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I Have a Research Support System

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Xu Qiu, un estudiante universitario 985, obtuvo inesperadamente un sistema de asistencia para la investigación científica después de solicitar una garantía de investigación. Desde entonces, ha surgido una nueva estrella en el mundo académico.

PD: este artículo es un artículo de investigación científica diario, no un artículo técnico negro. Quiero mostrar un círculo de investigación científica real y el ritmo es relativamente lento.

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Título corto:IHRSS
Titulo original:我有科研辅助系统
Autor(a):Plump leeks
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All Time Rank:#3189
Tags:Clever Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Scientists, System,
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9 Comments on “I Have a Research Support System
  1. What happen to system? On early stage, there's always a system. Buy after that, it's like there no longer a system. Mc only use system when on early stage. After he done his research, send article to AM. Then he no longer use system. Waste. All things that needs calculation, mc think with his brain. Then what happen with computer that he copy in his system? Just left there? When mc does experiment in simulation, he never use those computer. He only think with his head. And his skills, it can be upgrade to level 4 or level 5. But no. He didn't upgrade it. Then complaints when he don't know something, or how to do those advanced thing when he use 500 point to get 100% level 5. Tsk. And, he can copy others skills. Then why mc only copy in 1 direction? Seriously? And then, he copy from only 4 people. Stupid. Why he not copy from his mentor? When he goes to class. Why he not copy skills from those lecturer? Novel name I have a research support system. But, when in story, the skills copy are not even 1% of the people mc met. Equipment he can copy are much more. But later on, he don't even remember to copy a new equipment. Even in other novel, if mc got those copy research. They make full use of it, not like this novel mc, when he has those, mc kept thinking using his own mind. When he encounter something difficult, he never think of using the system. Kept thinking, second, day, week, suck. There's a computer to do calculation for him, but he never use it. If he want to do it himself, to cultivated his mind, he vsn just do the calculation by computer first, then search for reason why for the result, it's easy. Waste.

  2. I too hope it's not a harem although I'm ok with it being a harem it will be pretty annoying I prefer one love interest or no romance at all

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