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[Esta es una nota para narrar historias extrañas]

[Escriba cualquier texto en la nota y se firmará un contrato con la nota]

[A menos que el contratista muera, el contrato no expirará]

[Después de firmar el contrato, puedes escribir historias extrañas en tus notas con cualquier bolígrafo, y las historias extrañas que escribas se harán realidad]

[Solo hay un precio por firmar un contrato, y ese es toda la vida futura del contratista]

Un cuaderno misterioso, una historia misteriosa, el corazón de los seres humanos para explorar lo desconocido, siempre será el mejor ayudante para la difusión de historias extrañas...

- Descripción de MTLNovel


Título corto:IHQN
Titulo original:我有怪谈笔记
Autor(a):dark bear
Weekly Rank:#4910
Monthly Rank:#6850
All Time Rank:#8383
Tags:Antihero Protagonist, Cheats, Clever Protagonist, Cunning Protagonist, Curses, Dark, Detectives, Dolls/Puppets, Evolution, Ghosts, Handsome Male Lead, Hidden Abilities, horror, Limited Lifespan, Male Protagonist, Mutations, Mystery Solving, Mystical, Sentient Objects,
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30 Comments on “I Have Quirky Notes
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  1. this is gold, although not an A rank, it is definitely a B+ rank, although the last chapter is extremely anti-climatic, the plot is very good

  2. wahhh, this mc is legitimately ruthless.... a bit of a whiplash for me since ive been reading slice of life comedy but hnghhh i hope the doll becomes a cute wifey or smth im a sucker for that kinda thing

  3. It can be seen early that the doll will possibly become the FL, just like zhang ya in MHoH(my house of horrors), from the nightmare she is an obsessive spirit thus wishes to bind chen you to her, and from gaining a face from mona lisa it can seen that she grows more life like the more ghosts she destroys thus the possibility of her growing into a human sized doll or even becoming a humanoid ghost is high.

  4. I loved the "I have Super USB", and this is same author so I have high hopes. There was little/no nationalism in the last novel as well.

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