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I Deliver Candy To Men

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Se preocupan por el amor y la rectitud, y no se arrepienten del enamoramiento.
Da todo por la heroína, la riqueza, las artes marciales, la apariencia, la vida, etc., pero solo obtén una tarjeta de buena persona.

Son homólogos masculinos. No tienen protagonista masculino.

※La pequeña y dulce niña, la heroína, le da dulces al encantador elenco masculino de apoyo.
※ Dulce y dulce, solo mimar pero no abusar.
※Cada mundo 1v1.

Etiquetas de contenido: texto agrícola, texto dulce, cruce rápido a través de libros
Palabras clave de búsqueda: protagonista: bolsita dulce pequeña, bolsita amarga grande

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Título corto:IDCTMW
Titulo original:我给男配送糖吃(快穿)
Autor(a):five mushrooms
Weekly Rank:#8355
Monthly Rank:#7885
All Time Rank:#6771
Tags:Female Protagonist, Quick Transmigration, World Hopping,
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19 Comments on “I Deliver Candy To Men
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  1. hmmmm ok.. it was like reading different stories in a book, there's no so much explanations furthermore in the ending. theres no so much faceslapping, the fl is kind of silly girl because she's just 15 years old. can also like read every stories independently.. honestly i was fed up with the dog foods😭😭😭🤣 at this point i don't want anyone right now, i just want to be alone. too much sweetness people

  2. Have you guys Seen a quick transmigration where's Mc is a male(ex: I'm s Big villain) Mc mission is To help FL ,When FL boyfriend cheats With her Best friend ... The first scene is a (A cafe)? Where FL confronts her best friend who betrayed her... after her best friend leaves ML Walk in And FL Recognized ML as her Boss since They have a Collaboration in The company After they talk ML gives FL a Ring and Ask if he can pursue her.. (I forgot where I read This and I only remember the first chap). Pls tell me If you Seen this somewhere

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