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Honkai Impact 3rd, Play Sky Meteor at the Beginning

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Cuando Kiana Raiden Mei Bronya y otros aún vivían una vida feliz y pacífica en la Academia St. Freya, un repentino súper sistema de preguntas y respuestas lo cambió todo.

Cuando los protagonistas de Honkai Impact conocen su futuro con anticipación, ¿qué pasará con el futuro?

Bronya: ¿Por qué me he marchitado desde que tomé el núcleo de Lily?

Thunderbolt Bud: ¿No, no, no? Sentimientos fui al mundo serpiente o un cocinero?

Fu Hua: ¿De verdad me convertí en un estafador?

Teresa: Efectivamente, no puedo hacer nada... entonces, ¿la contraseña es correcta?

Infinite Tajiko: Kiana, de hecho eres mi alumna más orgullosa.

Kiana: ¡Maestra Jizi, no te mueras!

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Título corto:CPSMB
Titulo original:崩坏三,开局播放天穹流星
Autor(a):Grey Stars
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  1. A warning. This Fanfic focuses more on "Honkai CE people starting with Tuna Crew reacts to Future and AU stuff" and their lives affected by the rewards with it along with their future knowledge, its more focus on that aspect than what is actually happening storywise. But it gets better as the Honkai starts to get affected and few people like Otto sensing something happening and the plot moves forward, but still focuses on that "Future Knowledge and rewards REEEE". Sadly, i think the author went crazy at past Chapter 615+(not in this site since it in this, the chapter after Dudu gets unveiled is where it repeats back to chapter one, what i was talking abiut earlier is stuff like the Chinese websites that uploads this.) as it only repeats that he got sunk to the sea or something chapter after chapter. If you want to read in the chinese website so you can read up until Chapter 600+, copy paste the chinese name of the novel at the description to Google and search it there. Other than that, this fic is decently good at what it does.

  2. Read upto ch 47, story feels episodic or like a diary format. I don't know about the source of the fan fic but I still enjoy the story. But apart from q&a section, few things happen in the real life to understand or invest in the characters. Everything feels a bit passive and stake less. Hope the story pick up the pace in further chapters

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