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Debut After Eight Years

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¡Después de ocho años, quería llevarme bien contigo como una persona común!

¡Sin embargo, a cambio de un divorcio!

Entonces yo ...

Es un enfrentamiento.

- Descripción de MTLNovel


Título corto:DAEY
Titulo original:穿越八年才出道
Autor(a):Ming Ye
Weekly Rank:#1940
Monthly Rank:#1520
All Time Rank:#3287
Tags:Early Romance, Entertainment, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Music, Second Chance,
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21 Comments on “Debut After Eight Years
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  1. I don't like this. MC was good at the start but becomes an arrogant, lustful, and narcissistic jerk. And I listen to the music that the mc sings but some were not that great but the authors says it makes *** million in a week. So exaggerated.

  2. After reading 161 chapters The plot is good. But why do I think it's too boring to read when the story is normal but it's boring like this?

  3. Why get along as a ordinary person? One month or 2 month is okay, if you do it for 8 years, well you have all my spit i have ever made from the moment i was born to the moment of my death. Btw i am only judging by the name, if the story is different, ignore it.

  4. i mean in this live the body owner voice is very good for singing and is handsome from the description of what the author write about him so it normal .

  5. For 8 years they were married, for 5 years they saw each other a couple of times a year, for the remaining 3 years they did not meet at all and only called up a few times. This marriage was already considered purely formal.

  6. just from mc past life he has been industry for more then 10 year and know everything about such as people who change their personality after they become famous so mc is alrdy prepared for it alrdy and he wait 8 year becuz he want to rest from thee entertainment industry so yeah

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