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Lynn traveled to a magical world similar to the European Middle Ages but possessing magical powers. Here, magic can affect and control elementary particles. So…a scientific theory is a magic formula! Wizards called spellcasters who are actually scientists, under the siege o.... Lee mas

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~ wedding leave note Chapter 695 Space Monument and Intelligent Brain Chapter 694 Return to the solar system!

Chapter 693 Victory over the Creator’s creation! Chapter 692 News from the galaxy! Chapter 691 Your fate ends here! Chapter 690 Future Vision and Destiny Looking Back Chapter 689 Lynn: Now my destiny is in my hands! Chapter 688 Judgment of trillions of creatures in the main world (Part 2) Chapter 687 Judgment of trillions of creatures in the main world (Part 2) Chapter 686 Judgment of trillions of creatures in the main world (Part 1) Chapter 685 A reversal of the battle situation, a big counterattack!

Chapter 684 This is an attack from outside destiny! Chapter 683 If you want to fight against fate, you can only use something other than fate Chapter 682 The crisis of the universe, the main gods coming one after another

Chapter 681 Gods are just high-level cannon fodder. Chapter 680 Cosmic wonder black hole jet Chapter 679 black hole collapse Chapter 678 Mathematical Olympiad rules Chapter 677 Lynn: Make a choice, surrender or not? Chapter 676 Etta: In the face of the survival of civilization, individual life Chapter 675 The Disc Council that decided the survival of civilization Chapter 674 The power to change the rules and the plan to be discovered Chapter 673 Low-dimensional bosons and high-dimensional fermions

Chapter 672 Lynn: So I am also the Lord God? Chapter 671 The sun is me, I am the sun! Chapter 670 extinguished sun Chapter 669 Fifty-Year Development Plan and Counterattack on the Main World Chapter 668 Sun core and solar wind Chapter 667 Fifty times the speed, merging with the sun! Chapter 666 Chemical priesthood and high-dimensional galaxies Chapter 665 Broken black holes, disintegrated cosmic disasters Chapter 664 God of dullness and stupidity Chapter 663 First make the opponent stupid, then use wisdom to hit him Chapter 662 Destroy the Pantheon Chapter 661 We can use black holes as bows and neutron stars as arrows

Chapter 660 The God of Optics and the Transformation of the Eternal Star Chapter 659 Snake swallows the elephant to control the geometric galaxy Chapter 658 The geometric civilization of technological explosion Chapter 657 Methods of entering the main world and material conversion Chapter 656 The second Star God of the Council! Chapter 655 Harrov, the God of Physics? Chapter 654 What we want is to create gods in batches Chapter 653 Cooperation and the idea of ​​becoming the Lord God Chapter 652 There are enough stars like this in this galaxy Chapter 651 Fake science, real magic! Chapter 650 Magical Derivative Experiments and Quantized Data Awareness Chapter 649 Og's Sincerity and the Betrayal God

Chapter 648 The God of life and creation who jumps repeatedly Chapter 647 My name is [Og], the controller of life, the creator Chapter 646 The battle of gods outside the black hole! Chapter 645 Even if this is a poisonous pie, we will still force it Chapter 644 How to break through the black hole blockade Chapter 643 Bring the entire geometric civilization under our control Chapter 642 The Council's second C'tan? Chapter 641 Destroying geometric civilization is like swatting an insect to death Chapter 640 Special gifts and the horror of geometric civilization [Mid-Autumn Festival Chapter 639 The idea of ​​returning to the big universe and man-made black holes Chapter 638 Electromagnetic priesthood and mastery of strong interaction force Chapter 637 The storm is the cry of the gods, the thunder is the anger of the gods

Chapter 636 Electromagnetic Priesthood and Broad-Eyed Seer Chapter 635 grazing planet Chapter 634 Three Days in the Sky and the Lost Planet Chapter 633 This is the empire's most cutting-edge technological latitude control! Chapter 632 This is definitely a more efficient energy than Element 7 Chapter 631 Linn's Planet Dimension Ascension Plan Chapter 630 Use the continent as the ship and the quantum as the sea! Chapter 629 Four-dimensional coordinates and high-speed zones Chapter 628 Low-dimensional expansion, grasp the mystery of time and space Chapter 627 The folded royal capital and dimensional space Chapter 626 The low-dimensional expanded form of high-dimensional matter Chapter 625 Element Seven and High-Dimensional Matter

Chapter 624 One month on the ship, two years on the ground Chapter 623 Believe me, that must be their full strength Chapter 622 Creator and Creation! Chapter 621 This is simply a miracle in the history of biological evolution! Chapter 620 Big deal, Planet Ranch Plan! Chapter 619 A century of hard work was wasted! Chapter 618 The terrifying geometric civilization Chapter 617 Don't be nervous, we are just here to borrow a lesson! Chapter 616 We have to be as arrogant and arrogant as possible! Chapter 615 Lynn: What I’m going to do next, you guys Chapter 614 Suddenly rich, he became the magic emperor of a galaxy-level civilization Chapter 613 If it weren't for you, we would have almost been deceived!

Chapter 612 You call this a high moral civilization? Chapter 611 War trials and sky-high compensation Chapter 610 Lynn, Governor of the Galaxy of the Pan-Magic Empire! Chapter 609 Show the enemy to be weak and think carefully Chapter 608 We want to become the most bragging civilization in the universe! Chapter 607 Man-made black hole, the main **** torn apart Chapter 606 The main **** who crossed the border and the ultimate weapon of geometric civilization Chapter 605 The Dimensional Trap and the Fallen Gods Chapter 604 【Star Destroyer】【Gravity Bomb】【Wormhole】 Chapter 603 Our Enemies Could Be Humans From Higher Dimensions Chapter 602 This is impossible, it completely violates the common sense of mechanics! Chapter 601 Believe me, they're just flimsy planets

Chapter 600 The Miraculous Use of Simulated Divine Power and the Priesthood of Lies Chapter 599 As long as Ella cooperates enough, we can win this battle Chapter 598 Ella: How can you still have such a powerful Chapter 597 Slaughter God Again, Lie Godhead Chapter 596 The God of Lies and the Web of Shadows Chapter 595 The three gods came, and the foreign land was on the verge of breaking Chapter 594 Speed ​​of Light Positioning and the Palm That Shades the Sky Chapter 593 Running with the planet, towards eternal freedom? Chapter 592 Strong interaction force and proton cannon! Chapter 591 Break the void, proton drops! Chapter 590 Planetary-scale ultra-high-speed particle collider! Chapter 589 Rescuers and Conservation Society

Chapter 588 Only peace under equal deterrence is real Chapter 587 Invaded Alien Chapter 586 A blockbuster magic movie and an exciting kingdom realm Chapter 585 premiere of magic movie Chapter 584 I have mastered the key technology to disintegrate the kingdom's rule Chapter 583 The Goddess of the Moon Who Was Drained Chapter 582 A light-speed spaceship fueled by gods! Chapter 581 Grab God's Domain and Positron Cannon! Chapter 580 Clash of Gods and Starships Chapter 579 Seven hundred hydrogen blasts wash the ground, and the Starfleet strikes! Chapter 578 The war broke out and the nuclear explosion wiped out the ground! Chapter 577 This is the power and authority of God!

Chapter 576 Moon Fortress! Chapter 575 No **** can escape our grasp! Chapter 574 meeting of the gods Chapter 573 Tear apart satellites, gravitational time dilation effect Chapter 572 Cosmonautics and Slow Clock Effect! Chapter 571 The first generation of God-powered curvature spaceship! Chapter 570 Curvature engine, the idea of ​​a superluminal spaceship! Chapter 569 Lynn: We're going to build our own FTL spaceship Chapter 568 Are you sure they're the alien life we're looking for? Chapter 567 Stellar 'Gas Station' and Geometric Civilization Chapter 566 Cosmic wars and real galaxy-level civilizations! Chapter 565 Slash the moon with a sword, Mobius barrier!

Chapter 564 It's not the moon, it's a dead god! Chapter 563 moon landing program Chapter 562 The God of Mathematics Olympiad and Knowledge? Chapter 561 The law is the law of a different universe! Chapter 560 Really [anti-matter annihilation cannon]! Chapter 559 Come back to life, Moon God Realm, your master returns! Chapter 558 Neutron is bone, energy is blade, this is antimatter Chapter 557 The Law of the Olympiad and the Battle of the Gods! Chapter 556 High-dimensional space Möbius ring! Chapter 555 Under the true god, everyone is an ant! Chapter 554 I have something very important to report to the Great Moon Chapter 553 The godhead is the nucleus, and the domain is the probability cloud!

Chapter 552 The majesty of the Yang Yan Cannon, the aggrieved nine-ring demon Chapter 551 just give them a taste of the highest wizarding masterpiece Chapter 550 Lynn's ascension ceremony! Chapter 549 Prelude to the Plane War Chapter 548 Terrible magic, it's almost like a god Chapter 547 Exotic air combat and the debut of a supersonic fighter Chapter 546 A rising sun in a foreign land! Chapter 545 Is this the power possessed by the strongest wizard? Chapter 544 extract antimatter Chapter 543 high speed particle collider Chapter 542 Supersonic fighter plane test flight and tracking missile! Chapter 541 Time is meaningless for light, but for electrons

Chapter 540 Our universe has a maximum speed limit! Chapter 539 Everything is changing, but the speed of light remains the same! Chapter 538 Causality reversal, delayed choice double-slit experiment Chapter 537 The method of establishing the magic net system and extracting antimatter Chapter 536 Curvature Engine Ideas and Deadlines Chapter 535 How many dimensions does our world have? Chapter 534 Can I implore you to help us build a sun? Chapter 533 High-dimensional observers and quantum star gods! Chapter 532 One is ten thousand, ten thousand is one, it is everywhere, Chapter 531 Antimatter bombs, we need one that kills gods Chapter 530 Graphene shield and mass production of chlorine trifluoride Chapter 529 We can set a small goal and first break through the quintuplet

Chapter 528 Brick Fly, Dennis' explosive thruster Chapter 527 Both ends of the portal and jet fighters Chapter 526 No matter how bad the environment is, life can always find a way out. Chapter 525 Exotic Exploration Team Chapter 524 Five hundred and twenty fourth atomic clock redefines time Chapter 523 You should have grasped the higher landscape, right? Chapter 522 Diana, God of the Moon, Running with the Moon Chapter 521 Locking guests in cages is the way of the world Chapter 520 Set a small goal, five hundred nuclear bombs first! Chapter 519 Stupid native, I'm here to kill this plane Chapter 518 The Grand Award Ceremony and Three Coronation Orders Chapter 517 Lynn's Quantum Cat

Chapter 516 Everything has a wavelength! [Thanks to the lord plow walking with the sword Chapter 515 Don't overestimate your capabilities and don't teach yourself quantum mechanics! Chapter 514 Changes outside the gate of time and space. Chapter 513 Do you know how many galaxies there are in the universe? Chapter 512 The Origin and New Changes of the Mystic Society Chapter 511 Observer Effect, Quantum Ghost? Chapter 510 Your probability theory is a blasphemy against magic! Chapter 509 The terrifying double slit experiment Chapter 508 Before stepping into the quantum realm, please throw away your brain Chapter 507 Mimic interference fringes, a big victory for particle theory Chapter 506 Gravity perpetual motion machine and optical photography Chapter 505 Anthony: No one knows Maxwell better than I do!

Chapter 504 The first magical crisis, the collapse of the photoelectric theory Chapter 503 The battle between fluctuations and particles, the war of curses spreading across the kingdom! Chapter 502 Photoelectric effect and the world is fluctuating! Chapter 501 Light wave theory and double slit interference experiment Chapter 500 Magic net system, creating a magic civilization with wizards per capita Chapter 499 Mass-produced wizard project and erased history! Chapter 498 Lynn: Am I a **** too? Chapter 497 The origin of magic power and the truth of the world! Chapter 496 The Kingdom of God collapsed, and Aila was trapped in her own cocoon! Chapter 495 I am Ayla, the moon god, the eternity, the infinite Chapter 494 The sun and the moon shine together, the ascension ceremony! ~ ..........

Chapter 492 You should be in charge of the kingdom of heaven, the right hand of God! Chapter 491 Yang Yan Cannon, nuclear explosion of the holy city! Chapter 490 Crushing, the swan song of the old era! Chapter 489 Two-dimensional material matter, superconducting graphene! Chapter 488 Magic that can protect against nuclear explosions Chapter 487 This is the temptation of the devil, and it is a questioning of the Lord! Chapter 486 The truth cannot be killed! Chapter 485 The old world turns people into ghosts, and the new world turns ghosts into ghosts Chapter 484 We are all God's playthings, Evie with his broken faith Chapter 483 Nuke Empire's war plan? Chapter 482 The Quantum State and the Plan to Counterattack the Empire Chapter 481 The great lord has lost again!

Chapter 480 The power to penetrate the atmosphere! The End - Atomic Breath Chapter 479 The physical body breaks through supersonic speed, only legends can fight Chapter 478 Lynn: Secondary nuclear fusion, here is dedicated to Chapter 477 Shocked Ivana, the magical sun beneath the city Chapter 476 Go all out, and then the incarnation of God of War! Chapter 475 The cracked electromagnetic communication and the highest order! Chapter 474 Monroe: This must be the great Lord calling us Chapter 473 The Mystery of Faith and the Chaos in the North Chapter 472 Mobile nuclear arsenal, legendary power! Chapter 471 The long-lost saint, the strange situation in the city of fire oil Chapter 470 From now on, the wizard's power level will be changed Chapter 469 A body of magic and energy, a ritual to become a legend!

Chapter 468 Fusion reactor, fire! Chapter 467 It's not just a poor man's life, it's a law Chapter 466 You are tearing down the foundations of the kingdom! Chapter 465 The body crosses the nuclear explosion zone, which warrior is this? Chapter 464 The sun, the sun has fallen! Chapter 463 Monroe: I'm really not an undercover agent sent by a wizard! Chapter 462 The solution to nuclear radiation is to throw another equivalent Chapter 461 Hail, Lord of Famine and Plague! Chapter 460 Lynn: [Hadrata] doesn't need a king Chapter 459 Why do you rebel, my lord? ! Chapter 458 Ivana: Only God can create food in the void Chapter 457 Worthless Wheat and Collapsed Kingdom Nobles!

Chapter 460 Lynn: [Hadrata] doesn't need a king Chapter 459 Why do you rebel, my lord? ! Chapter 458 Ivana: Only God can create food in the void Chapter 457 Worthless Wheat and Collapsed Kingdom Nobles! Chapter 456 This is the hard work of magic and technology, food wars Chapter 455 Mortain: We broke the Witcher Invincible Chapter 454 Lynn: Have you ever heard of magic bread? Chapter 453 Let those wizards see the wisdom and strength of nobles Chapter 452 Nuclear fusion reactor (two in one) Chapter 451 I bet within a month the Magic Kingdom will be Chapter 450 Master Lynn's wisdom, how could you be able to Chapter 449 My plan is simple, to build a

Chapter 448 Soaring nuclear reserves and new time and space gates! (two together Chapter 447 Burning unquenchable fire and terrifying atomic breath ( Chapter 446 A born legend, a behemoth that devours everything! (two Chapter 445 Monroe's wizard collapse theory! (two in one) Chapter 444 Astonished Ivana, the pomp of the City of Fire Oil (2 Chapter 443 Ivana: It's not magic, it's God's punishment Chapter 442 Ivana who sneaked into the enemy camp, the airship and fighter plane brought Chapter 441 Thousands of miles to help, the empire's witch hunt Chapter 440 Body of Energy and the Mass-Energy Equation Chapter 439 The Greatest Discovery in the History of Magic - Magic Transformation Chapter 438 Ivana: I can't imagine a kingdom controlled by wizards Chapter 437 God's Punishment Knight Ivana!

Chapter 436 Joshua: The greatness of the Lord is beyond your comprehension Chapter 435 Even God, in front of the new magic I developed, Chapter 434 The key to becoming a legend is - I am not a human being Chapter 433 Break the myth that the Holy See is invincible! Chapter 432 Lynn, the messenger of doom, has a bounty of 100 million Sekas gold coins Chapter 431 Quake Chapter 430 The nuclear explosion destroys the zone, and destroys the expeditionary force with one blow! Chapter 429 The rising sun in the night sky! (two in one) Chapter 428 This is my last magic - the big nuclear explosion! Chapter 427 Hell is coming on earth! Chapter 426 Desperate, mighty saint! Chapter 425 She is Saint Lucia, [Ella], and

Chapter 424 Breaking through the limit, the broken reflector! Chapter 423 Legendary Divine Art - Rain of Stars! Chapter 422 This is a battle that only legendary wizards can participate in Chapter 421 This is a plan to attack the enemy and save the secret! Chapter 420 Both ends of the first mouse, the crusade army in trouble Chapter 419 Dragon-slaying skills, the fifth energy level! Chapter 418 The first generation of fighters VS Lava Fire Dragon Chapter 417 The debut of the original fighter Chapter 416 It's not scientific but it's magic! Chapter 415 Yangmou, Lin En who predicts things like a god Chapter 414 The surprise attack of the Holy See and the defeated defenders Chapter 413 The roar of the fire dragon is the way to deal with the airship.

Chapter 412 They have all been corrupted by money! Chapter 411 Opportunity to defeat the Holy See. Chapter 410 Thanks to you, otherwise we'd probably all be dead in Chapter 409 If one person blocks the crusade army alone, this will inevitably be a full-fledged battle. Chapter 408 All to nothing - the sun shines Chapter 407 Lynn: It's not me who actually does the magic, it's Chapter 406 Race against time, the rotten battlefield Chapter 405 The power of the gods, the first great defeat, from the empire Chapter 404 This is the only thing that can stand against faith! Chapter 403 The people of the kingdom 'welcome' Master Wang Chapter 402 Sound the horn of counterattack! Chapter 401 Do you still want fighter jets to fly as fast as light?

Chapter 400 New Magic Fighter Chapter 399 We must believe in science, oh no, phase Chapter 398 Experiment with nuclear magic! Chapter 397 Spallation Neutron Sources and Terrible Radiation! Chapter 396 Lynn: I have a magic that can kill gods! Chapter 395 Everything has its own law of operation, as big as the stars Chapter 394 Alpha particles traveling at 20,000 kilometers per second Chapter 393 Raphael: This radiation is a great supplement... Chapter 392 You are going to assassinate the entire Wizarding Council! Chapter 391 Does this give others a way to survive? Chapter 390 The method of manipulating uranium element and the magic of nuclear explosion Chapter 389 Lynn: Is my infinite nuclear explosion technique only one

Chapter 388 It doesn't matter, I will personally take action to wipe out the enemies of the Holy See Chapter 387 saint lucia defiled the gods Chapter 386 Uranium and God's Bounty Chapter 385 The Devil's Stone and the Electron Theory of Elements Chapter 384 The Way to Destroy Atoms and the Devil's Stone! Chapter 383 A legend is a demigod, and a demigod is a legend! Chapter 382 The macro is just the appearance of things, the micro is everything Chapter 381 The Great Wizard of the Six Rings is the limit that human beings can reach Chapter 380 Rank all the elements - the periodic table! Chapter 379 Gravity is the ruler, time and space are the curtain, shocking legends Chapter 378 Bohr's Atomic Theory! Chapter 377 Harroff: I doubt their legend is the same as ours

Chapter 376 Legendary Suspicion and Aerodynamics! Chapter 375 The new ace of air combat - the fighter Chapter 374 Since the enemy cannot be defeated at the atomic level, then Chapter 373 God's descent at the cost of legend! Chapter 372 The way to deal with the divine descent technique! Chapter 371 The giant steel ship that travels through the sea of ​​fire! Chapter 370 Great War on the Sea of ​​Mist! Chapter 369 Can't chase, can't fight, can't run... This is also called war Chapter 368 Three hundred and sixty-eighth steel torrent, the first armored vehicle Chapter 367 The Missing Aurora and the Horn of Counterattack! Chapter 366 The Indestructible Flame Spreading Through the Royal Capital Chapter 365 The power of God—the destroyed flame of immortality!

Chapter 364 God has come! Chapter 363 All living beings will prostrate before the Creator and accept the Lord Chapter 362 God in the Physical Sense——Laplace's Demon Chapter 361 Adwell: Feel the despair, this is the legend Chapter 360 The debut of the Immortal Flame! Chapter 359 Arno: Hellfire, that's all! Chapter 358 The roar of heavy machine guns, this is not a battle, it is a massacre Chapter 357 Such is the power of laser magic, the griffin of destruction Chapter 356 Glenn: Just show them the speed of light Chapter 355 Internal and external difficulties, the crisis in the capital! Chapter 354 The coming decisive battle! Chapter 353 These wizards have been bewitched by the devil, and their sanity has been reduced.

Chapter 352 All these tribulations are God's test! Chapter 351 Avoid the enemy's strengths and attack its weaknesses! Chapter 350 Adwell: In fact, our strategic purpose has already Chapter 349 Our troops are not sacrificed, they just Chapter 348 Gatlin was a doctor who saved lives and healed the wounded until Chapter 347 A new musket that can change the direction of war! Chapter 346 This place is the realm of the gods! Chapter 345 Dreaded Order of the Gryphon Chapter 344 A net of thunder covering the sky above the capital! Chapter 343 Petroleum - the blood of industry, the source of power! Chapter 342 Reckless, oil is what you use it for? Chapter 341 The tragic battle to defend the capital

Chapter 340 Soldiers approaching the city and impenetrable muskets Chapter 339 This is the Destroyer of Harbor Town, the Destroyer of the Church Chapter 338 insidious cardinal adwell Chapter 337 Impossible, my three laws of fire can never be Chapter 336 The indestructible flame that devours everything! Chapter 335 Defeated Lynn? Chapter 334 Lynn: The true unquenchable flame of hell— Chapter 333 Trooping the Color Parade That Shocked the Kingdom (Happy New Year!) Chapter 332 Horrified Hattar and Rebellious Kingdom Nobles Chapter 331 Even with the help of the [Secret Society], it has not Chapter 330 Why don't you try my laser anti-aircraft cannon? Chapter 329 Lynn: It's time for White Phosphorus to be eliminated

Chapter 328 The cracked white phosphorous fire! Chapter 327 Damaged airship and frontier air battle Chapter 326 The Imperial Griffin Knights who crossed the border! Chapter 325 It only takes one second for light to go around the continent seven and a half times! Chapter 324 My method is to use gears and light to compare speed! Chapter 323 Lynn: All I need to measure the speed of light is a tiny Chapter 322 Legendary magic - the sun shines! Chapter 321 Beams piercing the sky! Chapter 320 A big deal...a vacuum field covering half of the city! Chapter 319 It seems that the speed of light is not very fast. Chapter 318 It seems that Master Lynn is going to miscalculate this time! Chapter 317 The grand thousand-mirror plan to measure the speed of light!

Chapter 316 The basic constant of the universal universe! Chapter 315 Morning Star who was rejected Chapter 314 Master Lynn, your wisdom is amazing! Chapter 313 The world turned out to be colorless! Chapter 312 Lynn's violent theory, color does not actually exist? Chapter 311 Lynn: This is going to put me on the fire! Chapter 310 The idea of ​​nuclear explosions! Chapter 309 Could it be that you want to use magic and go crazy, so you have Chapter 308 A world where everyone can be a spellcaster! Chapter 307 If even you can learn magic, wouldn't you be human? Chapter 306 This is even worse than the sun falling from the sky Chapter 305 I'm going to stuff the exam paper into the mouth of Mr. Dean!

Chapter 304 Our purpose is to find out where the magic comes from! Chapter 303 Anthony: You think a wizard with three rings can understand Chapter 302 Are you sure the Master Dean isn't a legendary wizard? Chapter 301 In fact, this battleship was used by us for fishing! Chapter 300 He is creating a new element! Chapter 299 Build realms and seas of elements! Chapter 298 Break through the great wizard! Chapter 297 A sword can be made into a plow, and a plow can be made into a sword! Chapter 296 Even gods, under the mighty power of magic and technology, can Chapter 295 Light that Distorts Time and Space and the Railgun Chapter 294 Lynn: I just want to **** her right now! Chapter 293 God's projection reappears!

Chapter 292 Bloody Crown (Happy New Year!) Chapter 291 Uncontrollable power, sooner or later, for this kingdom Chapter 290 Times have changed, fools! Chapter 289 The power of magic surpasses all mundane things! Chapter 288 The desperate nobles of the royal capital Chapter 287 Two hundred and eighty seventh Anthony: This must be some kind of Chapter 286 The survival of the kingdom is today! Chapter 285 Marquis of Mortain: No one can stand against God ~ sick in bed, take a day off Chapter 284 Lightning legendary magic! Chapter 283 Occupy the capital Chapter 282 Miraculous artificial rainfall

Chapter 281 Lies are truth, truth is lies! Chapter 280 Is this the infallibility you promised me? Chapter 279 Such a person should perish in **** forever Chapter 278 This is simply blasphemy against God! Chapter 277 Take control of the kingdom's final hurdle! Chapter 276 Light up the night sky! Chapter 275 Lynn: I am the one who is ignorant? Chapter 274 We might as well go to the palace and take his throne! Chapter 273 Do you dare to swear to the great Lord? Chapter 272 Panicked Kingdoms and Nobles Chapter 271 The great defeat that shook the capital! Chapter 270 Our real enemy is the high...

Chapter 269 This is at least five rings, no, even six rings magic Chapter 268 Nord: The great Lord will burn all with the fire of hell Chapter 267 The war song of blood and fire and the cannon fire! Chapter 266 This is the mighty power of technology from another world! Chapter 265 Darren: My cannon is hungry! Chapter 264 Reinforcements from the sky Chapter 263 Raider who doesn't talk about martial arts Chapter 262 Lynn, the **** of miners? Chapter 261 Could it be that Raeder is the messenger of God? Chapter 260 This is all the plan of the grown-up Chapter 259 Those miners...they don't talk about martial arts! Chapter 258 The Earl Joyce who was frightened and fled overnight

Chapter 257 Create a paradise for wizards Chapter 256 The only thing that can compete with firm belief is reality Chapter 255 We are in **** right now! (Down) Chapter 254 We are in **** right now! (superior) Chapter 253 The dragon slayer will eventually become a dragon, there is nothing like it in ancient and modern China and abroad ( Chapter 252 Do you want the fish belly library, the wild fox howling at night or the heavens? Chapter 251 Rebel professional householder Raedel (subscription required) Chapter 250 You underestimate the power and anger of the people too much Chapter 249 The kingdom does not need nobles, let alone a king! Chapter 248 Lynn: I only give you ten seconds to think about ( Chapter 247 William: Oops, I'm a stand-in! (ask for order Chapter 246 Even if your head is as hard as iron, there will be one more

Chapter 245 After drinking this glass of wine, you and I are still good friends (please order Chapter 244 Lauder: It's a family heirloom left by my great-grandfather Chapter 243 Our goal is to end every game with zero casualties Chapter 242 Lynn's superior fire mechanics say! (seeking subscription) Chapter 241 The Musketeers and the War Is Near (Subscribe) Chapter 240 The more you show your strength, the weaker you appear Chapter 239 Magneto Lynn? (seeking subscription) Chapter 238 Advanced material deconstruction technique! (seeking subscription) Chapter 237 Anthony: Is it possible that you are Lynn Max Chapter 236 This is the answer to electricity and magnetism - Maxwell's formula Chapter 235 This is the true meaning of thunder magic! (seeking subscription) Chapter 234 Lynn: Man, everyone needs electrotherapy!

Chapter 233 The Cracked Faraday Cage (Subscribe) Chapter 232 Disappear under the thunder—[Heavenly Punishment—Thunder Trial] Chapter 231 Your thunder magic is meaningless in front of me Chapter 230 I'm just a magician who knows neither magic nor God Chapter 229 The nemesis of all thunder magic - Faraday cage! Chapter 228 Electromagnetic Effect (for subscription) Chapter 226 A Land of Wizards as Wonderful as Paradise (Subscribe) Chapter 226 A Land of Wizards as Wonderful as Paradise (Subscribe) Chapter 225 We come from Greenriel, the land of wizards Chapter 224 Get the **** out of me, you monster! (seeking subscription) Chapter 222 One of the four fundamental forces - electromagnetic force! (ask for order Chapter 221 The spirit and faith belong to God, the world and the flesh belong to

Chapter 220 Could it be that the Magic Council can no longer send other people? Chapter 219 You're planning to use our magical treasures to plow the land? Chapter 218 Industrialization of magic (seeking subscription) Chapter 217 Tech guns and magic bullets (subscription required) Chapter 216 Lydia: We've already made the musket! ( Chapter 215 Stealth hydrogen-powered strategic bombing airship? ! (ask for order Chapter 214 Cody: You must be the greatest wizard ever! (beg Chapter 213 A kingdom that sits on a mine! 【For hall master Pterosaur Chapter 212 [True Mirror Image] and [Advanced Projection] Chapter 212 [True Mirror Image] and [Advanced Projection] Chapter 211 Do you really think there is a stronger alchemy than this Chapter 210 Knowledge and truth are never afraid to spread and communicate! (

Chapter 209 I used it to destroy half of the harbor city! (beg Chapter 207 The first magical revolution will be declared before it even begins Chapter 207 The first magical revolution will be declared before it even begins Chapter 206 The first show of alchemy internal combustion engine (seeking subscription) Chapter 204 The high ground of public opinion must not be in the hands of others! Chapter 203 This thing is called a magic internal combustion engine! [for the lord dsf2 Chapter 202 Wizards who don't pay taxes and commoners who don't make money ( Chapter 201 The Master of Harbor Town and Iyeta's Magic Star Chapter 200 Do not understand mathematics, physics and chemistry, life is full of magic【Weimeng Chapter 199 In fact, everyone is the King of Thunder and Lightning! (seeking subscription Chapter 198 The price of becoming a **** (please subscribe) Chapter 197 The origin of the evil **** and the original caster [for the leader

Chapter 196 The dispelled mist of loss [added to the lord dsf23dd Chapter 195 The Fallen Cthulhu and 【Vittorio's Magic Core Chapter 194 Unexpectedly, this is the power of electricity and magnetism! ( Chapter 193 Legendary Spell - Electromagnetic Railgun! (seeking subscription Chapter 192 Or go to **** and dream your sweet dreams! (beg Chapter 191 Doomsday Realm - The Kingdom of God is Coming! (seeking subscription) Chapter 190 I will be the second above all wizards Chapter 189 There are many tricks I know, there is always one that can make you Chapter 188 Could it be that you have been promoted to the legendary realm? ( Chapter 187 【Space Vibration Wave】(Subscription required) Chapter 186 Invisible Enemy (seeking subscription) Chapter 185 Crazy doomsday cultist (please subscribe)

Chapter 184 Super fast regeneration? Death? Back in time? (ask for order Chapter 183 Force Field Magic [Space Vibration Wave] (subscription required) Chapter 182 If you do this, who will dare to join the [Secret Society of Secret Arts] in the future? Chapter 181 Doomsday Realm and Fallen Stars! (seeking subscription) Chapter 180 The quarreling parliament and the intelligence of the doomsday sect (order Chapter 179 Movement and stillness Infinite and limited time and space thinking Chapter 178 In the seventeenth century, this would have caused a crisis in mathematics. Chapter 177 Zeno who can never catch up with the tortoise Chapter 176 Gathering of Mathematical Wizards Chapter 175 doomsday cultist Chapter 174 Demon-Breaking Dagger and 【Resist Fire Ring】 Chapter 173 The idea of ​​calculus and the sudden attack

Chapter 172 Are these questions really human-possible? Chapter 171 Unless someone is willing to use magic to remove the moon from the sky Chapter 170 Magic Stone Mine Time-Space Gate and Legendary Monsters (Subscribe Chapter 169 The dragon that fell from the sky (seeking subscription) Chapter 168 Legendary [Witch] Aurora (for subscription) Chapter 167 Name the planet (seeking subscription) Chapter 166 Praise the great elemental spirits! (seeking subscription) Chapter 165 I tell you about the end of the world, but you tell me about science? (beg Chapter 164 How much do you treat the Holy See, our enemy? Chapter 163 Resonance Magic and Space Vibration Chapter 162 Reconstruct force field magic with the law of universal gravitation! (beg Chapter 161 Olympiad is the foundation of everything

Chapter 160 Calculation of gravitational constant by specular reflection Chapter 159 Matter tells spacetime how to bend, spacetime tells matter Chapter 158 Lynn's violent theory, gravity does not exist? (ask for order Chapter 157 Even stealing money is not so fast! (seeking subscription Chapter 156 Glass mirror and micro-deformation magnification method (for subscription) Chapter 155 The great vision of traveling around the world (seeking subscription) Chapter 154 Opened the door to a new world! (seeking subscription) Chapter 153 Measure the circumference of the planet! (seeking subscription) Chapter 152 How can a person become like a star? (ask for order Chapter 151 Haroff: Is there a possibility that we are fake Chapter 150 Harov: It's too late to explain, tell me quickly Chapter 149 Chapter 148 What I want to talk about is the Big Bang

Chapter 148 Corona Chapter 147 Invitation from the All-Seeing Eye and the Society of the Mysteries (Subscribe Chapter 146 Reference object and pi (for subscription) Chapter 145 Enter the Sekas Empire and overthrow the Holy See? (ask for order Chapter 144 Lynn: My apprentice can count planets with his feet Chapter 143 It seems that you are no longer suitable to host the next seminar Chapter 142 Rafael: My brain is shaking! (seeking subscription Chapter 141 Lynn's pendulum experiment (seeking subscription) Chapter 140 Evidence of planetary rotation, of course I have! (three shifts Chapter 139 Morning Star Silver Moon Corona! (seeking subscription) Chapter 138 The Shocked Legendary Wizard Harof (Subscribe) Chapter 137 Lynn: I brought three laws, a formula

Chapter 136 low of universal gravitation Chapter 135 Seminars with magic features (subscription required) Chapter 134 One hundred and thirty second you know that you just rejected Chapter 133 The End of the Iyetta School Chapter 132 annoyed raphael Chapter 131 This place is called beyond time and space! (beg Chapter 130 Transforming the virtual realm (seeking subscription) Chapter 129 Nancheng District in chaos (subscription required) Chapter 128 Screaming Banshee (Subscription required) Chapter 127 Feel the pain of everyone who died under the magic circle Chapter 126 Capture the magic net! (seeking subscription) Chapter 125 Lynn: What? I turned out to be the evil mage Merck?

Chapter 124 The truth of everything (please subscribe) Chapter 123 Lynn: I lied to you just now, idiot! (beg Chapter 122 Hell on Earth (subscription required) Chapter 121 This is the meaning of [Blood Thorn] existence, no Chapter 120 You are destroying the foundation of our rights! (beg Chapter 119 [Scarlet Thorn] Promotion Ceremony (Subscription required) Chapter 118 Lynn: time is running out, let's get down to business Chapter 117 This is the power of the combination of Olympiad and magic! Chapter 116 [Secretary Society] Are all wizards crazy? Chapter 115 I'm afraid we've all been taken for a knife! (seeking subscription Chapter 114 Break through the official wizard! (seeking subscription) Chapter 113 I call it - anti-matter annihilation cannon! (seeking subscription

Chapter 112 Untie the knot (please subscribe) Chapter 111 Weird rat experiment (seeking subscription) Chapter 110 End the dead eye! (seeking subscription) Chapter 109 Chapter 107 Since it wants to eat so much, let it Chapter 108 Bombing and Bombing Chapter 107 Frenzied 'Eye of Death' (seeking subscription) Chapter 106 You better hope we're lucky this time Chapter 105 Magic Change Airship (Subscription required) Chapter 104 Hunt the dead eye! (seeking subscription) Chapter 103 Coincidentally, I also have some research on the human body (please order Chapter 102 Ring of the Faceless (Subscription required) Chapter 101 Overturning the foundation of magic (seeking subscription)

Chapter 100 The source of magic power (seeking first order) Chapter 99 Testimonials Chapter 98 Death in Ladakh (2 in 1) Chapter 97 Do it, let me see your ability... Chapter 96 Defective products must have the consciousness of defective products! (seeking follow-up Chapter 95 The Experimental Subject of the Riot (for further reading) Chapter 94 Magic Lab No. 7 Chapter 93 Shaping Potion Experiment (2 in 1) Chapter 92 Gathering of the Faceless Chapter 91 Bloody Letter (seeking to follow up) Chapter 90 I heard that high temperature has a miraculous effect on hemostasis! Chapter 89 Magic Transformation (seeking follow-up)

Chapter 88 Nur: I am now so strong that it is unimaginable (seeking to pursue Chapter 87 Every law is a lesson in blood Chapter 86 chaotic southern city Chapter 85 bloody thorn Chapter 84 Instructions on the delay of the shelf life for a few days Chapter 83 the other side of the world Chapter 82 [Sleepy Fog] and [Corruption] Chapter 81 Sudden news of death (2 in 1) Chapter 80 The giant hand that lifts up to the sky (for further reading) Chapter 79 The so-called genius is just a false name! (seeking follow-up Chapter 78 road of ice Chapter 77 High-level magic of the second ring—high-temperature steaming! (seeking follow-up

Chapter 76 please allow me to challenge you Chapter 75 Magic level evaluation (for follow-up) Chapter 74 You and I are one step closer to the truth (two in one) Chapter 73 Touch the clouds in the sky! (two in one) Chapter 72 This is definitely a moment in the history of magic that deserves to be remembered forever. Chapter 71 Confidential, it's all confidential! (Seek to follow up) Chapter 70 The Smile of Professor Austrian Mathematics Chapter 69 How many Mathematical Olympiad questions did you do to get to where you are today? Chapter 68 Excited wizard apprentices Chapter 67 Lynn's Aerospace Airship (read more) Chapter 66 [Skillful] Lydia Chapter 65 Ultra-low temperature field (for further study)

Chapter 64 "Basic Principles of Magic" and "Analysis of Elemental Magic" Chapter 63 Lynn's Bankruptcy Game (two in one, wish everyone Mid-Autumn Festival Chapter 62 Currency Exchange and First Lesson (2 in 1) Chapter 61 Olympiad Chapter 60 The Three Elements of Becoming an Official Wizard Chapter 59 Forbidden Psionic Magic Chapter 58 Truth stands no test of any kind! (seeking follow-up Chapter 57 The water polo in my hand is this continent! Chapter 56 With all due respect, the theory of magic in Sorcerer's Land has long since fallen Chapter 55 My name is Lynn and I'm a scholar Chapter 54 Great Wizard Helram (seeking further reading) Chapter 53 girl longing to fly to the sky

Chapter 52 This is probably just a farce (read more) Chapter 51 [Secret Society] Chapter 50 The Current State of Wizard Land (read more) Chapter 49 Conquer [Eye of Death]! Chapter 48 Rush to the maelstrom! (Seek to follow up) Chapter 47 dead eye Chapter 46 Lynn: I smell a smell called black pot (please Chapter 45 How long has it been since you've been in a fight, father? Chapter 44 Cardinal Adwell (seeking follow-up) Chapter 43 God's Projection (seeking further reading) Chapter 42 Return! Return me immediately! (Seek to follow up) Chapter 41 Praise—Judgment of Heaven! (Seek to follow up)

Chapter 40 Harbor Town... turned upside down! (Seek to follow up) Chapter 39 Am I not by your side? Chapter 38 This time I'm afraid I'll have to say sorry to you (seek to chase) Chapter 37 Offensive and defensive reversal Chapter 36 The Battle of Seaport Town (for further reading) Chapter 35 so small, ivina Chapter 34 My brother, you are an obstacle to my progress (seeking Chapter 33 Have you ever seen the appearance of fireworks blooming? Chapter 32 Other than that, you and I have no choice! (Seek to follow up) Chapter 31 I came here to save you, Mr. Lauder! Chapter 30 Clash and the City Guard Chapter 29 This is simply a demon!

Chapter 28 empty box trap Chapter 27 Are you finally going to lay hands on me? my brother? Chapter 26 The devil believer who was imprisoned (read more) Chapter 25 Son, learn to be temperate! Chapter 24 [Chuan Gang] and [Harbor Town] Chapter 23 diary of a useless man Chapter 22 Sorry, aliens have no human rights (read more) Chapter 21 Shake God if you can't beat it Chapter 20 Deconstructing record mimicry! (Seek to follow up) Chapter 19 It's time to wrap things up! Chapter 18 Tribute to Ella - [Light of the Holy Spirit] Chapter 17 This must be the power of the devil, from the flames of hell!

Chapter 16 Fire magic has never been used like this! (seeking Chapter 15 The Great War in the Castle (for further reading) Chapter 14 Caged bird Chapter 13 The time is tonight! Chapter 12 Lynn: I can answer this question! (Seek to follow up) Chapter 11 Sorcerer's Land - Greenriel (2 in 1) Chapter 10 Karl, why did you betray us? Chapter 9 White phosphorous fire and spell slots Chapter 8 This is blasphemy against God! Chapter 7 I will reveal to you the truth of this world! Chapter 6 This is my last magic trick! Chapter 5 Lynn: Since I don't need oxygen, why don't you just

Chapter 4 The reckless die by recklessness Chapter 3 Blaney the Witch Hunter Chapter 2 Magic is science! Chapter 1 The Sorcerer's Apprentice and Magic

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