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¡Oye, el director ha caído! (Llorando)

No ... no se apresure a llamar a una ambulancia, ¡ayúdeme a levantarme primero!

Fang Ye se despierta jugando a altas horas de la noche y descubre que se ha convertido en el director de un zoológico en ruinas.

El tigre siberiano gentil y espiritual, el zorro plateado feroz y arrogante, el lobo gris al que le gusta esparcir comida para perros…

Con el desarrollo del zoológico, varios animales encantadores han atraído a turistas de todo el mundo.

"¿Por qué les agrado a los animales?" Fang Ye levantó la cabeza y miró al cielo a 45 grados en respuesta a las curiosas preguntas de los niños. "También deberíamos empezar desde una tarde soleada ..."

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Título corto:IHSP
Titulo original:我有一座野生动物园
Autor(a):Delicious oranges
Weekly Rank:#209
Monthly Rank:#206
All Time Rank:#939
Tags:Animal Rearing, Beast Companions, Business Management, Carefree Protagonist, Cheat, Early Romance, Famous Protagonist, Live broadcast, Male Protagonist, Multiple POV, Pets, Romance, Romantic Subplot, System, Transmigration, Zoo,
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45 Comments on “I Have a Safari Park
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  1. Beast studio might be similar, although it is said to be highly inaccurate, don't know if it is, because I know almost nothing about animals, and am too lazy to do any in-depth research.

  2. When the mc got the "deterrent slippers" my first reaction to it was imagining the mc chasing animals wearing 1 slipper and waving another while yelling "get off my lawn".

  3. In chapter 482 some feline got translated as a rabbit or tutu the whole chapter, I guess that it was most likely a lynx but I might be wrong.

  4. 2 chapters in and the mc had no psychological activity whatsoever after transmigrating and treats his new life as a game, which is further indulged by getting a game system.

  5. Half of chapter 6 is about male macaques (1 monkey king and another normal macaque) fighting about mating rights but from what I read in Wikipedia this is false, here is a citation from Wikipedia: "All macaque social groups are matriarchal, arranged around dominant females".

  6. Just finished chapter 15 and either I don't understand something or the author doesn't really think that much about what they write: the mc designed a tiger pavilion where people and tigers are only separated by a trench which the tigers couldn't cross and a few bushes but it seems that there is actually no real barrier that stops some dumbasses from going to the tigers habitat, only tigers escape was considered.

  7. The author has given a source for the animals gotten from the system but I'd also like to get a source for the funding of the new pavilions that are built with the system currency or the things he gets from the system lottery.

  8. It's a good read that is sometimes a bit funny but I have to say that for a business management novel it is absolutely bad. The business management can be said to be basically nonexistent, there is no accounting for real money like income and expenditure, the mc buys animals from other zoos but there is no info about how much they cost and where the mc got the money, the only info about real money that was given and was related to the zoo was how much a ticket cost and how much a few dolls sell for that the mc got from the system lottery. The most detailed is only how much reconstruction costs in system currency, but there is no info about how much it will cost to be maintained. There is no info about taxes. Basically it is more like the mc is playing a game than really running a business. Even if the mc has enough system currency to build new habitats for animals there is absolutely no mention if he has enough money to keep them running, it was only mentioned that the money needed has increased.

  9. Also there was no mention of the mc's family except that he is a rich second-generation in the 114.5 chapters that I've read.

  10. Other things are slowly explained except the funding for renovating the zoo, to party A the mc says that the funding came from party B but to party B he says that the funding came from party A. In my opinion this is a pretty stupid explanation, it's like party A and party B will never communicate. This explanation is even more stupid because the mc took a loan of x amount from party A to expand the zoo and then spent x*20=y (this is just an example since the actual value of things was never accurately mentioned as far as I've currently read) for renovating the zoo.

  11. Wouldn't it be easier to just say that all the funding was donated and then the system leaves a paper trail like it does with animals, instead of going around on these dumb circles?

  12. Yes, yes it would, other peoples systems do just that, as well as leave paper trails for other licenses , animals, etc.

  13. The mc spends time to design an exhibition hall specifically for a certain animal but later decides to make the "predator" halls interchangeable. Kind of feels like the author just wants to add/change things just for the sake of adding/changing even though the author has given reasons for doing so, but I can't imagine how it would look like having "air channels" hanging in the exhibition halls, and why on earth he would put the animals in and "incompatible" environment (each exhibition hall was designed to cater to a certain animal).

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