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Farming Happiness: Husband, Come and Plough the Fields

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Una vez que transmigró, Li Haitang, una doctora de élite de la gran ciudad, es degradada a un lamentable pequeño repollo cuyos padres han muerto. Está rodeada de chacales extremos, lobos, tigres y panteras familiares y parientes. ¿Qué? La venden a un cuerpo medio muerto que va a ser enterrado en el suelo. ¿Ha sido vendida a un anciano con un gusto pesado? ¡La única forma de escapar del matrimonio arreglado es empacar un bulto envuelto en una tela! ¿Quién hubiera pensado que de camino a la boda se encuentra con un hombre salvaje al que todos en el pueblo temen? ¡El hombre salvaje tiene tres tesoros, es trabajador, mima a su esposa y tiene buena resistencia! Sus músculos pectorales, abdominales y línea de sirena están todos ahí.

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Título corto:FHHCPF
Titulo original:农门喜事:夫君,来耕田
Weekly Rank:#177
Monthly Rank:#239
All Time Rank:#1981
Tags:Ancient Times, Farming, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Medical Knowledge, Time Travel, Transmigration,
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22 Comments on “Farming Happiness: Husband, Come and Plough the Fields
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  1. The beginning of the story had a lot of potential, but the MC is incredible dumb who constantly put herself (+her unborn child +her child) in danger because she doesn’t want to be separated from her husband (despite the fact they constantly spend time apart for one reason or another), or just because she wants. outside one or two occasions she shows less medical knowledge than nurses (and that is insulting nurses) and people constantly praise her. The only reason I read until chapter 900 was because I’m curious and wanted to see her father’s reaction (he still didn’t show up).

  2. •Llegué al capítulo 286... maldita sea, la química entre la protagonista femenina y el protagonista masculino es realmente buena... a pesar de que el protagonista masculino tiene una personalidad fría, siempre muestra o demuestra cuánto la ama y la mujer le expresa su amor... en resumen, comenzaron muy bien, pero veamos.

  3. Can someone translate this novel "从绘画开始的东京生活" (Life in Tokyo Starting from Painting)? It's from qidian and finished. Because they used Japanese names, there're many misspelled but I can't change it with an extension because it's still raw. I hope @mtlnovel would like to translate this novel.

  4. I recommend a romance novel, the setting is in intersellar, the mc came from apocalyps or last day, at first mc was mentioned that she's risking her life searching for this rumor antidote in zero research lab, but although she succeed but what come next was the lab suddenly exploded,well it's actually the access door that exploded bcuz when mc tried to force her way into the lab, and destroyed the access door,it trigged the explosion mechanism, after the explosion, she suddenly woke up at intersellar, note that this chinese novel different from other novel, no scum sister or friend that betrayed her in previous life, no unreasonable family in fact she mention that in her past life on Earth she always travel alone, and at her current location she woke up in her younger form, and she woke up alone, no new parents around or siblings, she was also doubted about it how she travelled to intersellar, at first she don't have any ambition, she applied for work in a convenient store and tried to understand the world, and how she will survive with this new environment, she treasure her new peaceful life, but unfortanately she need to vent something, I mean she travelled with cheat, a very powerful high intelligence, That A.I origin was from the ancient high technology civilization that went missing or destroyed a very long time ago, it's advanceness so much better than the current era, it possessed high energy but unfortunately the energy possessed by it was accidentally absorb by mc, although she was strong in her previous life, she become even more become strong after absorbing it. The A.I became her guardian, unfortunately mc don't rely on it, mc was very smart, her analytical skills was first class, couple with her experience in her previous life. The mc convince that she need to vent bcuz the energy she consume was overloaded which can have a negative effect on her, at first she didn't agree but after she found out what A.I recommendation she became interested, and it was the mecha competition, at first she played immaturely but her experience couple with her brightness she overwhelm those other player, she won at the end, she was offered to report in an academy, she agreed bcuz she found a goal which to invistigate what happened to Earth, in her way in academy she encountered pirates but they are not ordinary organization but with the help of A.I called alpha she managed to control the airship unfortunately she was found and suspecious by the unofficial male lead, the ml mentioned that he was very cold, but although he was being describe as a cold machine but it was mentioned that he was really caring, he don't made a difficult for his subordinate, and even do what ordinary people do, like washing dishes, not eating like those noble, in short although he was golden spoon but he was not spoil. The plot was very intersting, the romance was very slow pace, but it was right, they are normal, although there is no romance at first but the mystery of this novel was very exciting, like how she will be able to invistigate Earth, her mission on other planet, she can decipher even those ancient writing even better than those high in command in military except for unofficial ml, she is good at calculating, analysing and solving. She don't rely on her cheat. She always amazed those people. To those interested here is the link, unfortunately it was raw novel

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