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Farming Space: The Lucky and Lovely Lady Come to Farm

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Gu Fei, una novata que no ha sobrevivido a tres episodios del apocalipsis, viajó a la antigüedad con el espacio y se convirtió en una niña en la Mansión Hou.

Tan pronto como llegué, mi casa fue saqueada y vendida.

​​Finalmente fue comprado nuevamente por su familia. Después de tres años de grave sequía en su ciudad natal, no hubo cosecha. Gu Fei y su familia huyeron del norte.

En el camino, innumerables personas murieron de hambre. Gu Fei: No tengas miedo, hay comida en nuestro espacio.

Los bandidos y refugiados abundaban en el camino a seguir. Gu Fei: No tengas miedo, tenemos armas en nuestro espacio.

Después de gastar todo el dinero, Gu Fei llevó a su familia a cultivar y abrir una posada para hacer una fortuna y, por cierto, ganó un pequeño príncipe heredero.

El príncipe inocente: Mi esposa siempre puede evocar muchas cosas extrañas. Mi esposa debe ser una pequeña hada.

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Título corto:LLLCF
Titulo original:农门空间:福运娇娇来种田
Weekly Rank:#38
Monthly Rank:#48
All Time Rank:#1014
Tags:Ancient China, Farming, Female Protagonist, Imperial Harem, Lucky Protagonist, Magical Space, Rebirth, Royalty,
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  1. Help me find the novella. The main character is kidnapped as a child and becomes a killer in some organization, which she later disbands. She is first in the list of killers. I remember wearing something like a watch on my hand, but there was a fishing line with which it kills. Constantly drank milkshakes after murders. It seems that the novella begins with the main character finding her and returning her to her family.

  2. I started reading this before but gave up until chapter 20. The main character is kind of weak and stupid. Not interesting at all.

  3. hello everyone, do you know this novel? both on MTL and on other websites? Fourteen years ago, when Yuan Yu's parents' old restaurant was about to open a new branch, a food poisoning incident suddenly occurred. His reputation immediately collapsed. his grandparents and his uncle's family, together with his girlfriend, expelled this family of three from the Ning family. Taking the secret recipe stolen from them, they take over his father's new shop in an instant. company bankruptcy, compensation for the poisoning incident, and the fact that his father fell from a building while protecting his mother and was seriously injured and hospitalized. Making their debt very large. To make money quickly, he worked several jobs a day working like a horse, begging his manager to introduce him to sponsors. Then it turned out that he was sold by his manager. But, this all happened fourteen years ago He clearly remembered that a few minutes ago, he was shot through the heart in front of his parents' graves. Did you know?

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