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Lynn viajó a un mundo mágico similar a la Edad Media europea pero que poseía poderes mágicos.

Aquí, la magia puede afectar y controlar partículas elementales.

Entonces... ¡una teoría científica es una fórmula mágica!

Los magos llamados hechiceros que en realidad son científicos, bajo el asedio de la Santa Sede, lucharon por explorar la verdad del mundo, hasta la llegada de Lin En, que desencadenó el renacimiento de una versión alienígena...

(PD: el trabajo de 2 millones de palabras "Hogwarts Bloodline Wizards" ya se ha completado, ¡y la calidad está garantizada!)

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Título corto:IMSM
Titulo original:我打造了科学魔法
Autor(a):Pure little angel
Weekly Rank:#1205
Monthly Rank:#639
All Time Rank:#1431
Tags:Biochip, Cunning Protagonist, Elemental Magic, Genius Protagonist, Magic, Magical Technology, Scientists, Transmigration, Witches, Wizards,
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61 Comments on “I Made Scientific Magic
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  1. What a coincidence that I began reading this story right as it was almost finished. This novel doesn't have huge plot armor or illogical points. And as a science lover, I really liked the experiences and theories that were presented. If you like a logical story that doesn't give the mc a huge cheat-like system or something, then you should give a try.

  2. I've 90%, I'm dropping it. Is it good? Yes, definitely a 4 star for many. Not my type tho, most characters are two-dimensional, the almost non-existence of gray view really made it less entertaning. Church bad, Wizard Good. I think most characters are basic and also the mc is your typical goody two shoes, not so goody tho but ya get me. Military, strategy, and tactics are basic. The Science is very good, the mc have made so many bad decisions which can make you questions where's his smartiness is and his biochip, so many errors tactically and unrealistic kingdom-building growth. I only mention the flaws tho, overall if you are not looking for something complicated to read, here's an easy read. I would prefer a more "human" main character tho, the mc is definitely basic goody guy, i think it is his lack of greed and almost lack of emotion, not Solo leveling emotionless but more like he is Hermit Emotionaless type, not greedy, and a "good" wizard. Also most wizards are good and aint greedy which can be shocking considering how powerful they are, "thirst of knowledge" my ass. Basically most wizards are good guys, it's solid for basic ppl there tho.

  3. His poor decisions are really turn offs. He is supposedly smartman and even has biochip, but the things he do really reflect, he never ever "get ready". He always has to rush things when the situation hits the fan, and will not use his free time to strengthen himself or do better strategies, tactics. It's okay to make mistakes, but to make mistakes 90% of the time in every major fights, combats, and strategic battles makes him incompetent instead. Another almost good novel ruined by such mc.

  4. It's almost perfect for me. The Science stuff & LOTM vibes it gives is extremely appealing. I have one big complain or irk tho, one of things I've observed from the MC is his wacky sense of readiness, imagine, he learned the magic of unextinguishable fire literally at the time of war at the live battle when he could learn it much earlier and master it considering he is a great wizard already, also he couldve created the gatling gun much earlier to face the 150k enemies from the holy see considering they've already declared war and have the tech and recon for it but no, he only created or rush to create this things when he is the actual battlefield at the time smh how irksome

  5. If you like Science and scientific experiments, you'll love this novel. It goes into detail of the scientific principles and experiments. As a science fan, I really like it. There is also some sci-fi mixed in and it's realistic sci-fi(not super powers that make no sense scientifically like Avengers) But if you just want a power trip and don't want science stuff, then you're not going to like it.

  6. MC comes from earth about 200 years ahead of us. So he can be considered like a modern person rather than a person from a magic world. To his enemies he obviously kills them, but he doesn't kill innocents. After he defeats the church he improves the lifestyle for all commoners, allowing them to live better and even for Ella's believers, he tried to educate them rather than kill them, just because they believe in the enemy god who had just been defeated. He also made a test to choose the people who would end up governing each city of the Magic Kingdom to see how they would manage it and deal with issues. He's not a completely good guy, but he's definitely not a bad guy. I'm not familiar with DND but I think he is probably lawful neutral.

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