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Global Blessed Land: I Can Add Attributes On The Buildings

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Después de que todos alcancen la edad, pueden abrir su propia tierra bendita.

Tierra bendita, otorgada por voluntad del cielo y de la tierra.

En la tierra bendita, se pueden cultivar soldados taoístas, se pueden cultivar todas las cosas y también se puede construir la dinastía suprema.

Miríadas de mundos se dividen en innumerables fragmentos, formando innumerables puertas estelares, hay tres reinos, hay ríos y lagos, hay inmortales y dioses, y hay monstruos.

En la puerta estelar, hay artes marciales del mundo de las artes marciales, artes de hadas del mundo de los seres celestiales y cosas tecnológicas más allá de la realidad.

Mei Changge activó accidentalmente su propio sistema de adición de puntos y descubrió que no solo se puede agregar a él, sino también a sus propios edificios.

Pueblo en ruinas +10086=¡cielo eterno!

Tierra negra+10010=¡nueve días de tierra en reposo!

Torre de arco y flecha +9527 = ¡dioses y ballesta mágica!

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Título corto:GBL
Titulo original:全民福地:我能加点建筑
Autor(a):october pond fish
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Tags:Aliens, Army, Army Building, Battle Academy, Calm Protagonist, Economics, Game Elements, Genius Protagonist, Kingdom Building, Level System, Loyal Subordinates, Lucky Protagonist, Magical Space, Male Protagonist, Military, Multiple Realms, Ruthless Protagonist, Strategist, System, System Administrator, Transmigration,
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34 Comments on “Global Blessed Land: I Can Add Attributes On The Buildings
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  1. Kinda disapointing, the mtl is hard to read, the mc keeps being forced into situations by the rich kids in his class and just goes along with it, and the academy is trying to isolate them from the outside world by making their own currency, telling students to sell everything to them, and being suspicious every time the mc wants actual money instead of school credits.

  2. I was in a bad mood when i read this before, now that i'm reading it later, it actually isn't half bad as long as you are able to understand the chinese techniques/items.

  3. Can someone tell what is the title of the novel that the mc has the chance of drawing 10 consecutive Sss talent, and his fist telent is 100% hitrate... Thank you!!!!

  4. Ch.35 ★★☆☆☆ 4 hours ago The most boring shit ever. Author is writing like he is speedrunning ,one day he plant lotus,next day he grew 300 of them, one day he train dao soldier,next day he have 3000 dao soldier. Mc got some item he dont use, someone buy it for over 3 time marketprice because he really need it. Everything is so outrageously simple for mc. Mc talk like. Two sentence to aboriginal in mission gate, he got 10000 extra guard. Lol.

  5. Can anyone help me find novels? Seems like slice of lice novel, very mainstream plot. It's about MC transferred to the bodies of orphaned earls, doing empire-building with systems to build iconic buildings in the world like pyramids, etc. MC made several technological and magical tools, then built a university for his people. I think I read about it on the raw site. Sorry if you don't understand, I use a translator. Thank You

  6. "... slice of lice"? Lol. We all do those little "Malapropism/Eggcorn stumbles" from time to time (is this one of those?), but this one deserves to be noted. I think i will steal it for later use. It is kinda of hilarious and even kinda of correct for some novels.

  7. This novel is really good.. Looking forward to new chapters!!! If anyone know novels like this, please recommend to me 🤗🤗🤗

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