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He’s So Sweet After Class

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Mo Lingqiu trabajó como profesor de lengua china en la Universidad A hace dos años. Debido a su buena apariencia, se hizo popular en la escuela y había innumerables omegas que querían coquetear con él.

Como príncipe del departamento de educación física, Jiang Chenming fue uno de los alfas más destacados y fue perseguido por muchos omegas.

Ambas personas que originalmente no tuvieron ningún encuentro se conocieron durante un trote nocturno. Mo Lingqiu, que había rociado el bloqueador, entregó las piernas y se sentó directamente en el suelo.

Jiang Chenming: Maestro Mo, ¿eres un omega?

Mo Lingqiu lo miró fijamente, ambos ojos bajo las gafas se pusieron ligeramente rojos.

Jiang Chenming: Tus feromonas huelen tan bien.

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Título corto:HSSAC
Titulo original:下课后他如此甜美
Weekly Rank:#5305
Monthly Rank:#5084
All Time Rank:#5565
Tags:Cold Protagonist, College/University, Cute Story, Fated Lovers, Mpreg, Omegaverse, Student-Teacher Relationship, Younger Love Interests,
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24 Comments on “He’s So Sweet After Class
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  1. Chapter 9 is missing. And this was a cute and sweet and adorable story. <3 although half was their friend's love story with Mls brother ig the pregnancy and stuff was nice. This has alpha and omega, and mpreg. If u dont likebthis stuff, dont say anything ty

  2. why don't you write it yourself? no one forbids to write whatever we want, so, stop complaining and write whatever your own idea.

  3. why don't you write it yourself? no one forbids to write whatever we want, so, stop complaining and write whatever your own idea

  4. It's lacking again 😩 I never see them get married and give birth to baby I like to see their family pluff pluff and Dr zan child too It's must be cute if they have family hang out together They're so best friend that they married alpha brother to stay family That's bespren goal

  5. Where can I find it ? I tried searching but I can't find it, why mtl is not uploading them?? I find every story without extra chapter :<

  6. Nope they're different this is the title in raw if you're interested......... 怀崽后我和Alpha闹离婚...... Thnx for new recommendation I like cub!🥚🐉

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