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Get God-level Talent at the Start of Online Games

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Cuando los juegos en línea se fusionan con la realidad.
Traicionado por sus hermanos y amantes, Zhang Yi, quien ha renacido después de ocho años de los últimos días, entra de nuevo al juego con los super artefactos y talentos de nivel divino obtenidos antes del renacimiento. El mundo estará en manos de Zhang Yi y se reiniciará ...

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Título corto:GGTSOG
Titulo original:网游开局获得神级天赋
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Monthly Rank:#123
All Time Rank:#723
Tags:Absent Parents, Apocalypse, Calm Protagonist, Chat Rooms, Cheats, Game Elements, Game Ranking System, game world, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Hiding True Identity, Level System, Male Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Second Chance, System, System Administrator, Transported into a Game World,
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53 Comments on “Get God-level Talent at the Start of Online Games
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  1. Vomit from the drama on chapter 63-64, those who defend the novel just go fuck it, it's such shit that 2 stars is a lot for it. Maybe the sequence of mc's actions and his skills are well done in this novel, but that's it, because everything else in the novel is absolute rubbish, from the drama of the level of 1 grade of elementary school, ending with the stupid dialogues of Passers A, Passers B, and so on, which mentioned at least 3-4 times in each chapter. And the fact that the villains are generally immortal, then I am silent about it.

  2. and this is also if we discard the level conflicts: -Look what kind of woman let's fuck her, -you, yes you, -why are you still standing there and don't come up to me, come here, I said, or the main young master at the beginning of the novel, such an impression that he was pumped with shit, as if the rich people in the younger generation in China are just like that. And there are many such examples in this novel, as if some spermotoxicosis and head patients remained in the novel, I did not see a single justified conflict in the novel.

  3. """"Sing a spell, after 1 second of casting, summon a 20x20 rectangular magic circle anywhere within 50 meters of the user's surroundings, and countless undead will appear in the magic circle, and continue to impact all hostile targets in the magic circle""" Well, okay, this novel is definitely enough for me, if you don't understand, then try to draw a rectangular circle, or a translation of a curve, or it's just such a phrase, but that was enough for me to finally drop the novel. If you are satisfied with the emotional age in this novel, and the logic of the characters is at the level of pure fantasy (in terms of emotions, in the real world they work differently than in this novel), then the novel will go off with a bang for you, but in other cases it is better not to read this novel.

  4. Finally, a sensible reader. I don't understand how people stomach this cringeworthy and forced as fck interaction and overused drama. People always want to fuck MC's bitch everytime lol or it is just chinese thing? To rape every women on the street? Hmmmm. Sussy as fck.

  5. It would be nice if there is no rating system . Cuz some novels and underrated and some are overrated. There are also unreasonably spamming people.

  6. I don't understand why the rating become so low. I think it could be at least three star. The story is okay, and the plot is actually a little predictable. The people below me said the MC keep getting betrayed, which is one of the main concept of the story. He got betrayed at the start, then of course we would see him getting betrayed again through the story but at least he would see it coming or think how to fight back. The MC mind is not really that retarded, it just the readers doesn't have patience for sweet revenge. They only want, kill this! NTR that! Win this! Become god that steam roll the fucking story with TOO MUCH forced reason or plot. They just saw the MC getting betrayed, they already reacted before they see the ending of that arc. 🤷 So here are my little spoiler, who reached 330+ chapter. The MC is reincarnated and remember where is the god card skill could be found before the start of the game. He then gained a God skill that always made his enhancement never failed. He also gained a dragon related skill from his past life, the reason of his reincarnation was not explained. He then meet his friends from 3 years ago, NOT THE PAST LIFE VERSION, and his Ex-girlfriend, not the one who betrayed him and cause him to reincarnate, is with those group of friends. One of those past friends betrayed him and tried to NTR the EX from the MC but get killed instead. With noone left, the EX chase MC and something happened, you know what I mean. Then girl ran from the MC to not trouble him further and went to his cousin to take shelter. But the cousin is inlove with the girl but the girl didn't want to be with him so the girl ran back to MC. Then one of the secret instances/dungeon that the dive in along with the girl alone with his former enemy was also discovered by the cousin before the MC team completed it. The MC successfully killed the secret dungeon boss and got the loot but didn't received the clear reward because he was killed. So the MC began to doubt because the timeline somehow change and think that someone leak the news to cousin so he devised a play. In the play, the MC was betrayed by the girl to lure out the traitor and cousin for him to beat out. But in the end, it was all coincidence that the cousin discovered that secret dungeon and no one really betrayed him. I will stop here.

  7. Sweet revenge? Hahahahaha, y'know the last I was send to the jail cause I killed my gf and her man cause she cheated on me and the first time I killed someone was in middle school cause my chair mate lying and cheated on my crush. There's only stupid, idiot and dumbass people like yours who love to be tortured by someone just for the saying "sweet revenge" only idiot would do shit like that! Wake up man, or you might being drowned by ur own stupidness and childishness. Remember only idiot who love being tortured and being hurted or.. Might be some psychological problems like masochist and the likes.

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