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Doomsday Lord: Start with Ten Arms

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Ha llegado el fin del mundo y la tierra se ha convertido en un campo de juego para que los señores luchen por la hegemonía.

Cinco años antes de que Su Ye renaciera, obtuvo talento de nivel SSS, decenas de millones de recursos y unidades de nivel 10 al principio.

Mientras otros seguían limpiando cuidadosamente el territorio, Su Ye ya había construido una muralla de decenas de metros de altura con pesadas ballestas y enormes cañones alineados en filas.

Mientras que otros todavía se mostraban complacientes con la obtención de armas de Nivel 5, Su Ye ya había liderado la Legión de Dragones de Nivel 10, con ángeles sagrados de Nivel 12 en sus brazos, y luchó contra los Protoss.

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Título corto:DLSTA
Titulo original:末世领主:开局十阶兵种
Autor(a):Online games salted fish
Weekly Rank:#748
Monthly Rank:#672
All Time Rank:#1450
Tags:Apocalypse, Army Building, Arrogant Characters, Calm Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Contracts, Dragons, Earth Invasion, Fantasy, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy World, Game Elements, Game Ranking System, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Kingdom Building, Level System, Magic, Mythical Beasts, Overpowered Protagonist, Rebirth, Ruthless Protagonist, Second Chance, Siblings Not Related by Blood, System, System Administrator, Wars, Younger Sisters,
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56 Comments on “Doomsday Lord: Start with Ten Arms
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  1. The author is publishing this as a physical book lol, this novel barely even have a standards of a good webnovel and yet they are planning to publish it lol. I would say this is generic novel, it is not even well-written lol.

  2. Future knowledge, perfect base location, SSS character template, 99% cool down reduction, dragon den , enough resources to pop out a top tier dragon at the start, and still have more to build ahead of everyone. I’m around 150 and all I see is the MC is a ruthless killer who only takes care of himself and his sister with her friend. I don’t know what he is facing in the cuter, but I know he is only interested in his survival and not the human race. Aside from finding treasures or opportunities non stop and beings to every crucial moment jeopardizing others he just makes a fortune non stop buying resources and has over 150:dragons now…. At least show some signs of difficulty in the apocalypse. I don’t see the point in watching your troops fight then going out to buff them after a while. That ranks up there with idiot MCs that have to make comments before their attacks exposing themselves. I’m going back to see if it gets better.

  3. Think about what the fuck you just said. Do you have any idea how stupid it would be for the main character to face any true difficulty atheist before final boss tier people pop up

  4. Lol we have mankind hero here. The MC being greedy and selfish openly is fine to me, but a hypocrite one? Na uh, 99% of novels like "save mankind" kind of story is either the MC hypocrisy or the definition of Mankind is "Chinese people". Either way, I don't see a way to respect those authors. Unlike hypocrisy and their own definition of mankind, openly being greedy and selfish is acceptable to me lol, social responsibility is not my thing, survive those who survive. At least we know those are the real strongest of our mankind "all human", and I am totally fine if they are the one who will continue the legacy of mankind "all human".

  5. Otherwise, humanity can perish for all I know lol. That means we are not fitted to survive the grand scheme of things. Fight for it, yeah. But to not accept our defeat after all possible way of survival is hypocrisy tbh. We killed species on Earth, so it is hypocrisy to say that "We can't be extinct".

  6. And he didn't even kill all his enemies lol, what the fuck are you whining about him not helping humankind. I just want to comment to ruin your day. I though he would kill all enemies who dare to attack him, but he let some live. Wtf

  7. I have seen several of your comments on this site, I can only say that you are a person with very good tastes, I admire you too much

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