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Crossing the Son of the Villain

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Ai Wen viajó a un mundo donde muchos elementos como Marvel, DC, magia, etc., y se mantuvo en la cima del mundo a través de esfuerzos continuos.

Originalmente pensó que su vida sería así, hasta que un día Dead Servant le dijo: "Estamos en Es un mundo falso que combina muchos cómics". Entonces Ai Wen se dio cuenta y comenzó su viaje por los cielos.

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Titulo original:穿越反派之子
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Tags:Artificial Intelligence, DC, Fanfiction, Magic, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Marvel Universe, Naruto, Nationalism,
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26 Comments on “Crossing the Son of the Villain
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  1. I mean like what the fuck is wrong with author you have combine DC Marvel X men all these movies then then you want learn about martial arts cultivation and shit like really with the help of reality stone. W

  2. Its Great, but the way the worlds of many movies even comics got combine is soo weird.. the combination of Marvel and Dc is ok, but then we got Harry Potter, Hellboy, etc, which is almost useless except for the convenience of using "magic" without price unlike being a master of Mystic Arts (Kamar Taj). Also MC power is too perfect, he is a scientist, ok, but even with that much brain development 20-35% (the last i read chapter 140s) he shouldn't be "that" smart, we dont see his struggle with any knowledge, even outside material knowledge, for example magic, soul, curse, etc are soo damn easy, thats just weird and took away the joy of reading this book. No chinanumbawan, no racism, etc. Early chapter MC rely on Ether (Reality Stone) to dream about Chinese martial arts and there are some mentions about he still regard himself as chinese, although it is the china of previous world, not this one. But thats ok for me, atleast he didnt really move to china or whatever. Anyway early chapters are great but 100+ become boring, although Marvel is really a "scientific" world where a lot of mysterious things can be explained with dimension, magnetic field or whatever, but really though everything here is too forced, MC have no goals except knowledgeable and trying not to be killed by Thanos or Darkseid.... Boring

  3. Also one more thing. His way of cultivating the mind is soo fucking weird. Wdym imagining something will then protect your mind from being read?? Captain america has supernatural power to control his shield just by imagining a shield in his mind (honing his will just like the green lantern, maybe?), MC, Sebastian shaw, Azazel have ways to avoid Prof X are just bullshits (well i will be honest, i never read the comics), especially MC and his father, their power are supposed to be absorbing energy, how the fuck are they able to simply imagine a fucking blackhole (absorb shits, right?) And then simply absorb enemy's spiritual power when their mind are invaded, damn man, their power are Mutant, X gene

  4. Why chinese author always make nationalism on his novel maybe he want some social credit? Or because their cult ure is comunis? Idk but, i know, there is a big problems in athor's head lol

  5. This novel is a rare novel with enough details about powers but not too much focus on details to make it boring. The storyline has both his personal life and the protagonist getting stronger, usually there is only one . There is no romance but he is a family man and has his own bottom line.Not like protagonists that kill everything (all heroes who do not agree to him ) .In start he was a hydra and wanted power so he did experiments but later on although he still selfish but he really valued his family and friends.

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