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Becoming A Dragon In A Martial Arts World

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Bai Chuan tiene una habilidad particularmente poderosa, puede desarmar todo en el mundo como modelo y elegir la mejor estructura de habilidades para darse a sí mismo.

Si hubiera nacido en un mundo mítico, si se le diera un período de tiempo, sería capaz de derrocar los cielos y el mundo, volverse inmortal y convertirse en un antepasado.

Si nació en un mundo con monstruos y bestias extraordinarios, dándole un período de tiempo, también podría convertirse en la bestia más fuerte, llamada invencible e inmortal.

Es una pena... nació en un mundo ordinario de artes marciales bajas.

“El agua de este mundo es demasiado poco profunda para criar dragones de verdad...” Miró al cielo y murmuró para sí mismo.

Dado que los dragones reales no se pueden criar en aguas poco profundas, ¿no sería mejor hacer el estanque más profundo?

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Título corto:BDMAW
Titulo original:我从低武世界开始化龙
Autor(a):clouds in the mountains
Weekly Rank:#3276
Monthly Rank:#2674
All Time Rank:#3513
Tags:Ancient China, Animal Characteristics, God Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Non-humanoid Protagonist, Politics, Villain,
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39 Comments on “Becoming A Dragon In A Martial Arts World
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  1. The mc lacks personality. It would be so much better if the mc acted like a domineering dragon instead of of hiding all the time. The dialogue of the mc is really bad sense hes a dragon and acts humble and casual with everyone, other then that I like everything else.

  2. Okay people in the comments I guess barely even got through to even the later stages of the story so I'm gonna actually give a proper review, so the novel is basically like a combination of martial arts and technology with a hint of xianxia and otherwordly things, it starts off with the mc as a King Cobra to then evolve and copy some data from other animals to make the apperance that of an eastern dragon ( He gains actual Eastern Dragon blood to become an actual Eastern dragon in somewhere around 260+ ), there's also something interesting and refreshing about this novel where the mc evolves many animals and not only himself and even create types of eastern dragons to protect the world because you will see otherwordly god's trying to take over the world, yes you heard it, otherworldly god's which are either western or eastern fantasy, now there are people saying that there is eastern supremacy in the novel, and that is totally wrong, they either misunderstood the novel or didn't even go that far into the novel itself, the novel slightly becomes Xianxia in 240+ but the novel either way is still very good, there are many adventures, you'll feel very rewarded seeing the protagonists progression from a normal snake to an actual dragon traveling to other worlds to evolve even more, either way if i were to sum up things, the start is slow, but it gets better and better, the mc isn't really having favoritism as he quite literally destroyed not only many western kingdoms but also eastern kingdoms, and to be fair the western kingdoms are actually getting more favored since it's the eastern kingdoms that keep on provoking the protagonist, so there's no eastern superiority like the people in the comments say there is, there's no cultivation realms in the Xianxia part of the story, it mainly involves just age, techniques and Qi to differentiate powerlevels, the novel also becomes quite interesting because of the protagonist creating more eastern dragons of different elements, overall a solid 5/5, it might have short comings but the story, world building, evolution makes up for everything, only advice I give is to read really deep into the story for the good parts.

  3. Protagonsts Achievemts : Created a model of a Eastern Dragon with the help of other animals organs/abilities | Created an engine/organ inside his body which could spew out high intense fire, he also created electric aura and Frost abilities | He destroyed 2 Eastern kingdoms and millions of eastern people, while only destroying 1 western pirate ship and a single army from a western kingdom ( I don't get why people still say it has nationalism and Chinese superiority in this novel ) | Created 7 Eastern dragon races corresponding to elements | Killed Otherworldly Gods | Obtained Eastern Dragon blood when going to another world and became a bonafide actual Eastern Dragon | Destroyed the ruler of a world and became the ruler of it, as for other achievements, I have to read the novel more.

  4. Can you tell will he eat humans in the future? Cuz I'm at chapter 32 and he encounters humans and he got chance to eat one but decided not as that is his bottom line. Because a non-human mc who don't act like monster is a major let down towards the story so jus wanna ask.

  5. To call this a great novel is a bit of a stretch. Anyway, the start is great but I don't know what went wrong in the later plot that it became a weird plot...Well, too bad, I enjoyed the first parts, then dropped it

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