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God-level Recovery, People in the Crypt, Violent Strikes Billions of Times

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¡Hay innumerables bestias feroces en el mundo de las cavernas!

Ye Nan cruza la Estrella Azul y obtiene un sistema de recuperación de críticos multimillonario.

Diez veces, veinte veces, treinta veces ... ¡miles de millones de veces crítico!

En la cripta, Ye Nan miró a un lagarto monitor de armadura dorada de bestia feroz de gran maestro.

“¡Ding! ¡La recuperación fue exitosa! "

"¡Un millón de veces crítico!"

"¡Una piedra de mil millones de yuanes!"

"¡Chi Yan, espada de guerra de rango emperador!"

"¡Técnica de aliento de deglución de dragón loco de metahabilidad!"

"¡Talento de las sombras!"

A través de la recuperación de la bestia, la fuerza de Ye Nan continuó haciéndose más fuerte, pero su viaje no fue Blue Star, ¡y todo el ... universo!

- Descripción de MTLNovel


Título corto:GRPCVSBT
Titulo original:神级回收,人在地窟,亿万倍暴击
Autor(a):Battle green armor
Weekly Rank:#351
Monthly Rank:#342
All Time Rank:#776
Tags:Cheat, Fast Cultivation, Handsome Male Lead, Male Protagonist, Multiple Realms, OP MC, Overpowered Protagonist, System,
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56 Comments on “God-level Recovery, People in the Crypt, Violent Strikes Billions of Times
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  1. I think this shit needs to be cleared of the world.This novel is a mountain that fell into a pit .We see the end of the road, but it doesn't take us anywhere for the author to forget the fucking leg detail

  2. MC in this Novel. Any random cats: What is your name? MC: Ye Nan Any Random Dogs: What is your name? MC: Ye Nan Any Random cats and Dogs: The city lord ask you to go to his Mansion, would you want to go? MC: Yes. After going into the city lord mansion, mc stopped by the guards asking for his Badge because not any cats and dogs are allowed to enter. MC doesn’t have it so he need to create it on Martial Arts Association, after he have it and go back to city lord mansion, the Guards stopped him again and said with bad tone “ Didn’t i said to leave before?” MC with his so called HUMBLENESS just taking out his Badge and be fine with the guards. This Novel used Doggy as the MC, so for new reader be prepared.

  3. And everytimes any cats and dogs asking his name, he will gladly Answer it. Why the f you told others about your name everywhere you go mthrfkr!

  4. And also MC likes to fkng show off his Cultivation Realm, like an example he Tell others about his Realm and Strongest Body, and in the next second when people ask he dont want to answer. And also the most hateful in this novel is about MC being a Dog for always accepting people ordering him to go to their House, Mansion, Palace, etc.. even tho their strenght are 1 Realm below MC, one slap and they will be dead. So fknng annoying for reading a Dog story

  5. A fking ridiculous when Mc running against Strong Family, he keeps telling other his name. YOU ARE FKING RUNNING WHY THE FK YOU ARE TELLING YOUR NAME EVERYWHERE!!!!!

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