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Xu Wuzhou cruzó, y se sorprendió al descubrir que se había convertido en el yerno de puerta en puerta, no solo un idiota desperdiciado reconocido, sino también acostado en la cama de la mejor amiga de la novia en la noche de bodas.

Entró en el burdel después de comer y su fría esposa estaba muy decepcionada de él.

Pero debido a su recorrido, se le rompió un cuenco de reencarnación que debe repararse tragándolo todo, y cada vez que se repara una grieta, su fuerza se recuperará.

Trague un trozo de hierro para obtener el poder de un buey; traga una pieza de plata, aumenta el reino en un nivel; traga una pieza de oro y logra grandes habilidades de combate. …

Así, Xu Wuzhou comenzó su vida bohemia.

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Título corto:EFS
Titulo original:万古第一婿
Autor(a):Innocent sharp brother
Weekly Rank:#2669
Monthly Rank:#2634
All Time Rank:#4176
Tags:Adapted to Manhua, Artifacts Cultivation, Cultivation, Dao Comprehension, Male Protagonist, Multiple Realms, Reincarnated in Another World,
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19 Comments on “Eternal First Son-in-law
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  1. Anyone wants to join my discord channel. I have made a group where maybe we can talk about our favourite novels and stuff.

  2. Ngl i read 37 chapters and this novel is not so bad, although everyone knows there will be looking down and humiliation cliche but the story is progressing as it should be. There is some unreasonable plots a few times but mc perfectly deals with it. I Dont Know how it will be later, but so far it's readable. Its not like the cringe type novel which you want to drop after reading 4 chapters

  3. I take it back, although it was pretty good so far, some mysterious "that person" appeared who is supposed to be super strong or what, and people don't speak his name. Its the most annoying thing in novels. People are so afraid of discussing about him that nobody even talks about "that person's" genius feats. It will be better if mc stayed humiliated for 1000 chapters. But this mysterious person shit is way more annoying

  4. Actually no, someone must have thought that this was a interesting topic and started writing novel about some son in law, but the problem is, all these people keep copying and copying, but they can't just write the same thing as the original novel, so what these unoriginal copycat authors will do is keep deleting the main plot or storyline,and keep repeating same simple routine over and over again, like urban novel or these novel where mc will keep faceslapping all the time.

  5. I see, so a trashy execution huh. I'm not well familiar with these type of Son-in-law novels. But I would get tired from seeing the same thing all over again with no creativity.

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