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¡En el pasado, los gigantes de los cielos y los dioses fueron destruidos después de la reencarnación del mundo! Maldición cruel, odio eterno, ¡Tan Yun está decidido a no hundirse nunca más! ¡Por el bien de sus seres queridos y familiares, de ahora en adelante, pise el cadáver del enemigo paso a paso para superar el pico! Desafiando el cielo, matando a todos los mundos, ¡soy el único!

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Título corto:HDS
Titulo original:逆天至尊
Autor(a):Cliff Rain Tomb
Weekly Rank:#5
Monthly Rank:#63
All Time Rank:#3232
Tags:Chinese, Cultivation, Gods, Male Protagonist, MaleProtagonist, Rebirth, Revenge, Second Chance, Weak to Strong,
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13 Comments on “Heaven Defying Supreme
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  1. Is no one going to talk about the weight a five star review has it literally takes a 5/1 ratio to take down 5* reviews and most of the five stars are bots no wonder everything or mostly everything is just spammed crap

  2. I stop care about rating for longtime. Because there will be bot or hater (harem, stupid mc, nationalist etc. Really if you hate it just stop reading please.) I will go to Chinese sites to see how many reader this novel is, if it have more than 50,000 reader I will read it.

  3. true most reviews are the normal ones or the ones with horrible names as if they were just trash alt accounts of kids, they talk about how bad nationalism is, how bad the racism is, if that was all they were mad at then they don't deserve the right to review, id rather read people who complain that the plot is repititive face slapping as long as the review is honest like giving it 2-3 stars if half bad but if they had that stupid review of 1 star and with the review just saying 'not my cup of tea' or 'boring', i'd rather have bots than idiots like them

  4. they have to right too say stuff they get mad at too just like u. if someone gets mad at nationalist or other stuff has the right too but i only get mad if they dont see a tag that says there is that or other crap..but i can see if some get mad too alot of these writers are a bunch of dam pervs rape,hints of them doing things to kids and shit like that come on now people have the right to bitch about that too

  5. It seems relatively fine, there’s around an equal ratio of 1-5 star reviews so another one or five star won’t change the rating too much. I do agree a lot of the reviews are absolutely unreliable though so I usually read for 10 chapters to see if it’s to my likings, if it turns out bad later on, I’ll just instantly drop to not waste time unless a review shows it’ll become better.

  6. Cliche and very irritating. same Chinese shit , Got betrayed and have beautiful adoptive sister who is very talented while mc is trash . Is According to Chinese "step sibling" relationship is different from us , it's quite doubtful

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