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Comic System in Naruto’s World

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Yo, Akabane, me gradué de la universidad de artes y diseño en el siglo XXI y de repente me adentré en el mundo de Naruto, al traer mi conocimiento de las artes y mi amor por el cómic de Naruto, decidí recrear el cómic de Naruto aquí ... [¡Ding! ¡El Comic System ha sido activado!] ¡Genial! ¿Ninjutsu? Kekkei Genkai? Siempre que pueda dibujar más cómics, ¡sería incomparable! ... ¿O lo soy yo?

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Título corto:CSINW
Titulo original:我在火影画漫画
Autor(a):Funeral Ritual
Weekly Rank:#751
Monthly Rank:#587
All Time Rank:#2659
Tags:Academy, Age Progression, Beautiful Female Lead, Bloodlines, Calm Protagonist, Cheats, Determined Protagonist, Eye Powers, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fast Learner, Game Elements, Genius Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Late Romance, Lazy Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Mature Protagonist, Medical Knowledge, Military, Naruto, Ninjas, Overpowered Protagonist, Parody, Reincarnation, System, Transported to Another World, Unique Cultivation Technique, Wars, Weak to Strong,
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20 Comments on “Comic System in Naruto’s World
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  1. I'm confused about a lot of naruto fanfics, especially when it comes to making shadow jutsu. Don't they know that if the MC uses shadow jutsu to practice, the fatigue after practice will multiply. If the MC uses 7 shadows, the fatigue will be 7x. And it is harmful to the body. That's why naruto never uses his 1000 shadows to train. Fatigue can kill him. Logic that has never been entered by the Naruto fanfic writer.

  2. Akabane just wanted them not to disappear in a hurry, but...   Boom! With a sound, the clone disappeared at the same time.    "Fuck me!"    Akabane wants to scold his mother, these two cheap-goods are definitely because he is too idle in the afternoon and deliberately retaliates.   I'm going to be unconscious...   Thinking in his mind, his head was split like being hit by a hammer, and the pain was extremely painful.

  3. The shadow clone jutsu is more of sending back massive information to the host which in turn brings great mental burden. It's a forbidden jutsu because of the chakra and mental burden.

  4. Ey di buku ini kesan gua sama danzo di perbarui terus menurut gua dia yang awalnya orang tua kaku yang ngelakuin apapun dengan dalih 'demi masa depan konoha' jadi aga baik? Yah ini bagus sih baru juga

  5. Other than this Fanfiction. My only other recommendation is 'Let The World Feel Pain' on comrademao if you can ignore initial too much chinese education system bias.

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