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I Come To Change the World of Walking Dead

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Sí, el protagonista ha llegado al mundo de Walking Dead. Como fanático del drama, mientras entra en pánico en su corazón, también quiere trabajar duro para ver si su pequeña mariposa puede traer algunos cambios a este mundo sin vida.

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Título corto:ICTCWWD
Titulo original:我来改变行尸走肉世界
Autor(a):People who don't talk much
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All Time Rank:#4398
Tags:Apocalypse, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Zombies,
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58 Comments on “I Come To Change the World of Walking Dead
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  1. @TheGameDevil You are not reading properly or your just being stupid. Western medicine provides diagnosis through lab test and it focuses on eliminating symptoms but normally fails to address adverse effects on the body. They do not cure anything they only suppress the symptoms and leave it to your body to cure itself. And it this case it was not even about the medicine but the hospital fking up his dosage and killing him.

  2. the thing I hate about this novel is so much bs on how powerful mc is and blowing ass of china. If china is so powerful in doctor practice and good health care service,most chinese won't afraid of being sick.

  3. What I don't get they exaggerated Chinese medicine so much basically it's like magic today with only cheap tricks now or fraud don't get the reasoning

  4. Not like modern medicine is much better with it just taking care of symptons while body stays sick and giving all kinds of side effect such as dizzyness or skin allergies. My father and grandfather litterly died because of incompetence of western doctors. They gave my grandfather medicine and he died suffering for a few days his entiere body drained of fluids. He would have been fine without that medicine he just had a little pain in his hand due to 💧. Just eat your fruits and vegtables. Stay healthy and never blindy trust anyone with your life. Most doctor just read what kinds of disease you might have and give medicine based of that. They don't even care if it is the right medicine or not as long as they can make you purchase medicine that Pharmaceuticals made with profit margin of 8000%.

  5. Licenced modern medicine is definitely better because of reduced death and increasing lifespan, unless its fake medicine with dangerous chemical.

  6. Nope, State hospital of the Netherlands. Highly doubt they have a fake doctor in charge there. and everyone knows that even official licensed meds have side effects. Hell, even common painkillers that you can buy in an apothecary have side effects that can cause dizziness and headaches or shit. With every package, there is a two-foot-long list with a dozen lines on how to use the medicine and the rest are warnings about possible side effects.

  7. Unlicenced medicine does no mean it is worse in any way. Every seen the movie "i am not a medicine god" Or "dying to survive". It is about a small smuggler that smuggles medicine that is less than a fraction of the price of licenced medicine and saved thousands. Because licenced medicine is often sold with a profit margin of over 1000% No one but billionaires can truly be cured because most medicine is made not to actually cure you but keep you alive as long as possible to keep making you dependent on that medicine and take as much money from the people as possible.

  8. Western medicine is not a panacea, (a cure all) I think just because you got 2 hack doctors, who if I'm hearing correctly didn't supply "the drip" to prevent dehydration or perhaps he got his job through nepotism which is very common in China.

  9. nope, a nurse gave him several times the medicine. It was supposed to just help him with the fluid that his body kept holding and started hurting his joints. A very common medical mistake "wrong amount of medicine". western medicine is just as corrupt and just as bad as traditional Chinese medicine. Hell, most western hospitals especially in the USA just give you antibiotics for everything regardless of what you really have and now almost every disease has mutated. They charge you 25 dollars for a bandage or 10 dollars for a single coughing candy I can literally get a box full here for half the price in the supermarket. I even heard a few women were charged over 40 dollars because they cried or something. Nobody asked for a "panacea" just stop being stupid as a professional and do your job. P.S. Nepotism is not any better elsewhere in the world compared to China. At least the USA is probably even worse just looking at the government because of an entire family suddenly taking over everything despite not having a clue what to do. 20 trillion debt highest in the world.

  10. yeah, I never had traditional Chinese medicine nor will I ever. The whole reason I used it as a comparison is because of how untrustworthy it is. And a doctor in a western hospital can actually be as bad as those people giving you poisonous herbs and snake wine mixed with lead and mercury. of course, most doctors are good and careful with their prescriptions. But the fact that you can still find those kinds of doctors in government-funded facilities is embarrassing.

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