least the best in the world (as it often happens in Chinese novels about harem bastards). But in this novel, the main character is trash, who is no different from other ordinary people and, in fact, is an ordinary fuck who cannot keep his piggy tail in his underpants.Extremely disillusioned with this novel and this protagonist. If you are already a bastard, then behave like a bastard and it will be clear why women are with you at all, in this novel the main character simply cheats on everyone and every girl, while he is afraid that his girlfriend or another one whom he is cheating on will find out about it. As for the development as a person or his mastery, then in this novel he is not, as he was nobody in Chapter 1, he remained at 400, only earned a little to cheat on the girls further. The main characters are made even dumber, as if there are no other men in the world and they rush around for this garbage everywhere, despite the fact that he is no different from an ordinary man, and as the author himself said there are much outstanding people at his universitybetter than him. The entire novel is based on the fact that 8 out of 10 chapters, the author describes how mc touches the feet of women and always r-18 scenes (in fact, there is not even a hint of hentai), if they are removed from 400 chapters, 50 will remain on the plot, the rest is meaningless water. The novel is extremely poor. I gave him a chance until chapter 400, but he became more boring and boring, or rather not like that, he simply did not develop in a person, not in influence, in anything at all.

  4. You massacared this novel. Damn ,let it all out man and breath in and out. But from your description he is a scumbag with delusional thinking. But tbh he looks like he is in a mental hospital and this is his dreams.

  5. I burned out for giving this novel a chance for 400 chapters in a row, but since he went on with his girls, I was completely disappointed, so I burned out, wasting my time on such rubbish (╯ ° □ °) ╯ ┻━┻

  6. haha, read "sinful marriage"... I bet you will have a heart attack. That man is the worst, I agree with what you say, if you are a bastard act like a bastard. haha but I am satisfied, coz ml literally died from heart attack, right infront of his wife having sex with other guy.. haha, satisfying ending.That ml makes me sick whenever I think of him, though he has reason why he was a sex addict because of a drug and he was forever dependednt on sex, he has to have it. So better kill him..bwahahaha, I kept reading the ending to satisfy my soul..bwahahaha

  7. so that's why don't ever invest your time in a novel like this. like me, i dont want to torture my self reading 300 and plus boring chapters when you can skip and skip until the end. but the most important thing is that you know the ending, so that your soul will not be mad hehehehe

  8. Ahh straight man, finally not a japanese childhood friend simp. At least he chose the girl he can get along than the shrew he grew up with

  9. Why are authors so fucking fixated on military training? Useless activities, third rate or possibly even fake soldiers cooking sardines under the sun. The MC always gets to be that patriotic snowflake that gets inflated about it when every mook who went to college did military training.

  10. Military training is a must as state in a 'Law of the People's Republic of China on National Defense Education' start from middleschool must have military trainning but most novel about middle/high school life almost never have military trainning in their story because it is just military marching formation/movement and some physical training about a week but undergraduate military trainning course is different for each university some are the same like shooting, marching movement, physical training and training how to folded a quilt in to tofu cube.

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