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"Cuando te conocí,

Nunca pensé que serías tan atractivo;

Nunca pensé que me harías agua la boca… "

Un día, un adolescente problemático con mal genio conoció a un tímido estudiante transferido del sur ...

Todos los compañeros de clase han estado difundiendo la noticia de que el chico extremadamente guapo de la clase, Xie Ci, estaba interesado en el estudiante transferido.

Un día, cuando Xu You estaba estudiando por su cuenta por la mañana, encontró una nota en su escritorio:


Los norteños tenemos mal genio ~

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Título corto:HLD
Titulo original:她的小梨涡
Autor(a):Ji Ji De Mao
Weekly Rank:#5169
Monthly Rank:#5070
All Time Rank:#5947
Tags:Adapted to Drama, Bullying, Caring Protagonist, Cute Protagonist, Cute Story, Female Protagonist, Genius Protagonist, Marriage, Modern Day, Playboys,
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4 Comments on “Her Little Dimples
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  1. No joke this is a nice story, please remove the "harem"tag, there is no harem here, the ML only loves the FL and never look at any other girl even before he 'love'her.

  2. I don't know who tagged this as "Harem". Certainly not me because first, I didn't even know readers can tag novels; second, I don't know how to tag; and third, as far as I know, the category "Harem" only applies to stories wherein the main character ends up with multiple partners (either a group of women sharing a single man OR reverse harem wherein a group of men share a single woman). I don't believe that happened in this novel so nope, harem is not applicable. So if you were referring to me in your review, kindly help apologize and check your facts before pointing fingers at people. :) ALSO, I didn't read a novel to feel or see "real life scenarios". It's FICTION, dear, and people have their own preferences. And not all "immature people", as you say it, in real life go around dating any girl that likes them or kisses a girl in the hallway while in school WHEN THEY ARE A MINOR. I don't know if that's normal in your culture but it's not normal from where I come from. :)

  3. hello, I don't know if 'comment' section is directed to you, if it is, I'm sorry but I thought that ''comment'' will be directed to the novel itself since it different from the "reviews" I doubt that I replied under your comment since I'm the first commenter (not reviewer). im NOT even pointing fingers, I am explaining in my 'review' that this isn't harem so people can be aware, and I "commented" again for the "uploader" to see. I believe that the comment section is for the uploader to see, if you are a reader as well this is not for you. if you open the website you are the one who replied to my comment, and also I dont "reply" to people's review since everyone have a different opinion(just like what you have said). and what I was pertaining to "real life scenario" is the plot itself, plots can be unrealistic or what but it depends on the author if what type of plot they want, and the author chose real life in here, hence the "review" of mine which is basically explaining what i've read. if this has another plot I would explain as well how and what type of "plot" it has, so that others who reads it will get heads up on what to expect. ' you are mixing up my ''comment'' and ''review''. those are thwo different thing, review for the analysis and critcizing and comment for the problems or what. I don't even know how you think that I directed both of it to you, when the 'comment' is on the info button while the reviews at the review button. since you have said it yourself that you are not into "real life scenarios" then this novel isn't for you, hence my review that it has ''real life scenario'' so people who don't like this plot can just avoid reading this so it wont waste their time. real life scenario is still "FICTION'' since fiction literally means ''story with imaginary events and people.' it can HAVE different plots be it unrealistic or realistic, it doesn't have to be just unrealistic thou.

  4. and also please know that I use PC when reviewing and commenting, there is no reply button in "reviews" on PC so I didn't point fingers at you, especially not in the comment since I'm the first commenter, and there is no such thing as 'delete' in here so you can kindly check, thank you.

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