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I Give the Female Supervisor a Fish Pond

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La duplicidad es cierta
Bian Xi entró en una novela NP. Aunque la heroína del libro es difícil de coquetear y perseguir, tiene un estanque de peces y resulta que Bian Xi es uno de los peces.
¡Esto es indignante!
Bian Xi giró la cabeza y salió nadando del estanque de peces, cargando su pequeño bolso vacío y actuando como administrador del estanque de peces, no solo enseñando cómo ser un hombre sino también enseñando a la heroína, ¡siempre y cuando el dinero esté en su lugar! br /> ¿Es por eso que la heroína siempre se apega a sí misma?
Se dice que eres tan frío y difícil de coquetear, ¿cómo puedes ser feroz y coqueto contigo mismo y aun así adorar actuar como un coqueto?
Bian Xi: Por favor, aléjate, el pez que criaste viene a morderme.
Protección contra rayos:
1. Los harenes tienen un fuerte sentido de existencia, pero son principalmente para reír y promover líneas emocionales.
2. Jiang Yinqi es artista, pero no estará involucrado en la industria del entretenimiento

Etiquetas de contenido: amor urbano, gusto especial, libros de ropa
Palabras clave de búsqueda: Protagonistas: Bian Xi, Jiang Yinqi ┃ Papeles secundarios: Un grupo de idiotas ┃ Otros:
Introducción de una oración: ¡Quiero ser la luz de la luna blanca que la heroína no puede obtener!
Propósito: Donde hay voluntad, las cosas se harán realidad

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Título corto:IGFSFP
Titulo original:我给女主管鱼塘
Autor(a):middle side
Weekly Rank:#5501
Monthly Rank:#6045
All Time Rank:#8494
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Carefree Protagonist, Cold Love Interests, Dense Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Love Interests Falls in Love First, Love Rivals, Love Triangles, Marriage, Misunderstandings, Popular Love Interests, Possessive Characters, Previous Life Talent, Top MC, Transmigration,
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27 Comments on “I Give the Female Supervisor a Fish Pond
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  1. Only read up to chapter 13 and couldn't find a single reason to continue reading thus. Characters in the story are not likeable at all. MC is just okay. FL and other harem members are just too much. Also even FL only likes MC this time but in the original story she actually ended up with all harem members. It feel really sick. FL kept saying she doesn't like anyone but never really reject them and let them live in her house. Her own house. People may think it's funny to see harem members fighting for FL but I personally found it's really stupid. Not my cup of tea at all. I thought there might be a reason for FL to ended up with everyone but that's not the case here. People who don't like harem or this kind of plot please beware.

  2. The FL does not have any romantic interactions with the harem, at the beginning the MC and FL just have a banter relationship, later on in the story its explained how FL ended up with a harem in the first place, both of their characters develop and the FL learns to reject and kick the people out of her house, I started reading this novel with the impression that its more comedic and less dog blood so maybe that's why I didn't have a problem with the harem because as I mentioned earlier there's no romantic interactions b/w them that's all I can say without spoilers

  3. I am constantly reading Chinese novels from jjwxc. It's a chinese literature site and naturally chinese, but I use google translate while reading. It is not much different from what we read on this site, we only translate it with the application. Google Chrome already has a translate plugin and it's very easy.

  4. By the way, after a while you start reading, you will encounter partial fees. but some sites publish them all for free. To give an example, the site called shubaow is both ad-free and provides service without any problems. it's my favorite site and I've read almost all of them that way.

  5. Thank you, I already visited Shubaow and almost read all of the gl stories there.I can't find websites where I can read Chinese novel (╯︵╰,), some of them don't have yuri genre. I also visited and read almost the stories there.

  6. frankly, there are so many gl novels on the site I'm talking about, but I don't know how to explain how to find them without showing them with photos. It's been almost 2 years since I started Chinese gl novels, and new ones are coming out every day. There are endless resources and I haven't been stuck on this issue for 2 years. There were times when I read 9-10 hours a day for months and I still continue to read with love. I personally witness that new novels are coming out every day, I read them and it is very enjoyable. You should not be deprived of this. I will show you how you can install it with photos.

  7. I always read on shubaow and what I do before that is to copy the chinese title on jjwxc, paste it on Google, and then the link of the novel in shubaow will come out. But the problem is, I'm sometimes too lazy to do that. How can I looked for gl novels on shubaow?

  8. In order to send photos, we need to know each other's e-mail addresses. I think it is the most reliable post. If you don't trust me, I can send it any way you want. My goal is to draw more attention to good Chinese novels. because they deserve it. I'm waiting for your answer.

  9. Oof, harem. One of the protags sounds to have a harem in the beginning, and is domineering. I love me a mighty, self-controlled character, but not an abusive one, especially not the owner of a harem. That’s like BxG territory. How bad is the FL and how many times do characters that are part of the harem show up?

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