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Lynn viajó a un mundo mágico similar a la Edad Media europea pero que poseía poderes mágicos.

Aquí, la magia puede afectar y controlar partículas elementales.

Entonces... ¡una teoría científica es una fórmula mágica!

Los magos llamados hechiceros que en realidad son científicos, bajo el asedio de la Santa Sede, lucharon por explorar la verdad del mundo, hasta la llegada de Lin En, que desencadenó el renacimiento de una versión alienígena...

(PD: el trabajo de 2 millones de palabras "Hogwarts Bloodline Wizards" ya se ha completado, ¡y la calidad está garantizada!)

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Título corto:IMSM
Titulo original:我打造了科学魔法
Autor(a):Pure little angel
Weekly Rank:#85
Monthly Rank:#118
All Time Rank:#1827
Tags:Aristocracy, Artificial Intelligence, Biochip, Calm Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Cunning Protagonist, European Ambience, Industrialization, Kingdoms, Magic, Magical Technology, Male Protagonist, Medieval, Modern Knowledge, Nobles, Religions, Schemes And Conspiracies, Secret Organizations, Sword And Magic, Teachers, Technological Gap, Transmigration, Wars, Weak to Strong, Wizards,
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54 Comments on “I Made Scientific Magic
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  1. If you like Science and scientific experiments, you'll love this novel. It goes into detail of the scientific principles and experiments. As a science fan, I really like it. There is also some sci-fi mixed in and it's realistic sci-fi(not super powers that make no sense scientifically like Avengers) But if you just want a power trip and don't want science stuff, then you're not going to like it.

  2. MC comes from earth about 200 years ahead of us. So he can be considered like a modern person rather than a person from a magic world. To his enemies he obviously kills them, but he doesn't kill innocents. After he defeats the church he improves the lifestyle for all commoners, allowing them to live better and even for Ella's believers, he tried to educate them rather than kill them, just because they believe in the enemy god who had just been defeated. He also made a test to choose the people who would end up governing each city of the Magic Kingdom to see how they would manage it and deal with issues. He's not a completely good guy, but he's definitely not a bad guy. I'm not familiar with DND but I think he is probably lawful neutral.

  3. The real chapter 148 was skipped and the next chapter was given its number. Read with translator here

  4. Chapter 396 to chapter 405 at the start of those chapters has the first few paragraphs in correct order but after that every paragraph is random. Chapter 406 is correct, 407 is randomised and after that it returns to normal. Read on 69shu

  5. I forgot, but 208 and 227 were also skipped. Honestly if they just use 69shu as a source most of these problems won't exist

  6. Based on the comment of Yakoba Bakoba below me, I can assume this novel is not for idiots. His complaint makes no sense to me. As for MC almost dying at the start, there is a traitor so naturally the religion knew his location and MC hadn't had time to fully understand this world and magic before that fight. As for explaining in too much details this a scientific based novel, this isn't like those system novels that gives powers and no explanation needed for how they work, so the author needs to explain it in this novel. Enough about that dumbass comment, I'll give my opinion.. Anyone who likes science fiction novels will love this novel. Plus this author previously wrote Hogwarts Blood Wizard which is a great novel so I had high expectations when starting this. I reached chapter 60 when writing this. Basically the wizards in this novel are able to sense the elements in their surroundings and use them to perform their magic. I don't mean earth, air, water and fire when I mention elements. I'm talking about the periodic table of elements.

  7. What sciencetific based every explanation is pure nonsense science and magic couldnt bo combine to begin with fortunately when reading this just turn off my brain it will reduce irrational explanations

  8. Thanks for your serious evaluation, it's hard finding a comment that's not 'I LIKE IT, SO IT'S GOOD' or 'I DON'T LIKE SO IT BAD'. I can understand loving and hating something, but please give a real explanation (yours is a good example).

  9. Tried... Found it boring in the 1st few chapters... Too many extra words and explanations... Leave some shit for the imagination... But naah... He got to explain how he choked someone ... He showed details of the opponents every move and how he reacted... I don't like such details... And barely 30 minutes passed since MC transmigrated and he is already dying... 30 minutes were like 8 chapters long.

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