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I Can Transform Into a Zombie

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El fin del mundo estalló y descubrí que puedo convertirme en un zombi, ya sea matando a una persona o matando a un zombi, puede evolucionar y actualizarse, puede liderar al zombi, transformar al zombi.

A partir de entonces, el mundo entero empezó a temblar.

Los zombis que mando, dondequiera que vaya, cualquier enemigo poderoso será despedazado.

Ya sea riqueza, poder, mujeres, nada que no pueda obtener.

En estos últimos días, soy un emperador bien merecido.

(Debe ser un texto interesante, todavía está un poco oscuro y la Virgen no debe entrar)

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Título corto:ICTIAZ
Titulo original:我可以变成丧尸
Autor(a):The Red World
Weekly Rank:#2691
Monthly Rank:#4142
All Time Rank:#3977
Tags:Apocalypse, Evil Protagonist, Fellatio, First-time Intercourse, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Level System, Non-humanoid Protagonist, Rape, System, Zombies,
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23 Comments on “I Can Transform Into a Zombie
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  1. The apocalypse just came and he only has the mindset of getting girls not even surviving, that's just terrible if you ask me, in the apocalypse books I've read they always think about surviving,getting supplies and the male characters are always indifferent to girls which shows that they can be a good leader unlike this Wang Hao.

  2. It is very obvious that the author has a very terrible fetish, thus made it in a book. The Wang Hao dude is definitely not a protagonist character so I don't really like this book,I have read a lot of books about apocalypse and this one is so terribly unique.

  3. Imagine romanticizing immoral actions in apocalyptic setting lol clearly your culture isn't enough to teach you morality. Imagine blaming it all to human instinct lol sounds like a massive excuse to commit rape. Reading chinese novels really made you think that human are all immoral in the face of life and death lol I don't know about chinese people they might be all immoral when the time comes but I have trust that my culture taught my people enough how to be a decent human being in the end of time.

  4. That girl meyao obviously want to be with li dong and escape Wang bullshit. This novel is dream fulfillment of the author which is basically a disgusting fetish to project to the readers. You need to be really down bad and thirsty to read this kind of novel.

  5. Wang is a loser and that li dong is a basketball player, basically in normal times a loser(mc) and an athlete. So that girl meyao prefer to be with that li dkng I guess.

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