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Qing Yang, un joven sacerdote taoísta, fue adoptado por Songhe Lao Dao, un hombre extraño en los ríos y lagos, y siguió al maestro para vagar por los ríos y lagos.

Más tarde, los dos maestros y aprendices se vieron obligados a ingresar al área secreta para buscar tesoros por parte del maestro inmortal.

¡Tomando la píldora Kaimai y el arte de la longevidad, Qing Yang se ha embarcado en el camino de cultivar inmortales!

Novelas de Mortal Flow, ¡espero que todos te apoyen!

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Título corto:DG
Titulo original:醉仙葫
Autor(a):Prosperous Zhougong
Weekly Rank:#3708
Monthly Rank:#2916
All Time Rank:#3313
Tags:Cultivation, Demons, Ghosts, Male Protagonist, Multiple Realms, Netorare, Sects, Slow Growth at Start, Strength-based Social Hierarchy, World Travel,
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34 Comments on “Drunken Immortal Gourd
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  1. Lmao this novel is good as along you dont invest emotions in liking the mc so you should read with view of a god's amusment and see all those characters as ants entertaining you with their schemes and funny words, althoguh i hate the unnecessary arrogant characters that hate the mc for no reason, i dont mind the patriarch, he schemed for the little girl amazingly even i didnt expect that, also i hope the second som is also guilty and not one of those innocent/apparently didnt know characters, seeing as the girl wont die if he doesnt get the spot from her i hope he stops caring about her, she is unnecessary baggage the only use is for the sect spot

  2. Chapter 207, hahahahhaha get fucked idiot, your master specifically taught you on your first kill not to trust others, hahajajhahaahahdhhe your fault for trusting others fucking dumbass, lmao i hope the girl dies please author kill her so he actually learns not trust others, XD

  3. Chapter 156 this mc is dumb and annoying, they are flattering you because of the unnecessary baggage (little girl)'s talent, also you dumbass literally you were about to die and his punishment was to not leave the house until the ceremony, the least you can do is take accept the compensation not be like no thanks im good,fucking bitch fuck you, i bet those villains are going to keep be annoying for our mc for no reason like they become so dumb and only hate the mc and eant to kill him, this novel just went down to 4/10, i will keep reading but if there is trouble because of the unnecessary baggage (little girl) im quitting

  4. Chapter 143 , wtf the immortal ticket for entering the sect shouldnt cost that much otherwise why would those first 3 immortals in the beginning of the novel give such valuable thing away when they can sell it and gain a lot?????? Lies

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