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Hokage System in Cultivation World

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El Continente Estelar, un enorme mundo alienígena, ha estado practicando magia y espíritu de lucha durante cientos de miles de años.

Sin embargo, cuando un adolescente viaja con el desafiante sistema de intercambio del Hokage, ¿puede el Continente Estelar mantener su calma pasada?

¿Qué tipo de chispas se pueden crear entre la magia y el ninjutsu, el espíritu de lucha y las habilidades físicas, el poder de la sangre y el límite de la sangre? Todo está en "Alien Hokage".

PD: Este artículo garantiza que no está supervisado, no hay un complot para abusar del cuerpo principal, yy apropiado, orientado a las emociones …… * ^ _ ^ *

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Título corto:HSCW
Titulo original:异界火影战记
Autor(a):Xing Kong Guang Mang
Weekly Rank:#19
Monthly Rank:#17
All Time Rank:#784
Tags:Harem, Male Protagonist, Naruto, Ninjas, System, System Administrator, Weak to Strong,
40 vote(s)

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43 Comments on “Hokage System in Cultivation World
  1. This dumbass, literally recruit people for the akatsuki member when can just do it with his clone. How do you think those recruited members can keep up with your growth without system. You can just exploit your shadow clone art, you dumb bich.

  2. And he literally was hunted by people, and he needs to hide his identity. Now this bich have the audacity to try and recruit people he does not even know and these people have the risk to expose him. I dont get this dude, wasted. I should have continued but I can't anymore, nevermind.

  3. You are delusional, sir. Not all men are as delusional as you if you want every women in this world. Even if it is a story and is not real, it does not change the fact that majority of harem tags are BS, and women are only decoration for MC and has no personality whatsoever. What so good about that? It is more interesting seeing the MC devoted to one person than multiple ones, even if he loved them all, it is hypocrisy and you are starting to be brainwashed by chinese novel if you are starting to believe their crap.

  4. Not all women hate harem afterall some women understand that if a men is a dragon then its 100% that it has a lot of wives and also not all men love harem.

  5. I don't like but I don't hate it some harem are illogical and full of nonsense, so sometimes I like it and I don't like it😙😙😙

  6. Being gay doesn't have anything to do with being a typical scumbag or someone who can't seriously commit themselves to a serious relationship. It's just being loyal.

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