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Douluo Dalu: Opening Sign to the Flame Princess

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Zhao Ming llegó a Douluo con el sistema de registro y registro, despertando el espíritu marcial títere Flame Ling Ji, Yun Yun, Medusa ...

Cuando Zhao Ming llevó las diez marionetas por todo el continente, todo el continente se convirtió en la tierra privada de Zhao Ming.

Despierta la potencia mundial, borracho arrodillado sobre las rodillas de la belleza.

Los hombres deberían serlo.

Abusó de Tang San, mató al maestro, destruyó la Escuela Haotian, unificó el continente y se convirtió en el primer emperador del continente Douluo.

- Descripción de MTL


Título corto:DDOSFP
Titulo original:斗罗大陆之开局签到焰灵姬
Weekly Rank:#349
Monthly Rank:#419
All Time Rank:#227
Tags:Abusive Characters, Academy, Antihero Protagonist, beautiful heroine, Bloodlines, Childhood Love, Cunning Protagonist, Dolls/Puppets, Douluo Dalu, Dragons, Early Romance, Empires, Enemies Become Lovers, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, First-time Intercourse, God-human Relationship, Goddesses, Godly Powers, Gods, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Human-Nonhuman Relationship, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Martial Spirits, Master-Disciple Relationship, Netori, Phoenixes, Polygamy, Pregnancy, Puppeteers, R-18, Sexual Abuse, System, System Administrator, Time Skip, Time Travel,
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153 Comments on “Douluo Dalu: Opening Sign to the Flame Princess
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  1. I read till 180 and found it to be a confusing book. MC acts Harem seeking one second, the next a monk "I will not touch you in case someone misunderstands." (Even though I have done that publically multiple times) a few paragraphs down I will take all the women and how much of an idiot Tang San was to let this beautiful girl go. It seems like the author might have written multiple books at the same time and forgets the MC's character often. True rating should be around 2.5/5

  2. I dont agree to the author here sending bi ji towards him, its too early and beside he is very weak, and biji was not a strong beast, she is specialize on healing not fighting, so its better to send di tian and let the mc capture gu yuena first instead of bi ji, after all we know that beast at the hundred of thousand or more was very attractive to spirit master, so i didnt agree to this because its too early and the mc was nit yet ready to bloom, after all he was not even level 15, more inportantly its better if he already level 90 or above, so that he can protect his women...

  3. And also if biji will come to him, she will only cause trouble to him, first the mc already provoke tang san and his father will take revenge soon and it might discover the secret of biji so now how can the weak mc protect his future wife?... I think its better to be more reasonable when making fanfic nov even though you want a harem, because at the beginning its better to raise your level first instead of thinking of having a harem, because what the use of harem if you are weak? No, its not only this, even if you are strong its still not worth it, because by then it will be yoir weakness, so strength is more important first.

  4. And also i think its better for the system to make him feel scared so that he can work hard instead of becoming overconfodent, if i were the system, i will say that his chances to win wrre only 40% so if he didnt work hard, then the result will be death... I hate fanfic mc being overconfident because they got a system.

  5. That's a beast who surpassed 100,000 years .. even if she is good at healing who would say she is weak? Her strength is atleast titled Douluo 🤣 why would she cause trouble? I think those that can see through her identity is atleast level 95 Super Douluo.. and you can't see that level everywhere .. even Tang Hao in the beginning is not at that level

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