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Viajando por el mundo de los dramas estadounidenses, para evitar una muerte prematura, emprenda el camino de un médico común.

En el camino.

El Grupo de los Siete de la Teoría del Big Bang, el Grupo Amigos del Seis y el Grupo Cinco de Xun Ma Ji como amigos,

También hay pasantes Gray, Dr. House y buenos médicos.

También está el amante que desaparece, los caramelos duros de frutas y el horror de Ulenka.

La vida diaria no es ordinaria y la vida de los dramas estadounidenses es interminable.

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Título corto:DAD
Titulo original:日常系美剧
Autor(a):Qingsi Looking Back
Weekly Rank:#462
Monthly Rank:#402
All Time Rank:#941
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Calm Protagonist, Childhood Friends, Clever Protagonist, Comedic Undertone, Doctors, Fan-fiction, Fanfic, Friendship, Genius Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Harem, Male Protagonist, Modern World, Parallel Worlds, Poor to Rich, R-18, Rebirth to Another World, Scientists, Smart Couple, System, Weak to Strong, Writers,
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40 Comments on “Daily American Drama
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  1. The novel had potential but dang, I hate the MC. A typical scumbag and hypocrite who is a pushover as well when it comes to beautiful women. Juno should have castrated him LOL

  2. This is good, and the fanfics of each dram are placed well. Recommend me novels with modern medicine, not Chinese needle medicine. also good drama fanfics like this !!

  3. Summary and some review of my understanding on this chinese fanfic: Tv seris and movies appear in this fanfic are: 1. Goodluck Charlie 2. Young Sheldon (Going to Big Bang Theory) 3. Juno 2007 film 4. Friends 5. How I met your mother 6. Shaw brothers (from Fast n Furious franchise) 7. Greys Anatomy 8. House MD 9. Afterlife film 2009 10. Kate Beckett (from castle) 11. Max Black and Caroline Channing (from 2broke Girls) 12. Heather Miller (From Texas Chainsaw Massacred 3d) 13. Caroline Ellis (From Skeleton Key 2005 film) 14. Amy Dunne (From Gone Girl 2015 film) 15. Scenario from I Care a Lot 2020 film There are so many more franchiss that I dont recognize because I hardly understand some mtl but its all that I understand and remember. All lovers and ex lover he has base on my understanding: 1. Paige Swanson (current girlfriend) 2. Hether Miller ( ex gf but still fuck buddies/he lt her go because Hether didnt want to continue the Sawyer bloodline and remain single until she die) 3. Max Black (ex gf but still fuck buddies/they broke up because MC didnt want to get they relationship to the next level but he still take care of her after breaking up) 4. Amy Dunne (ex gf in highschool/they broke up before MC transmigated to the body of PJ Duncan/she still obsess with him after she learn he became successful/ ended up dead in I Care a Lot scenario) He has many unknown character pass GF in highschool and etc.

  4. MC transmigated in body of PJ Duncan in early 90s where Young Sheldon plot start because the chinese author was main fan of Big Bang Theory. He change his name to Adam Duncan, he has system that give quest reward stats and etc. He make friends with young Sheldon and young Paige Swanson because it gave him wisdom cause the both kids was genius. Junk and Adam became bestfriend and it gave it benefit giving him Str Stats and Juno storyline didnt happen which she supposedly became pregnant. The author make an adjustment to timeline most of the tv series and franchise. He make some tech already available in mid 90's to 2000 like the Cellphone and early days of internet, computer and etc. Mashing up different franchise make a whole alternate universe to fit its story like how I met your mother whoch was supposedly mid 2000, greys anatomy and etc that their timeline set in mid 90's. So far after 1000 chapter I tried to understand and read, theres no chinese numba wan and rasicm but the author was a chinese so I expected it coming in the near future (I really hope not) MC become genius and he was focus on being a thoracic surgeon for now. Won a nobel prize together with 20 yrs old Sheldon and Paoge Swanson. MC can fight really well because of the stats he accumulate as the fanfi goes by. And he became handsome overtime so far to the looks of original PJ Duncan. Became successful writer copywriting "Lord of Mysteries" because it didnt exist in current world but thats all he copy, he became young billionaire because he invested in many companies like Apple, Microsoft, Googlr and etc., also invested in Bit coin which make author exist in mid 90's since the internet era was starting. MC so far was not arrogant but if provoken he fight with his wit since he became genius, good at fighting and hes lifespan was increasing because whenever he save lives in the hospital its added to his lifespan. Women who was long term sex with MC noticing changes in their bodies like they skin became smooth and younger. Thats all summary and heads up and a little bit of review since the fanfic was not finish yet. So its your choice if you read it or not. Maybe I miss something cause MTl really hard to understand and have an headace on searching whats franchjse the characters was in.

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