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I Can Resist Most Vicious Beatings

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¡Ding, el cuerpo físico sufre un ataque de puño, el cuerpo de acero +1, la lucha +1!

¡Ding, sufre un ataque de sangre, sangre +1!

¡Ding, sufre un ataque de llamas, resistencia al fuego +1!

Ding, el cuerpo de acero se actualiza a un cuerpo dorado indestructible ...

Ding, el cuerpo dorado inmortal se ha actualizado al cuerpo del origen antiguo ...

Jiang Du se rió con arrogancia: "No te estoy apuntando, quiero decir que todos aquí son basura, ¡y te niegas a aceptarme y a golpearme!"

- Descripción de MTL


Título corto:ICRMVB
Titulo original:我能抗住最毒的打
Autor(a):Old hoop
Tipo:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#271
Monthly Rank:#53
All Time Rank:#285
Tags:Comedic Undertone, Discrimination, Game Elements, Harem, Male Protagonist, Masochistic Characters, Nationalism, Racism, Shameless Protagonist, System, System Administrator, Urban, Weak to Strong,
26 vote(s)

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11 thoughts on “I Can Resist Most Vicious Beatings
  1. So his father beat him but mc stupidly come back to his shit family right? After all chinese category we are filial piety to our family so even if they try to kill mc and want mc dead but as long as mc come back alive with power, mc will still hug his shitty family cause they were filial lol.

    Many chinese novels are like that, even if you try kill mc and then mc will take revenge but in the end they will apologize to mc and get a reunion, bullshit reunion family after they tried to kill you, they just after your power.

    Sorry cant help but vent, when you read a good story then expected a revenge but end up mc as naive

    1. I feel you pal, filial piety wtf, from the moment they tried to kill him they are not even considered as a family anymore.
      Slaughter is the answer. Dude if he didn’t have a cheat he will die a thousand times, if you die it is too late to regret. The author emphasize too much to moral standards that they forgot that how fu*ked up what his family did. Forgiving my arse, it just simple as you bite me, I bite you harder.

        1. lol, if smone from your family is bulling you (when you are young), b when you will get older you can forget it and forgive him. But if smone tryes to kill you, than its gameover, you won’t get siblings relations again ever, its human nature, even bulling (most of times) can’t be forgiven nor trying to murder.

    2. You have to go to the doctor man! check for your brain first…

      Da f*ck the father wanted to kill MC, the MC almost drowned and killed himself after trying to save others at the end *spoiler* he was saved by his father. After he woke up his father beat him with a belt because he cared for him doesn’t want him to die when he is doing something he is not able to…

      You did not understand this? that’s why you guys have many shooting cases there, many mental disabled patients…psychopaths like you.

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