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God Rewards Those Who Work Hard: No Pains, 100% Gains

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Dios recompensa el trabajo duro, y debe haber recompensas por pagar.

Y no importa cuánto trabajes, ¡ganarás el 100 %!

Entonces, para cosas como cultivar inmortales, ¿no solo necesitas tener manos?

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Título corto:GRTWWH
Titulo original:天道酬勤:一分耕耘百分收获
Autor(a):chisel inkstone
Weekly Rank:#1794
Monthly Rank:#889
All Time Rank:#2945
Tags:Accelerated Growth, Alchemy, Army Building, Artifact Crafting, Beast Companions, Cheats, Clever Protagonist, Clever Protagonist Cultivation, Comedic Undertone, Cultivation, Farming, Fast Cultivation, Genius Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Hidden Abilities, Magic Formations, Male Protagonist, Modern Knowledge, Money Grubber, Multiple Identities, Secret Identity, Strategist, System, Transformation Ability, Transmigration, Unique Cultivation Technique, Weak to Strong,
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33 Comments on “God Rewards Those Who Work Hard: No Pains, 100% Gains
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  1. Hello Everyone (Although you may not know me) its me again.... Lets start with relevant points shall we... 1. People with shallow intelligence or those who don't like using their minds should not even think about reading this novel... 2. High level technical content and everything is related to maths... 3. Although the theory of Qi and Heavens will used by author is something I slightly disagree with other tech content is the highest I have seen in this kind of casual novels... 4. This kind of Thorough building of Realm stages is quite refreshing for my perfectionist level system ming... 5. There is Almost no Romance in this novel good for harem haters... 6. Story Progression has pretty good flow... 7. Comedic undertone has been used in several places but I feel A bit left out... Note If the author likes comedic undertone writing please read Novel "Shoujo Grand Summoning(Translated Version)" Its comedic undertone is top class like a fangirl at the start and Bad boy later... 8. Oh Got Distracted Anyway The Story is pretty Good with several Love Hate relationship What I dislike is The completely Passive support of those 4 Hunyuans and 2 even remained completely Indifferent and still got the benefits At least Liquidate those 2 Idiots I would definitely do it... 9. The Ending was somewhat Abrupt Honestly I don't like it... 10. If author had released 3 or 4 marriage chapters Or Extras it would be much better... Overall This Novel is still much much better than some novels I actually left halfway... Marks 8/10...

  2. An okish novel for the first few chapters. The concept becomes too old very quickly. The whole "scientific cultivation" feels dumb and not convincing. Like its okay if mc is using his cheat to progress, but mc who has not started cultivating for even a year, is starting to create his own techniques, making up mumbo jumbo and becoming powerful again and again. The problem here is anytime the mc needs to level up the author makes up some crap "scientific reasons" for why it is so. And that is very boring to read. Mcs progression is also not very interesting since all of it is based on "research". Also it becomes very difficult to even understand how powerful mc is, as at a very early point he learns thousands of spells and masters them all.

  3. It looks like the author initially had other plans but suddenly read arcane throne of magical arcana, so he converted this novel to a more "scientific" one.

  4. Brother This level of yours is indeed like that but if you think that author has taken progression of Qi training as programming language of runes then you will understand that author has in fact made a compact system Though to me the Heaven system being unconscious also feels nonsense I mean it has Qi why can't it have Will... Those Scientific reasons are indeed real its just he keeps repeating the same thing again and again is a bit annoying

  5. Alguém sabe o nome da novela que um cara reencarna milhares de vezes no mundo, mais na última reencarnação o sistema desperta, e ele ganha uma força incrível e tem que aceitar aprendizes

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