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Befriending The Most Powerful Person

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Shao Ci estaba vinculado al sistema de "Hacer amistad con la persona más poderosa". Después de cruzar, descubrió que mientras una persona más poderosa emerja, este sistema sin escrúpulos cambiará inmediatamente el objetivo de "captura" ...

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Título corto:BMPP
Titulo original:和武力值最高的人做朋友
Weekly Rank:#3985
Monthly Rank:#4324
All Time Rank:#3316
Tags:Carefree Protagonist, Confinement, Episodic, Forced into a Relationship, Handsome Male Lead, Healers, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Male Yandere, Naive Protagonist, Possessive Characters, Post-apocalyptic, Rape, Special Abilities, Strong Love Interests, System Administrator, Virtual Reality, World Hopping, Zombies,
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4 Comments on “Befriending The Most Powerful Person
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  1. Okayy i dragged till ch122 I can't go on any more author abuses the mc, ml and everyone if you like to be abused go ahead and read it

  2. Protagonis hanya pelacur yang sok suci!! Bagaimanapun jalan ceritanya yang menunjukkan dia dipaksa untuk melakukannya, Itu tidak dapat mengubah pemikiranku!!🤮 Pelacur itu selalu mendapatkan kemudahan lebih dari orang lain🙄dia hanya perlu bersenang-senang dan berpura2 lemah didepan karakter lain yang menjalani kerasnya alur cerita Dasar pelacur idiot!!

  3. A 1v1 that feels like a harem; this might as well be labeled as one honestly. The protagonist is stupid. The line between naive/dense has clear boundaries with stupidity and darwinism. He repeatedly leaps over it. Maybe it's his lv.0 EQ? Despite that (and the OVERABUNDANCE of rape!), I ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would. However as a qualified and card carrying member of the RottenGirl Club (who love Male yandere), I still rate this a barely passing grade. Even if things are kinda wrapped up, the ending was too dissatisfying. Still a good story to kill time.

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